Some cryptos have already lost up to 80 of their value. However, this is not the end of crypto, its just the beginning and its usually in bear markets that many millionaires are created. So if you want to profit from crypto and become the next whale, now is the time to act but safely. You need to find a way to protect yourself from this bear market, while increasing the value of your portfolio thats. Why were making this video so in this video were going to share with you the six ways to survive the crypto bear market while increasing your income watch this video till the end, because the last method is the one used by the whales to stay safe. Whatever the market conditions are hi cryptopreneurs, what is your favorite crypto? Let us know in the comments, if you like, making crazy money with crypto. This is the place for you here. We explore new gems and explain the best new, tiny, undervalued cryptos with 100x or even a thousand x potential. You will also find all the news the cryptos face every single day so make sure to subscribe and activate notifications for all the upcoming videos, follow us on our social channels and join us members for added perks. Now lets get started Music. The first thing to do in a bear market is to stay calm and assess your opinions, whether you see the bear market as an opportunity to buy the dip or find falling crypto prices.

A bit too stressful to handle always try to keep your calm and assist. The situation objectively, emotional decisions are the ones that you will most likely regret down the road, especially if youre trading first start by asking yourself why you are invested in crypto in the first place. Do you believe in cryptos long term success and want to tap in on the many opportunities that could bring along, or are you just here to earn some quick bucks during short term trading? The answer to this question could be your stepping stone to figure a way out of the bear market on scratched. Then dont try to time the bottom. Nobody, absolutely nobody can predict the bottom. You could study technical and fundamental analysis. All you want or listen to experts, but at the end of the day, you may still have to rely on your gut feeling, while trying to time the bottom and as you will probably agree gut feelings are not much of an option if youre looking for strategies To navigate a crypto bear market or worse, even a crypto winter, you may buy at what appears to be the bottom at a given time, however, the price could further drop and if it does drop, you will have to sell it again to have your next shot. At timing, the elusive bottom, more often than not this strategy will only cause your wallet to shrink speaking about a wallet. If you want to survive the bear market and continue to increase the value of your wallet, there are many techniques that you should use.

This brings us to the third way to survive. The bear market, which is dollar cost, averaging dollar cost averaging or dca, is arguably the best strategy that is proven to have worked exceedingly well, even during the toughest of bear markets. It is a simple but long term strategy where you continue buying small amounts of an asset over some time, regardless of the price. For example, a dca schedule will have you investing, say 50 on bitcoin every week, rather than investing all 200 at once. You may make changes to your dca schedule from time to time to meet your changing requirements so continuing from the example. Above suppose, you started buying fifty dollars worth of bitcoin every week three years ago. By now, you would have invested seven thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars in bitcoin over these three years now using a dca calculator, you will find that the total value of your investment would currently stand at 21. 777 thats a sizable gain of 177.42 chain over three years. Another way to increase the value of your portfolio is, by staking, you may say its risky, but when the going gets, tough in the crypto bear market and your portfolio starts, shedding value left and right staking comes off as a good way to earn a passive income From your crypto, stash sticking basically refers to the practice of flocking away your coins on a proof of stake, blockchain for a period of time and being rewarded for it.

The best part about staking is that it increases the size of your wallet, even in a bear market that way when the bull market resumes. You start with more than you had previously besides. Staking also lowers the possibility of panic selling, because your fund is securely locked on a blockchain. Another thing to consider is to avoid shorting in a crypto bear market. Shorting is a technique that traders use to profit from falling crypto prices that should ideally make it an excellent fit in a bear market. When prices drops are a common occurrence, however, you would find that most experts advising against shorting, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, because it could potentially lead to unlimited losses or liquidation of your position. This is a fundamental problem with shorting and no amount of experience can prepare you for the root shocks. When things go bad, when you buy a crypto, you can never really lose more than the amount you have invested. So, for example, say you have purchased btc worth a hundred dollars, so the maximum you could lose from that investment is a hundred dollars. On the other hand, the potential gain at least on paper could be limitless. Think of a scenario where the btc price increases. So much that the hundred dollar investment returns 500 a thousand ten thousand dollars and so on its just the opposite with shorting. If you short a coin at a hundred dollars, the maximum you will earn from that trade is a hundred dollars.

However, if the price of the crypto starts increasing and the uptrend continues, your losses could pile up indefinitely and if you short using margin, you will have to keep paying the interest charges on top of the original lofts. For as long as you choose to keep the position open and the last way to survive, this bear market is to avoid leaving your crypto on exchanges like they say, not your keys, not your coins. This is applicable in pretty much any scenario involving a centralized custodial. Crypto exchange, however, the risks of irretrievably losing your funds stored in these exchanges become even bigger during a turbulent bear market. Consider what might happen if there was a sudden market crash. Billions of dollars would be wiped out from the market, causing many exchanges to end up insolvent always opt for a non custodial wallet, app or better. Still a tried and tested hardware wallet to have full control of your crypto stash have no doubt in mind that as an investor or a trader youre bound to lose money, occasionally a hundred percent strike rate is practically impossible. No matter how seasoned you are in the game, however, by following the strategies discussed above, you will significantly reduces your chances of falling prey to crypto bears alongside make sure to stick to the other basics, such as always using stop losses in case youre trading. If you want us to make another video to bring you more tips on how to survive, the crypto bear markets feel free to.

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