My name is frankie candles, and this is your nightly. Crypto news wrap up lets get it. Investors are just watching the feds every word at this point, so i cant remember a market thats been trading like this. The fed seems to have total control over where prices are going, but the soft landing speak is, i think, somewhat of a myth. If you look at historically in the 12 tightening cycles that the fed has had to go through only three of those times, you actually had some sort of a soft landing and in all three of those cases there was very good reasons why you know a recession. Didnt happen so thats. Why im, personally of the belief that well get a recession, i mean whos to say, were not even already in a recession yesterday at the semi annual monetary policy report to congress fed chair, jerome powell took on a barrage of questions related to inflation, interest rates and Even bitcoin, with more quantitative tightening coming on the horizon and seeing how all of the markets crypto included, have reacted to the first 150 basis. Point hikes already this year. Is it safe to agree with ryan bellinger from the clip saying that the feds soft landing is somewhat a myth, considering that q3 officially begins on july 1st, if the q2 gdp numbers are in the red that would mark two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth, the Technical definition of a recession in regards to crypto assets at the policy report powell stated that although crypto is a new and innovative space, better regulation is still required and that they see no macroeconomic implications from bitcoin.

In layman terms, the fed is keeping a keen eye on the space, but they are not particularly worried about it. When asked about stable coins, powell stated that the space was new and emerging and that stable coins dont have the fit for purpose. Clarity that they need to properly regulate them. The overall sentiment with stable coin regulation is that their plan is to use federal agencies to put the squeeze on stable coin issues and benefit the banking industry by implementing a cbdc its a paradox of villainizing china, as we simultaneously follow their lead. Hopefully, theres a way for their plan and d5 to co exist. Lets pass it over to frankie candles for a market watch thanks, frank all right, guys, lets jump in and do a little market watch here, as we are getting a little bit of a pump on bitcoin bitcoin coming in at twenty one thousand eighty dollars up about Five and a half percent on the day, aetherium up at one thousand one hundred forty five dollars up about nine percent on the day lets go ahead and check our top movers. Weve got s. T o r j not sure how to say that one up about 50 on the day, roon or thor chain up 22 on the day, not a bad pump polygon, getting a lot of news recently up about 47 on the weekend 22 on the day. Curved out token up 18 cosmos up 15 and last but not least, avax up 13 guys seeing a little pump here on bitcoin as well as some of the altcoins following suit.

We are very close to a money flow crossover on the four hour and the three hour on market cipher b, which is a bullish time. We also have a two day, bullish diversion starting to print. If that confirms it could mean that we have some bullish price action in the future, but obviously you do want to take precautions as we are in a bear market. If you guys want to follow me, it is frankie candles on youtube or frankie underscore candles on all socials back to the news, turning the cryptocurrency craze into curriculum. It sounds right. The university of cincinnati is launching two new programs studying cryptocurrency and new financial technologies. The programs will be at the linder college of business. Uc will start a cryptocurrency fund that students can use to learn about digital assets. The school will also create a lab space with digital futures building, which is set to open this fall. This is all thanks to a recent gift given to the university attention class sit down, get out your notepads stop. Passing notes today were going to talk about why layer twos are used to scale layer ones and prevent bottlenecking. Can anyone tell me what bottlenecking is? This? Is something you might hear inside a classroom at the university of cincinnati next semester? Thats right thanks to hefty donations by dan kautz and woody weevil, two new programs on bitcoin and financial technologies will be available in the new digital future.

Building at ucs linder, college of business, ucs dean, marion lewis stated our students will learn how to manage cryptocurrencies and how such digital assets impact our economy positioning uc as the regional leader, among top universities, nationally with this kind of program. In my opinion, this is one of the most bullish stories ive heard all month, maybe all year, this movement from uc will most likely spark more and more colleges to start crypto curriculums, eventually enhancing the accessibility to crypto education to colleges across the world. Education is everything in crypto and the more people who have access to that education. The faster mass adoption happens. I know id much rather learn about bitcoin than sit through another chemistry lecture and, if youre in college. Listening to this video with one hand over your earbud during your chemistry lecture, may god have mercy on your soul being gridlocked in a lawsuit isnt going to stop ripple from expanding in more ways than one announced yesterday ripple will be opening their first office in canada Located in toronto, a prominent tech hub, the office will start off with 50 engineers, but the plan is to hire many more once. The ball gets rolling, as stated in their blog post in the past year. Ripple has also opened offices in dublin and miami and intends to hire hundreds of people globally in 2022 ripple also recently partnered with lotus a racing and sports car manufacturer to bring automotive nfts to the xrp ledger lotus states that they will collaborate on their first nft Collection with industry expert nft pro using ripple as the blockchain partner to provide technical support on their high speed low cost carbon neutral blockchain.

This nft drop follows in the draft winds of lamborghinis nft collection, space time memory released earlier this year, despite gary ginsler. Delaying his inevitable defeat ripple continues to kick it into high gear and expand throughout the globe if youre in the xrp army. Please let us know in the comments down below thats.