Crypto is down no cryptos up no cryptos down guys. The prices of cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. Lately weve got bitcoin down around seventeen thousand up to twenty one thousand back down to nineteen thousand up to twenty thousand and its moving around in an exceedingly volatile way because of everything thats going on out there right now, shiba inu coin, even more so shimmy new Coin, going from 700 points per coin, up to 1200 points per coin, backed onto a thousand points per coin; up to 1100 points per coin, nine to 900 points per coin; and so on. But weve got much more of a a longer term issue than this, and i want to discuss it in this video as it relates to different exchanges out there now do. I think that bitcoin is going to go even lower than we currently are. Yes, do i think that it could reach the 10 000 price range absolutely, but i want to talk about some of the things that are going to be necessary to drive it that low. So if it sounds like something, youre interested in lets get started. Music whats up everybody, im clay im here to make 2022 the best year ever. If you havent, clicked that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel, join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together. Look if youre brand new to investing you dont know how or where to buy stocks in crypto.

You got a link in the description below for weeble. It is super simple to set up your account. Any deposit is going to get you guys. Six free stocks during their anniversary, promo one dollar, crypto trade, gets five dollars in free crypto and if you guys want fifty dollars in bitcoin, you go to voyager. You get a link down there and make a hundred dollar trade youre gon na get fifty dollars in bitcoin. If you use the link and then uh, you can actually earn above fourteen percent interest. Just by holding your crypto on their platform, you dont even have to stake it lock it or anything like that. Sorry, if my eyes are watering a little bit, the allergies are still good today, so were gon na get through it, its gon na be okay, but guys lets talk about the lets. Talk about how far down bitcoin can go and then based on that some of the other cryptocurrencies are obviously gon na follow as well. Now we know – and we have beat the point to death about inflation and interest rates and russia and china, and so on. So were not going to focus too much on that in this video, but i do want to discuss the cryptocurrency exchanges and whether or not them going bankrupt them going belly up then freezing your assets is going to. I guess further the problem that cryptocurrency is seeing right now and the short answer is absolutely yes: its going to create even more problems, but how deep does it go? How far down could we drive the prices of cryptocurrency now lets make the assumption that not all exchanges are going to go bankrupt clearly if they were to go bankrupt, you know we would be back in 2010 type scenarios where you cant even go.

Uh buy and sell cryptocurrency bitcoin, literally anything if there are no centralized exchanges and everything is essentially defy or find your own buyer. You know its going to be well im, trying to sell 100 bitcoin on craigslist. Anybody get a dollar out there and its going to be very difficult to to make a well really make a price for the cryptocurrency. Its kind of its gon na be on a case by case basis and with no centralized exchanges and – and you know no market out there – it would i mean it – would yes go back to zero or close to it and wed be trading simply in bitcoin, not Bitcoin against fiat so lets just assume that exchanges will survive this. This bear market, they survived the last bear market. They were fine. We can assume that theyre going to survive this bear market and theyre going to be fine as well. Now its not the case for all exchanges and were already seeing scammers like celsius and three arrows and and babel finance or whatever their full name is, you know, freezing assets and and claiming investors assets as their own and going through insolvency and liquidity issues and saying Well, you know what if we cant meet our current obligations, youre not going to be able to touch your money, and i believe that is an extreme fraud. Anybody that works for these companies. They should really think twice about what theyre making like the life decisions, theyre making and things, and and how much further thats going to drive the price of cryptocurrency down if youre on an exchange or working with a company like three arrows or or celsius.

And they are not putting the customers first, it is going to its going to put a very bad experience in investors. I guess lives and they will no longer want to touch cryptocurrency. The same way that when the financial system starts to collapse in a country and people go on a bank run if the banks announce tomorrow that the next hundred people are the only ones that are going to be able to withdraw their money, that they have. No more money dont, you think people are gon na flock to the banks and try to pull out their money. The same thing is happening in crypto right now, where liquidity issues are driving, exchanges to to no longer provide services, and therefore people are running on crypto and what that means is that they are cashing out and theyre moving their assets off of certain crypto exchanges, because They believe that theyre going to do the same thing that these scammers, like celsius, have been doing and and freeze their assets. Now we can look at voyager. For example, voyager is a platform that i talk about on here, where you can get your 50 in bitcoin. For making that 100 trade and theyve gone about this in a little bit of a different way, instead of freezing customers assets, they have secured 200 million dollars in lending now, it does mean they are taking on additional debt in order to service their customers and because Of that the price of vgx token theyre theyre, like their companies or their platforms, cryptocurrency, is down about 20 today, going from 50 some cents down to 40 cents per coin and its very difficult to see it.

Take that hit, knowing that its got its customers best interest in mind and instead of going out there and instead of freezing assets instead of you know stealing assets theyre, taking on extra obligations theyre taking on extra liabilities. In order to provide that liquidity, people need liquidity to trade, liquidity is not necessary if youre just going to be holding, but in order to buy and sell and buy and sell and buy and sell that liquidity needs to be there. In order for you to have something to buy, and in order for when you click that buy or that sell button, it is able to be bought back off of you and and sent into the reserves there. So it is very important that you pick and im not going to say right im not going to sit here and say that were not going to see additional liquidity issues for companies like voyager or coinbase or binance and so on. But if the problem starts to get out of control its its going to it can be alleviated right. These these exchanges are going to be able to say you know what were cryptocurrency exchange were not a thief. We are going to take on extra liability if we, if they cant, find it. You know we are going to cut our staff like crypto. or not. Crypto.Com like uh coinbase is doing cutting 1100 employees in order to better facilitate and lean down during these bear markets.

Theres, a lot thats going to be happening and its not just inflation and interest rates anymore. It is hitting individual exchanges and – and the downside can absolutely get even worse if we see these exchanges fail. So i hope that the three weve seen so far with celsius. Three arrows and babel are the only three that we see and regardless of how far down these cryptocurrency prices come, these exchanges they stay lean and they stay ready to. I guess, facilitate and ready to cater to their customers, not take their customers money. I wonder what you guys. Think, though, do you think were gon na see a i guess, run on cryptocurrency exchanges and such fear that people just decide to give up for the short term and so on. Let us know down in the comments below if this button right here is still red, make sure to click it subscribe to the channel join us become a bro. We are here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together.