This is crazy. Your xrp is sitting at less than 33 cents as im recording this video and the crypto market. The nfc market has been extremely volatile. Bitcoin, for example. Right now is that yearly lows, but were going to speak about xrp and why you should consider it as a cryptocurrency and were also going to speak about this new nft crypto project called virtue. It is very futuristic. This is their website right here, and all of the links to them will be down below and were gon na. Do a 100 xrp giveaway. Yes, why not? All you have to do is watch this video, so you understand what virtue is and leave your comments down below. Let me know what you think about it: go to our twitter because thats, where the giveaway will be announced and come right back, because this is extremely important, were going to speak about xrp and were going to speak about virtue of this right here, because they are Coming out with a new nft launch – and they have this product – this smartphone this right here they have some of the worlds, most advanced phones in the world. So this is very important and if you buy their nft youre, basically going to buy a phone. Yes and theyre powered by this community, this right here so theyre, extremely safe and elon musk, for example – has a phone hes rumored to have a phone with this virtue? 3.

0. This virtue nft project and if you want to get notified with all of the updates, because the release is going to happen in the next seven hours. Yes, so by the time youre watching this video, it might have already been notified, it might have already been released. So if you want to join them, all you have to do to go to their webpage. Go to notify me put your first name as you can tell. I just put amen and then put your last name and this right here and then. Let me just put my email address: okay, um, do you would accept to be notified by paris about his latest products? Yes, i do and then submit and thats it thats all. You have to do and now youre part of the virtue verse. Yes, the virtue verse. I think can be extremely valuable. This has a lot of potential in my opinion and do your own homework. But this is why im probably going to buy a few of these v c, xps and theyre going to come out their own tokens, their own cryptocurrency, eventually that you can invest in, but basically every nft that you buy will have different features and its going to Be a different phone okay, so that is why i am excited about this virtueverse and again, if you want to win the 100 xrp giveaway, as three of you will win, 33xrp for free, all you have to do is go to our twitter because on twitter also Virtuverse and virtue are doing a lot of big things like theyre doing a one million dollar prize giveaway, consisting of four bentley bente guys.

I dont even know what that is, but it sounds super crazy, okay, but beth, please. I know what a belly is, but uh, but anyways like this is big big, so thats. Why you want to join them and lets speak about xrp, real, quick, because i know the whole crypto market has been down okay and keep in mind that like, for example, this nft project that we just spoke about right now is going for about five thousand finance. Usds so its like five thousand dollars. Eventually, when the crypto market comes back to life, these can be way way more valuable. So yes, the crypto market right now and in 2022, has been going down a lot, but this is your opportunity right now to buy these nft projects at a big big discount, like this virtue has a lot of potential and again the mint to bite like if You want to mint it, you can go to binance and ill leave the links to the last tree. Everything will be down below, so you can join them, because this is going to be big. Everyone thats why im joining virtue paris! This right here is on binance and i love it. I love it. I absolutely love it, but lets go back to xrp real quick, because we are extremely oversold and again were going to do a big giveaway in todays video, so join us real, quick, destroy the like button. Leave your comment about virtueverse.

What do you think about? Virtueverse? Okay, thats: how what you need to do to join the giveaway but anyways xrp right now is down 12 weeks in a row. Its just been coming down down down, and it has never ever done that in its history ever so. That is why i believe that we are extremely oversold. That is why im buying it and thats, why im taking advantage of these low prices? Everyone like look at the rsi. This right here is extremely oversold were all the way down here and its only a matter of time until xrp and your other top cryptocurrencies will go up in value and again thats why you want to buy nft projects, like virtue and vc vcx token, once it Comes out because, eventually, theyre going to come out with their own token, this right here. Okay, like this, is their website. It looks super futuristic. Im super excited to see what they can do, but again it just depends on the team. Okay, they need to keep executing. They need to keep delivering on their promises and thats how theyre going to grow the value of virtue and virtue verse. But this is extremely cool, like steve jobs, for example. He got inspired by the iphone by this virtue phone because i think virtue came out before the iphone and they saw how virtue had like a big screen and like it was a square design kind of so steve jobs, literally copied kind of the virtue design.

So he didnt like knock them off exactly, but he was inspired by them. So that is why i believe that this virtue, nft project, can be big, okay, very, very big and thats. Why you want to join them right now for the 100 xrp giveaway, destroy the like button? Leave your comments down below and i love you all make sure you subscribe also the link to my twitter to the link tree of virtue and virtue virtue, vs, paris, okay. Well all be down below and subscribe join us if you have not yet already. I dont know what youre waiting for we speak about cryptocurrency. We speak about xrp and big nft projects all the time. Okay crypto is the future. The metaverse is the future, so that is what we speak about.