However, this video will be the shining beacon of light that reminds people that all winters, no matter how harsh do come to an end and why the next crypto summer will be just as epic, however, to the upside and then well finish up with a bit of A bonus with some excellent advice from two very important people: first up cz, founder of binance and then the ceo of one of the worlds largest investment companies, fidelity as always, if you do enjoy anything in the video, then drop a like, always appreciated. Okay, first up, unlike the crypto winter of 2018, where it genuinely looked like crypto, was over this time. There is amazing developments going on behind all the fear and the panic so lets take a look. This video is sponsored by ftx, one of the best places to buy and sell your crypto as crypto heads deeper into another four year super cycle crash. Many savvy investors are seeing this as an opportunity to buy crypto at bargain basement prices and, as always, what is needed is a super safe place to buy and sell access to the full range of the largest and so lowest risk cryptos and an easy way to Dollar cost average to spread the risk and capture the best prices over the coming weeks and months so to register your account and get an additional five percent discount on all trading fees. See the link below this video now a great place to start is probably crypto.

Adoption, so many of you will have seen this chart already, but its a just, a good reminder that crypto is growing exponentially and hundreds of millions of users are being added in every cycle that goes past, and basically this just shows that crypto is growing as fast As the internet, so in the next big bull run, add a couple of hundred million more crypto users, so lets jump into the us, and recently we have senators that are putting forward crypto bills to regulate the industry, and this just represents all the things going on. In the us you have loads of bipartisan senators, you have mayors all getting paid in bitcoin and theres, now crypto lobbying and theyre all pushing for crypto regulation and it will be coming in the us. Then recently we had the huge news that fidelity will be letting employers offer bitcoin investment into 401k. So basically bitcoin is coming into peoples. Pensions, and this alone is huge news. Abra introduces first crypto rewards card on american express network, so abra is a digital asset. Financial services company – and they recently announced that the first credit card is coming on. The american express network crypto coming to american, express hmm, probably nothing citadel securities virtue build crypto plan with brokerages. So this is one of the worlds largest market makers and theyre forming a partnership with fidelity and charles schwab, huge integration, meaning crypto will be coming to these mega investment platforms by the end of this year or early next year.

Each one of these stories are huge, then circle, which is the company behind usdc, which is now the worlds second largest stable coin, which has been extremely successful. They are now penetrating europe as theyre, now launching a euro backed stable coin as well, and this will be euro c and theyre aiming to launch this by the end of june, so a huge, stable coin coming into europe and then across the pond to where i Am currently based – and this is the uk now all weve had in the uk so far – is that our governor of the bank of england kept saying be prepared to lose all your money in crypto. But then, all of a sudden we want to make britain a crypto hub, says: uks digital minister and the uk are now the next western country falling over themselves to become a crypto hub. The tide is a changing, then, on the other side of the world in australia, they recently released their bitcoin etf and although the price crashed down little do the australians know that this is an excellent time to be buying into that etf and then more recently, australia Gives a financial services license to btc markets, which is basically a crypto exchange, so also australia aiming to be a crypto hub, launching bitcoin, etf and now regulating a huge crypto exchange? Next up we have visa aiming to launch bitcoin and crypto cards in latin america, so, as youll know, visa one of the biggest payment companies in the world have announced a series of crypto enabled cards which will allow users to spend crypto purchase.

Crypto, where visa cards are accepted and theyll also get crypto cashback through different fintech partners, crypto expanding into latin america, then we have delight which is one of the huge accounting firms. Theyre partnering with the new york digital investment group, and this is to help businesses integrate bitcoin and crypto, so delight wants to enable blockchain and digital asset based services across many areas, including bitcoin products like banking rewards programs and others crypto. Integrating with businesses, then city partners with metacode to develop institutional, digital asset custody capabilities. So again, this one is huge. We have banks now trying to get custody, youre going to be able to buy and sell and hold your crypto with banks, and this alone is going to be huge. Then, every couple of weeks we get a headline that binance the worlds largest crypto exchange keeps getting approval and expanding into different countries. This one was operating in italy, but just the most recent ones, weve had bahrain, weve had dubai, and every couple of weeks binance is getting licensed and going into new countries, and just now all these stories covered have just been in the last few weeks. So obviously, some excellent developments going on and the groundwork is being laid for the next big bull run in crypto now, in the meantime, one of the big messages of this video is not to just keep an eye on all the developments going on, but its to Be very careful about which thoughts and opinions you allow into your head now, unfortunately, being human, we are all very easily influenced by comments and opinions, so over the next six to 12 months.

We really need to stand guard at the door of our mind and for me i try to ignore the opinions of 99 of people and really focus on the few people i think are really worth listening to and so to finish up with a bit of a Bonus two people, i think, are really worth listening to cz founder of binance and the ceo of fidelity. So, first up some excellent advice from cz, and he says this was when the crazy selling was going on its a bloodbath out there hunker down and make sure you can last – and i think this is the most important part. This says to me not going crazy with leverage and also not getting scared out of the market. Then there was a chart shed which shows bitcoin, and this is a logarithmic chart and it just repeats that everyone says bitcoin is in a bubble and then in the big crashes, bitcoin is dead, bitcoins in a bubble. Bitcoin is dead and again and again and again and again, cz said, historically speaking, if you bought bitcoin every time, people were saying: bitcoin is dead. You would have done very well its when the vast majority of people lose hope in crypto, and that is when the bottom is in not financial advice not recommending this or any strategy in the future. Then in 2017 we thought 20 was crazy. High today, we think 20 is painfully low. The industry is growing, and this is a great piece to put things into perspective.

It was only a few years ago that twenty thousand dollars for bitcoin was a super bubble. People could not believe it had gone that high. It was completely unsustainable, yet just a couple of years on to where we are now, and we think the same number is now painfully low – its crashed down to this crazy twenty thousand dollar level, and this really puts it into perspective. Remember this just means the industry is growing and then this tweet i covered in my last video, but he says your actions now determine what you will feel like during the next all time, high and again from us, both not financial advice, okay, and to finish up, I have an excellent one minute clip from the ceo of fidelity and i think she raises a very important point. Ive seen plenty of ups and downs, but i see that as an opportunity and i was kind of raised to be a contrarian thinker. And so i have this knee jerk reaction, that if you believe that the fundamentals of a long term case are really strong, when everybody else is dipping thats the time to to double down and just dive extra hard into it and thats, usually the right move. So so im so im excited about whats going i mean i feel awful about. You know the value thats been lost, but i also um believe that the industry has uh in crypto that theres a lot of a lot lot to come and its really exciting, as bitcoin has crashed down over 70 percent from its all time.

High. Its very easy to get caught in the fear and the panic. However, if you just sidestep the fear based news for just one second, you will notice amazing developments going on behind the scenes setting the stage for the next huge bull run in crypto. We have the number of users growing exponentially. We have the us pushing policy and regulation forward crypto reward cards coming from american express crypto reward cards coming from visa. The uk wanting to become a crypto hub banks now trying to get custody services, australia, launching their etf and getting a crypto exchange, regulated partnerships which will allow businesses to offer crypto products and then finally binance expanding into new countries. All of the time, and so remember over the next six to 12 months, we really need to be careful who we listen to cz of binance is great, and according to the ceo of fidelity, now is the time to double down when everybody else is panic selling, Which means crypto is being offered at fire sale prices, so they are guys, hope you enjoyed now crypto winters can be mentally tough, but crypto does make huge runs in both directions and this crypto winter will not last and for now, just to say if you did Enjoy anything in the video then drop a like and a big thank you to everyone who does if you havent yet subscribed, click below and join us got some great videos coming up that you dont want to miss.

Okay, cheers guys thanks for watching and ill see.