Now i like to bring you up to the minute news, but i found this so interesting, so lets talk about nfts and insider trading. This is this. Guy worked for nf, uh, open c. You know what he was in charge of doing ill. Give you a long and short of this real quick. You even got to read it lets make this a podcast, so he only got like 19. First of all, he was in charge of what goes on the home page at open c, what nfts, so what he would do is he would buy the nft first and then he would put it up on the home page and the price would spike, and he Would sell it! He did this over and over again, so this 31 year old guy got 19 eth. Think about that, what a jerk off to do something like that and get basically, nineteen thousand dollars at todays prices. What an idiot so now hes being hit with wire fraud, insider trading, blah blah blah and yeah. It says right here, personal gain and this each one of these carries 20 years in prison, so um thats really stupid. This is interesting, so you know you all heard by now im sure, okay, that blockfly got a rescue or bailout or whatever 250 million dollars, 250 million dollars, and what does it say is for the proceeds will be used to fulfill a client balances. Why? Oh, i want to get into the celsius everything i said celsius before it happened.

Tell people pull their money out. It was in my telegram, okay and which is linked below by the way its free, find it oracle telegram. Dont search me on uh telegram because im sure there are a million scammers little rust and johnnys trying to be me and get your bitcoin thats, not me anyway. So what this means is that you know all of these things celsius and blockfly and everything its so crazy, because you know you remember most of you dont. This is before your time we used to have lending platforms yeah. We did right like like bit, connect regal coin devore and they had their own token like celsius as a sell token – and you know they used to come out, they would hit the exchange with their token. It would go to ten dollars started ten dollars and you know sometimes would go up to a hundred two hundred dollars a token. It was great and they were lending and blah blah blah same thing. I dont know how the hell or when all of this became mainstream and legal i mean i i dont know if ive been in a crypto coma and just woke up, ive seen celsius before and blockfi, and they say that you know theyre um its so funny. They say that theyre lending, but when you look at celsiuss rate, what it gives you and then what it takes to borrow it doesnt make sense. Okay, it just doesnt, add up, and now it comes out that they were doing other things.

Oh, they were doing defy and stuff like that. Defy is made up magic money which never works. Everybody in d5 is trying to create a protocol which basically will print money that can somehow turn into real crypto and fiat and make everyone rich its a willy wonka dream. Are you kidding me for real, so lets talk conspiracy, so even block fives been, you know called out on this, and all of this started. Crypto is cruising along. You know between, like 40, 60 000, all time, high, everybodys, happy dancing in the streets and all of a sudden boom. We hear about this chang chok, whatever his name is whats his name taekwondo. I forgot, i forgot, do kwan there you go dokwan anyway, dope corn. We get do kwan who, by the way the sec is looking for and hes um hes in trouble hes going to get. He look, you may say: oh hes in you know singapore this and that guess what singapore in the united states of france dont be stupid. Okay and if not, we have black ops for that. Okay, just like looking all around the world, i did a news story on this: all of the uh russian super yachts, the super yachts all around the world. They tried to escape. When you know they were connected to the um sanctions against russia, since the war and so theyre trying to escape theyre going all over the place right and all of a sudden one gets tagged in italy.

Another one in the dominican, dominican republic, whats up oscar lopez. Anyway, um yeah another one in dominican republic, another one in italy, okay, they i mean theyre flying u.s flags now and theyre, being theyre being seized, theyre being arrested, which is a term in the super super yacht world. They can literally arrest a ship. Okay, its not like when you got arrested stupid, not like that anyway, so lets keep going, keep it moving. Celsius is still in trouble. You know, and when i look at celsius im like how in the world did this lending, how did this get by? How did this happen in the united states? How in the world could celsius have been youtubers have been shilling this giving referral links just like big connect and travon davis, so travon, whatever the hell? His name was hes so insignificant. What was his name? Remember? The guy from like kmart to big connect anyway, so travon douche. So as we go im one of the only ones that knows crypto history ive been in this so long. So all of these somehow lending platforms became legit and theyre, paying, like you know, 12 a year this and that whatever and theyre paying every week sounds to me just like those illegal hypes, now theyre all scams and everything theyre, probably illegal. Who knows you know the ones with the uh the certificates from london so anyway i i dont know how this happened. I remember seeing youtubers when we talk about big boy, big boy.

Whatever his name is, you know so wheres this guy yeah right. You know. Sometimes you should change your name in crypto, sometimes he hes big yeah, hes, big and crypto. He looks like a dildo here anyway, look sometimes you can change your name its like the guy whos, like 45 years old, on a skateboard arent, you like douchebag, so heres. Your big boy, bitboy promoted the piss out of woodys lending platform celsius and everything so did monica monetize her name just on her channel, tells you shes all about the money. Ive seen her making a video apology. You know saying: oh people could hate me for this. Theyre blaming me im getting hate, i lost money too yeah. You made a lot of money that kind of that. That celsius was a channel partner. Okay, so what big boy i mean bit boy. I have such a hard time saying that, as i look at mario from donkey kong with no hat, i have such a hard time looking at him as bit boy lets just look at this so anyway unbelievable so now he is filing a class class action lawsuit Against celsius after he promoted them, why why really, i know you lost money and everything, but why really deflection right right, big boy, youre, gon na deflect, you deflect celsius and everybodys complaints and crybaby action, and all that off you genius. I must say anyway, a lot of things happen here on crypto youtube.

Its amazing ive been around long enough. This is my second bear run and im loving it loving it make money as long as it goes up and down, and all that anyway, leverage trade. All that stuff celsius was probably actually they would have been better off if they were shortened so lets bring it all around to the big crazy part of this whole video, this podcast, all right. I was going to go into my phone. I had some things here. Well, you know i cant even talk about microstrategy right now, its just just ridiculous and in el salvador. El salvador is about to practically default on their debt. Okay, but anyway i mean they use their own countries, money to buy bitcoin at the top. Can you imagine that, can you imagine the chavo wallet, tivo chibo to you too anyway? I could talk about michael saller. I got so much, but i want to keep this short and to the point, look. I have no benefit in doing news. I dont run ads. I dont get adsense money for this. If you see ads its youtube its, not me. Okay, i mean, if you click on a link below the video, maybe uh something will happen. I dont know i dont care if you subscribe, if you like, if you dont, like what you think doesnt matter to me now, when you have nice things to say, oh id love, to read your comments but id like to read your comments on the content and If i should do more of this because its like – i sometimes i list – i listen to this youtuber crypto muscle and i like when he does the news, instead of just talking about what he talks about about making fast money in crypto, shout out to crypto muscle Anyway, so sometimes he does the news.

I say you know i used to give the people the news i used to do it like you muscle. Actually now you do it like me or whatever, but anyway. So i was like you know when i listen to him. Do the news, its entertainment for me, i like to hear his opinion on it. So i said you know what let me give the people, some entertainment. Let me give them my crypto opinion on whats, going on okay heres, the big conspiracy. You remember not long ago right biden started talking about. Oh, you got ta. Tell me if you like this now, im gon na go out on a limb started talking about stable coins and the new infrastructure bill and coming out with a new bill. Right i mean were going back here in april. I want you to stay with me now. Stay with me were going back to april back a while ago. Okay, they were talking about regulation. Look at this in november 2021 on criminals needing bitcoin channel cnbc criminals needing bitcoin, they said they should regulate stable coins this and that well, i guess they were having a hard time getting things done. Let me tell you how the crash happened. You put this all together. You tell me in the comments what you think put on your tinfoil hats and hear me out, so they needed to get this stuff approved. They needed some kind of reason to have regulations now bit.

Connect. Bitconnect was a big one, but it didnt take down enough people celsius. Has a million clients cry babies, wow wow. I want my money, its not fair, look f, not your keys, not your crypto thats crap, because if it wasnt for me going into platforms and things like that, id never be where i am today, but i never pumped this celsius. You know why, because it was the same risk as bit connect or a hype or anything else, except it didnt give you enough reward for the risk yeah. All those platforms were used to go in one percent a day and everything thats worth the risk. What is the risk? The risk is always that you might not get your crypto back, not your keys, not your crypto duh, but you have to send now another thing that pisses me off. They call celsius in exchange its not an exchange, get your head together, its a platform, a lending platform, its not an exchange exchange is like, like whats. An exchange like exchange is like this. Its called five bit theres a link below right, yeah. Look. This is exchange youre trading, youre, doing all kinds of things: im up: 12. Okay, on my little long now, im gon na take that 0.12 on one bitcoin. Thank you very much. My balance go up. It should have anyway, so lets get back to this, so they needed this bill to pass not to whats happening months, are going by right, so keep in mind how this happened: the protocol okay of luna and tether, okay, their their usdt product that they had failed.

They say that somebody and people believed in this, like it was religion, oh, oh think about it. They believed in it like it was religion, they call them lunatics. Now, none of them could get their money and all youtubers are crying everybodys crying. You sent your money so whyd, you send it because youre greedy, you wanted more money right, so greedy gets slutted. I dont want to just make any pig reference because then theyll think im talking about the boy over there all right. So this happens huge crash. It takes down two hedge funds takes the price of bitcoin, because when people get liquidated, they have to sell those assets, everythings dumping people, terrified the price of bitcoin craters down to under 19 000. Now we got people pulling money out of block fi out of out of all of these platforms, okay running for the hills and theyre getting out of crypto because they pull their stable coin out before they get railroaded and all of a sudden crypto is twenty Thousand dollars, instead of the fifty sixty thousand or forty thousand or thirty thousand, where they bought it at theyre, all leaving crypto, but enough of them are going to cry so now and enough dominoes will fall and i will tell you this is not over. This is not over well looks like i caused that little baby long just in time anyway. This is not over. Okay were gon na break down twenty thousand.

All that again, okay, below that. Why ive been in this before it always goes way lower than people think it can and thats the scary news for people who buy huddle, but not for traders like me, links below the video anyway lets get back to this. So now we got a million people crying wheres, the sec wheres. The government bring out your dad, bring out your dead, you know and and blaming blaming these people. So what are they going to do? Well deserving multiple lawsuits in several states against block fight against all these companies. They froze withdrawals, people cant, get their money out, theyre still getting margin calls its a disaster. Help us help us help us. Okay, here comes congress and yes, hes seen all the lawmakers around. All the land and regulators now for the people for the people were going to regulate, make new regulations. This will never happen again. Youre not allowed to be rich. What are you doing trying to make that kind of interest sit back, be quiet? Yes, yes, were going to protect you. Yes, yes, you get 0.09 percent a year in bank of america, but anyway, so now they got their way.