Today was epic. I was answering all your questions and disconnected after one hour, but we had a lot of trades were massively in the profits in a lot of trades on dogecoin bitcoin ethereum um bit, i opened in the live as well in this video were going to check the Trades for bitcoin im going to see what i think is going to happen in the market. Right now were seeing conflicting patterns. Weve got inverse head and shoulders which says: bitcoin is going to have a massive pump up. At the same time, it looks weak on this trend line im going to show you that in this, in this video hit the subscribe button, 75 000 people smash up the thumbs up button dont forget on every video im going to give five of you um. Every sorry, every month, im going to my team is going to pick five winners for 200. Each giving away a thousand dollars a month which is beautiful to giving back to our community, make sure you comment on every single video lets jump into the technicals for bitcoin. Now were going into the technique and on the four our on the on the weekly bitcoin is looking strong. Stochastic very oversold were having um heading up on the four on the daily stochastic, also stochastic. The way this works every as i teach in the crypto course. When its oversold down here its time to be buying when its overbought up here, like here, thats the time to be selling that you can see here, thats how it was um, you can see like, for example, here it was overbought right before we dropped from 50k.

You can see it was overbought up above the dotted lines, and that was the peak at 50k before this big drop, and now it looks like its very oversold and its heading up. Weve got a lot of volume. Lets go into the four hourly now. The four hourly bitcoin here is having a little bit of a pullback right now. It pushed today up to 21 300 and now were back to 20 800.. Now stochastic is overbought on the out on the four hourly turning down so thats, usually time to be selling like it was here, for example, before it dropped like it was here before it dropped. Um, like it was also here before it dropped and you can see as well when we zoom out you can see here before we dropped. We also were overbought on the stochastic on the four hourly. So this point here was also overbought before the drop so thats. One thing: next: we have weve got. This is why its conflicting um weve got this channel. That bitcoin is going up and by the way, ive got trades already open on bitcoin, as you saw in my live today, ive got these trades open all in the profits. Um we opened a bid during the live up: 18 89 in the profits. Ive got this bitcoin trade up 3537 dollars in the profits. 31 percent profit ive got this ethereum trade up 377 dollars in the profits. 191 percent ive got this trade dogecoin trade up 624 dollars in the profits up, 319 and dont forget to join us in the telegram james crypto guru alerts.

We have now 915 people in here and i share my trades. Every im sharing all the trades and ideas in this chat room. I shared the doge trade, the bit trade um. All these trades im sharing in here its the link, is in the description under this video on your phone under the video. In the description you can see the link to james new telegram live trades alerts. Now we have 900 people in there, so lets get back to bitcoin, so its looking its looking weak on the stochastic is showing me that we might be pulling back here and were coming up on this channel, but every as you can see its trying to hold This channel, but it doesnt, get the pump up to the upper end of the channel, which is showing weakness. So weve got a bit of conflicting um, conflicting indicators here. Why? Because we also have this inverse head and shoulders. Weve got a kind of pattern like in weve. Got this weve got a weve, got a left shoulder here at the head and then right shoulder so thats a kind of bullish pattern that should send bitcoin up really strongly. We should be making a move on bitcoin towards the bottom of this inverse head and shoulders, which would take us this distance. Here we should be heading up if we break this resistance bitcoin, but today it broke this resistance and then got rejected back it. Didnt take bitcoin up to 25k thats something to be concerned about, but as long as we hold this trend line – and we hold here at 20 – 26, 20 688, its still bullish.

But if we break this trend line, prepare that bitcoin could really just drop hard out of here back down to the 17 000. So its very important that we hold this trendline um and were retesting were close to re testing. It right now, which is quite interesting on the hourly stochastic, is also over heading down its overbought heading down, im and im, seeing a big m here with a double top pattern. Look at this weve got a double top. Weve got these spikes up on these um. These lines here weve got spiked up, so its spiked up spiked up double top pattern and it keeps getting pushed down here something to be concerned about that looks bearish on the on the hourly as well. Stochastic is heading down big cell volume on the 15 minutes. Um stochastic is oversold so its something to be a bit cautious of bitcoin is showing a little bit of weakness here. My gut is telling me actually to close all my trades close bitcoin everything that we could get a dump here, thats something to be. This is what my god is telling me, but this inverse head and shoulders is showing that were bullish in the short term, which is quite interesting, because this is showing were bullish, that we should be making a big movement up. But all the different indicators are showing not if you want to trade im going to show you my trades. If you want to trade like youre, seeing me do underneath this video, you can sign up to buy bit.

If you sign up here, you get a 4 800 bonus when you sign up using this link in the description of your video. Now, if you you get 4 800 buy, it is one of the best exchanges um. I made a video today as well live where i teach you how to trade a very in depth, video um. You can also take the crypto master course, with my 6500 students learn what im teaching and join us in that telegram. Where i share all my live trades now lets look at dogecoin, um, total market cap of all cryptocurrencies right now is also showing this inverse head and shoulders everyones. Seeing this weve got this shoulder head shoulder, which is a bullish pattern that should send the total crypto markets up to one trillion dollars, so another 180, 90 billion pump should be happening right now, um this distance here, which is even more than this. Actually, it should be like this distance here, so we should be getting a big pump here towards even higher to around one point – almost 1.1 trillion, so all planes its showing me that we should have a pump here, but on the four hourly its also showing that Its overbought and a bit of a pullback, i would be closing all my long, all my lungs, except this inverse head and shoulder pattern. This is looking bullish to me um, but we really need to get a pump out of here.

Out of this resistance same on ethereum, if we go look at if we look at ethereum one thousand its up four percent today, we look at ethereum were also seeing this inverse head and shoulders everyones. Seeing this as well, let me clear these previous um targets out. So you can see and the ethereum trade hit their take profits. If you followed my ethereum trade from the last videos, we opened it at 1087, the target was 1 200 and the stop loss was 1037. That was 110 with the 10x leverage, so that trade already hit and im seeing the same thing. Look at this inverse head and shoulders here also a very bullish pattern. So weve got a lot of these inverse head and shoulders thats trying to play out right now but again and on the four hourly looks overbought. But on this daily and the weekly its curling up to head up very massively so im going to keep these trades open lets look at, and these are my trades that i have open right now. So ive got this long on bit up eighty nine dollars. Ive got this bitcoin long, three thousand five hundred dollars in profits, ethereum long three hundred and seventy dollars in the profits. Dogecoin long 612 lets look at dogecoin next, so youre, seeing and also the bnb trade that i showed in my life at the end of the live was big in the profits which is beautiful, but its pulled back, but still in the profits on this trade.

The target is 268 again that same pattern inverse head and shoulders look at this inverse head and shoulders, which should be a very big bullish. Movement up um lets look at doge queen next dogecoin dude quinn dodge queen. Where is it, um lets check out deutsche and deutsche queen up 65 at 65 cents, dogecoin is looking like a cup and handle here again bullish pattern cup handle its climbing on this trend line uh this one here, so its climbing on that trend line thats on The four hours the stochastic is overbought though, and were having a pullback. It also looks like it did a little bit of a double top here on dirt right for our look, this like double top formation. My gut is telling me to close everything in the profits right now, but this inverse head and shoulders is showing that we should be heading up so its a little bit hard to determine which direction. As long as we hold this trend line, though, we can stay bullish on doge, so as long as doge doesnt break 64, six and a half cents, we can stay bullish on doge here and yeah thats. My thoughts on the market um lets go back in bitcoin and look more into bitcoin its holding here. It was big in the profits and it is pulling back. It is holding this trend line but see how its just hugging its it should have been. Moving towards.

The top of the channel here this direction, but its just been hugging along this channel, trying to hold on here, which is showing weakness, thats, the only thing but again weve got this inverse head and shoulders. If, if bitcoin breaks the weekly, if it breaks below 20 500, then we could, then that would look bad. If bitcoin breaks below here re test and fails, then we could be dropping quite heavily so keep that in mind. But as long as these inverse head and shoulders patterns stays, we can stay long on bitcoin, but you have to always do your own due diligence, but this is my. This is my thoughts again. If you want to trade, make sure youre using bibit. I made a video today, a tutorial live that teaches you everything to do with this, using this link in the description um. Those are my trades active and dont forget to theres still like a few, and this account is going up a lot. Its a hundred and eighty five hundred and eighty four thousand four hundred and ninety one, it was up four thousand dollars more actually earlier today, bitcoin for bitcoin, thirty, six thousand usd dirt coin; eleven thousand eleven hundred bit ten thousand dollars worth so quite a big profits. There on finance um in this account i have 265 000. It was big in the profits today, but pulling back a little bit right now. Bitcoin. 2. 500. I got 10 bitcoin in here.

49. 000.. I use this account for trading this 265 000 us dollars, and i also use it for spending, so the money changes there from the exchanges again join us in this telegram group, where i share all my trades and thats my thoughts on the market. Id love. Your opinion as well, do you think bitcoin is going to break you? Are you still bullish? My god is telling me close all the trades. I would. What i would do is actually move up all the stop losses. This is my decision now move up all the stop losses, so we remain in profits, so on ethereum, moving up to stop the stop loss um that the stop loss you can move it up to where were current just under where were sitting right now. So the entry position was the mark price is one one, nine seven, so i could move up the stop loss to one one fifth, and that will give me profits of um 24. Instead of this 600, it will still wipe out most of the profits, hard decision to be making im going to watch bitcoin closely and ill message ill make another video or a message in the telegram group um. If there is any big change again make sure joining this free telegram group, the link is in the description of this video. You can see the link also, we picked. The team picked another winner for 200 usd which is beautiful uh.

It was chervin. Congratulations! This channel james channel is epic: youve won 200 usd chauvin. My team will contact you your course is very useful for those who would like to learn how to read the finance reports and analyze. The markets ive been using your technique not only for stocks but also handling analyzing political and world economics first day in crypto five years in crypto um. The fear and greed index is still greatly in fear at the moment, so time more to be buying. So those are my thoughts on the market. Everyone its here its at a big decision, point for bitcoin ill. Keep you updated hit the subscribe button join. Seventy five thousand people smash up thumbs up with it.