Why am i super bullish on xrp and why are we buying at these low prices thats? What were going to cover in todays video? An xrp is gon na hit two dollars and ten dollars and fifty then one hundred and its just a matter of time. Yes, it may take a few years to reach fifty dollars a hundred dollars, but the two dollar xrp can happen within a year easily. We can break all time highs within one year now. Why do i say that before i tell you, why go to my twitter to win the xrp giveaways that were doing were doing multiple, xrp giveaways right now? I think we have like one two. Two xrp giveaways happening right now, so go to my twitter page and come right back because we have a lot to speak about with ripple. Xrp like, for example, were going to speak about the world economic forum. Mentioning xrp right here were also going to speak about harvard. Yes, harvard university mentioned xrp and xlm, so this is breaking. News were also going to speak about the founder of xrp, the co founder david schwartz speaking about the origins of xrp and why the sec may lose and why you should possibly buy xrp and were going to speak about everything ripple xrp in todays video, because at 33 cents xrp is very undervalued, it is just getting started, and so are we on this channel. We are just getting started with cryptocurrency, because crypto is the future and we speak about crypto every single day on this channel.

So if you have not yet destroyed the like button and subscribe, i dont know what youre doing literally tap the like button and subscribe. It takes one second, if you have not yet already, because we are just getting started. We are about to hit 63 000 subscribers and way way more, so just like xrp is just getting started, so are we so join us? Join us and lets keep going, because we have a lot to speak about with the ripple xrp. It is one of the only cryptocurrencies to not break its all time high from the previous bull run and its just a matter of time until we do now. Why do i believe that ripple xrp can go to two dollars and ten dollars and way way more because of this, for example, the world economic forum came out with this report right here, looking at wholesale cbdcs and what would be the best platform for that for Cbdcs around the world, and they gave an example of jpmorgan coin and ripple xrp. So if the world economic forum is mentioning the power of xrp, then you need to pay attention and interbank wholesale cbdcs are restricted for financial institutions, so banks, and principally for inter bank payments and financial settlement processes. So basically, it is big if xrp is going to be used for wholesale cbdcs, its going to push the value of xrp up a lot way more than two dollars. Okay, two dollars will be absolutely nothing and two dollars is basically a 10x from todays prices, because if we do a 10x well be at 3.

20, so its kind of like a 10x. Now there are many other reasons why xrp can reach two dollars and ten dollars and way way more like this report from harvard university in harvard, if you know anything about harvard, they are one of the most and best universities in the world. Okay, now they speak about right here, a road to a digital dollar. Now they speak about how xrp and xlm could be used to settle transactions for the digital dollar, as you can tell, and step number two right here and step number three. They mentioned xrp and xlm, like basically, the receiver receives money in xrp or xlm tokens; okay, after converting it from fiat, theyll receive it in xrp tokens or theres. Just like other ways, you can incorporate xrp and xlm. So this is big. This is big. Okay, if harvard is mentioning xrp and xlm, you should definitely pay attention and speaking about xln, because a lot of people overlook xlm like it is one of our top cryptocurrencies on this channel, literally right here behind us, so thats. Another reason why you want to subscribe – if you have not yet already, but speaking about xlm as well, it is very, very undervalued. It can easily do a 10x also just like xrp. So that is why you want to hold both cryptocurrencies in your portfolio and real quick were going to play this one minutes, video of david schwartz speaking about the origin of ripple and xrp and hes tying it to the sec lawsuit of whats happening today.

And why xrp could win okay, so this is big. Listen to this! So if you have not yet seen this video sit back, relax and enjoy. But if you have seen this video just skip until were done with this, because we still have a lot to speak about okay, so sit back, relax, destroy the like button and enjoy watches. This is big, so i guess ill do it in the order? Absolutely reverse order might be a little uh, so the origin of xrp were both srp originated when arthur britto um myself, uh jeb mccaleb and chris larson built the original xrp ledger back in 2011 and 2012. um. The original the original founders who built that system gifted a bunch of xrp to ripple to have the company sort of work and build an ecosystem around it, yeah um, so so xrp was created before ripple. Okay, ripple was not created before xrp that cryptocurrency xrp was created before ripple thats, why david schwartz and chris larson and all of them are saying that xrp is not a security because it was created before ripple. So how did ripple hold an ico if ripple was never in existence when xrp was created? How makes no sense right lets? Keep going ripple is a company, its a traditional company. It has stockholders, it has headquarters in san francisco. It has employees. Xrp is an asset on a digital ledger. Yep, the xrp ledger is not owned or controlled by ripple its its its own thing, whose stakeholders are exchanges ripple, people who use it coil and its hard to know its just like who are the stakeholders in bitcoin right? Like are the holders its very hard to know who the stakeholders are? Who brings value to the system exactly so? Why is that conflicting information controversy around with respect to security law, because security law? This is big, now is where hes speaking about the sec lawsuits and the security laws, so listen.

This is important, has not changed in you know, with respect to blockchain technology. In a long time, in the early days of blockchain, there were people who were arguing that bitcoins xrp and everything else were inherently counterfeit, inciting the one not house case, and they had some good arguments. It wasnt clear, um, weve, gotten guidance from some organizations, the sec. Recently has talked about how theyre going to think about like web deciding how these tokens meet security law um, but they have not given a black and white test. They havent said this is the test like they theyve, given a task, but its its filled with vague terms like the howie tests, basically that we all know that the howie test is almost 100 years old that was created for securities. But crypto is a brand new industry. Crypto is a brand new assets. Thats only been here for 10 years. So how are you gon na apply? The howie test on a brand new asset class makes no sense. The howie test, you know, came from a series of um court cases that were decided um and its just really hard to figure out how that applies. Is that youre pretty comfortable? How does that apply? How does the howie test? How does a howie test? Okay? How does the howie test apply to cryptocurrency how the smrp is not a security but ultimately its going to be the sec, and perhaps the courts that make that decision and regulation is a big barrier right now and its only a matter of time until we do Get clarity because it seems like, for example, even gary ginzer this right here.

This guy were gon na play you another quick video, even him, he doesnt really know whats happening with crypto hes, just figuring it out, as he goes. Okay, hes taking it day by day, and he has no idea, whats happening. Okay, so im gon na play this video another 30. Second video. This is big. Okay, big, so watch this. This can affect not just your xrp but crypto in general. I said thats not what were saying there are. Some small number of tokens of predecessors talked about. Listen may not meet that test that are commodities basically saying the small few cryptocurrencies may not be securities, but the most are listen. They may even have a large percentage of the crypto market, hes speaking about bitcoin and ethereum right, because the sec was paid off by the ethereum alliance to say that ethereum is not a security and that ethereum is actually a cryptocurrency. So hes speaking about bitcoin and ethereum, he just said that those that are not securities can make up a big portion of the crypto market, so theres a lot of corruption, a lot of corruption, but for the bulk of the tokens in the market, the bulk of Their numbers of tokens um they have attributes of securities and that protection is important. We look forward to weigh in on this, but in the meantime, bob were gon na basically hes saying that the top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum are not securities, but all of the other cryptos basically are all securities thats.

What hes saying and it doesnt make sense, because if ethereum is not to security, then the other crypto should not to be a security. Bitcoin is a little bit different in my opinion, because bitcoin was released by satoshi nakamoto. They had no sale, they had miners around the world, so they never really held an ico. But we all know that ethereum held an ico like we all know that so its so unfair that theyre giving ethereum a free pass, but then theyre attacking xrp. Now, in terms of the ripple xrp and the sec lawsuits, lets say that crypto and xrp loses the lawsuit and that we are a security right. I think that that will be good for crypto and if we win that will still be good for crypto now. Why do i say that lets say that xrp loses right, ripple loses this lawsuit and that most cryptocurrencies are deemed securities. Yes, that will cause short term fud and prices will go down in the short term, but in the long term it will help the crypto industry, because institutional investors and hedge funds with billions and trillions of dollars will be more comfortable. Investing in a regulatory environment with securities than they would in a west world type cryptocurrency investment right, so those people with billions and trillions of dollars. They want regulatory clarity, they want regulation before they invest their billions and trillions of dollars. So if we do lose the lawsuits, yes, that will cause short term fudge.

A lot of people will be selling theyll be scared, but eventually it will be good for the market and if we win, that will also be good for the market. In the short term, people will be happy, theyre, gon na be like dang, we won and that will cause a massive pump in cryptocurrency so either way. I believe that we will win. Crypto is the future either way the elite cannot stop cryptocurrency. Okay, literally, it will happen whether they like it or not. So you watching this video, hopefully youre, taking advantage of these low prices with xrp, with your top cryptocurrencies like xlm and bitcoin, and whatever your top cryptos are hopefully youre taking advantage of these low low prices, because right now, its only a matter of time until xrp Wins or loses loss, or whatever it is, but its only a matter of time until we break all time highs literally, were gon na, go to three dollars and way way more because of stuff, like this, like how many cryptocurrencies can say that they were mentioned by The world economic forum for an inter bank enter payment settlement system for cbdcs around the world, xrp that is xrp. You want to hold xrp. In my opinion, this is not financial advice and harvard also mentioned xrp and xlm. So those are also two cryptocurrencies that we hold, so how many cryptocurrencies can say that not many. So that is why you want to invest in good cryptocurrencies like ripple xrp, and that is why you want to join us.

Destroy the like button. Tap it real quick. It takes one second and subscribe subscribe to this channel if you have not yet already, because we speak about cryptocurrency every single day, because crypto is the future. We speak about xrp and everything thats happening around the world and also before you go yes, get your decent hardware wallet before july 1st, yes, because prices will go up on july 1st. So what are you waiting for? Get your decent hardware wallet one or two of them using the links down below real quick before prices go up. This holds thousands of cryptocurrency that uses your thumbprint. It has multiple seed phrases and passwords to keep your crypto safe. It has a bigger screen than analyzer right now, its cheaper than a nano ledger. You can get a two pack for just 190 and it connects your android and apple phone, so its easy to use okay, it connects through bluetooth and its super secure. I love this. Its super easy it has buttons as well and the thumbprints thing. So what are you waiting for? Get yours right now before july 1st, before the prices go up hundreds? If not thousands of you already got this decent hardware wallet. I love you all be strong, be safe. I know. Cryptocurrency has been going down a lot this year, but in my opinion we are gon na finish the year. Strong, the sec lawsuit will come to an end, interest rates will start stabilizing, inflation will start stabilizing.

The fed will try to save the markets and be the heroes again. Russia and ukraine will not be on everyones, mind anymore, and so many things will improve. In my opinion, by the end of the year so xrp we could see a big pump with xrp going into the new year into 2023, and so many people will be wishing that they were buying ripple xrp at these low prices. So, congratulations if you are watching this video right now, you are early. You are literally early and youre buying at amazing prices, because its only a matter of time until a few years down the line when xrp is at ten dollars were gon na, be like wow. Why did we not buy more xrp at 30 cents? Why did we not buy more xrp okay? So hopefully none of you have that regret. Okay, just a few days ago, i came out with a video titled why you need 60 000 xrp, and that was not a millionaire price prediction. It was just more about getting you to invest as much as possible during these low prices. Okay, that was not a millionaire prediction, because 60 000 xrp can make you a multi millionaire. Okay, it can make you way more than just a one million era, okay. So that is why you want to take advantage of these low prices and destroy the like button. Subscribe right now, if you have not yet already, i will see you all very soon until next time, yall know what it is.