Im, not a financial advisor, so everything i say is general information and for education and entertainment purposes. Only trading and investing is incredibly risky, so you must always do your own. Due diligence seek your own professional help and guidance before making any decision in the market and past results are not indicative of future performance. First up a quick shout out to my favorite aussie exchange, which easily has the best user interface and easiest user experience on any platform. Ive ever used in terms of traditional finance and also cryptocurrency swiftx is now guaranteeing you 15 bucks worth of bitcoin. When you open your new account using that link in the description below with swiftx, you can earn interest on your crypto, including bitcoin and ethereum. You can also automate part of your strategy with their recurring orders and if you want to test out a strategy, but you dont want to put your real money to work, theyve even got a demo mode. So if youre after a new exchange, starting out with 15 bucks worth of bitcoin use that link in my description below starting out, i want to go through a quick recap with what ive been thinking and talking about over the last. You know week week and a half now so pretty much as soon as that capitulation did come in. I put a video about it on the day. What im looking out for from that point forward is for the decline to slow down and stop very very soon.

So obviously, as soon as that did end, i was on the hunt for some kind of v shape recovery. Obviously there was no follow through. There was no confirmation of that and the price did just keep going lower, but then, from that point forward i also clearly pointed out, since there still was capitulation. A lot of traders just seem to have like a short term memory. They dont remember things that happened. You know even as much as a day ago, but that capitulation didnt disappear. There was huge volume coming into the market, a lot of fear around so thats really. What set me up to be looking out for this short trade, but more specifically the trap not to be getting suckered in thinking the markets going to dump to you know: fifteen thousand fourteen thousand, whatever the case may be, so its just really a matter of remembering What the background information says on the chart to kind of plan and think ahead from that point forward, because there was a lot of buying going on around that capitulation around these lows now. Obviously, a lot of it would have been short covering taking some profits, but theres still enough there to support the price, at least temporarily, to set up the next few days to a week or so of trading before we get some bigger picture confirmation. So as of right now, theres still heaps of support in the market above around that 20 grand being a macro support level from the 2017 top and thats just kind of what were seeing at the moment.

The price is grinding, it is trying to break higher and i still do think there could be some more in this. Bounce weve only had a small bounce so far, and you know i do think were going to be seeing a bigger bounce coming up, but even still like, i always say it is just always one step at a time. The macro trend is still down, as you can see by this chart here we are still in a macro bear market, so calling any big picture. Bull market from this point is obviously very, very risky and dangerous because you do need to see a fair amount of accumulation over a long period of time to really convince the market, or at least convince me. There are enough buyers in the market to support another big bull move ahead and obviously the markets only been going sideways for about a week or so so theres. Nowhere near enough information to call this a macro low and were going to be seeing another big bull move from this point forward. Of course it could be, but theres just no evidence of that. Yet, but even still, there are plenty of signals, both long and short, which do line up with the macro narrative and everything ties together in one way or another. So while the macro support does still stand around that twenty thousand bucks, i am looking out for that. Bigger picture confirmation, like i keep saying by the way i have some accumulation, and i have also been saying theres every chance.

The price will continue to dip back lower from here before, putting in that final low, but at least for now weve got some support into the market. We have a fair bit of volume coming in as well at these lows on the daily chart, which is really setting up some good short term plays now for bitcoin. You can see that the trend has turned up. This is my favorite indicator. Ill leave a link in the description below if you do want to learn about the indicator and how to access it, but the trend did turn up. Theres been a few hundred bucks per bitcoin in this short term, move up at least for now. I do think it could potentially keep going further, but its always one step at a time. If you also do recall, i was saying any short trades just be careful. I dont think theyre going to last very long after this top came in, we had the signs of selling coming in, or at least lack of buyers thats. What helped us call this down move here, but i was saying also ahead of time, just be careful on the short side of the market. I dont think its going to last long and we just got that short term correction and obviously now here we are bouncing back up, so it is always danger for the bull market narrative for as long as the price does hold. You know below that previous top, which it still is at the moment its always a danger sign.

So that just tells me, i need to be really quick and nimble on any bull market moves or any buying moves that im making up until that point, when the price can eventually get back above that old top and close above then, it could be on in A bigger way, its just always one step at a time like i always say you can also see that bitcoin is holding its trend line rather nicely short term trend line from the actual low up to that next. High low. That end of this particular correction that we saw so i do want to see the price hold above this trend line as well. That would keep me, you know relatively bullish, at least for now, but thats going to be the earliest indication that maybe this bull market move is in trouble. You know, at least for the coming days if it does break back down below that trend line, and obviously i will be getting very cautious about this bull market move. I keep talking about if the price does break back down below that support level. From that little correction that weve just seen if we look at a 50 level as well from memory, it comes in about 19 600 bucks, 19, 700 bucks. So you know, broadly speaking, breaking that trend line will be an early warning sign. But as long as it holds up above that 50 level, then it could just be setting up for a bit more accumulation before going up from that point forward and of course, the bear market narrative ill get my bare coat back on.

If the price does break below that 50 level start to close below, and then you know put in lower tops that kind of thing, then i do think that 17 and a half thousand low will get retested and most likely broken. Kadana is also having a pretty good move and keeping it very, very simple. You can just see its a similar pattern. It held its 50 level, the trend also turned up, and the markets just moving away very, very nicely playing by all of the rules. If you ever wondered what breakout levels are or where to look for breakout levels, the same indicator you can look at swing, tops and swing bottoms, and you can see theres a couple of swing tops the market broke away simultaneously. Putting the trend up theres been a little bit of a pump. So once again, like i said with bitcoin, i am still cautious about bigger picture moves lasting multi days. You know as long as the price is holding below that previous top, which is what cadanos doing right now, but overall theres some really really good players playing out at the moment across many markets. You know everythings kind of moving. The volatility is still there. So its always good to see for the trader and to keep things really simple. We can also look at some simple trend lines from the current low up to that next higher low uh. You know looking for the market to hold that trend line to stay in its bullish.

You know narrative or you know, bullish move as its currently in, but if the price does break back down below the trend line and that fifty percent, you know you can see this consolidation right around that four point: four, forty six cents, sorry not four point: six Cents below forty six cents uh, that would be getting my bare coat on for gadano. If it does start to, you know, break and close below 46 cents. I do think its going to be re testing – those old lows at about 42 cents, but you know things are still pointing up for now. Salon has been one of my favorite markets for quite a while, and you can just start to see why ill continue to see why weve had really good uptrends in solana and its still continuing to break its previous top before many other markets have broken their previous Top so another good sign for the bull market narrative, you know things are just really humming along nicely. You can see the trends are back up again. There was a short period where it tried to go down. Didnt break the previous low. So you know this bigger picture. Uptrend just did continue from that point, so overall things are still looking good for seoul im, not looking or even considering shorting solana at the moment, because its just in a strong uptrend. You know i just want to stay with the trend and if the markets do turn down, i think theres, weaker markets that would be putting in better short trades than solana.

Just based on its current picture, doesnt mean it cant put in bigger percentages down or anything like that, but at least the way i look at the market looking at strength and weakness, technical analysis, i do think theres other markets that are technically weaker than solana. You know at least from where it is at the moment, so overall trends are up. Things are looking pretty good for solana. You know good little breakouts on some swing tops all that kind of thing, so lets just kind of see what happens next in terms of where it can close on the day and what happens over the weekend as well. Maybe theres just a little pump going into the final session for the week. You know thats always a possibility, but you know just got to keep running those trends. I said there and thats what were looking at with seoul. Gala is also finally getting a move on, but definitely not one of the stronger markets for the shorter term time frames bigger picture its still holding its 12th of may low, but smaller term. It is just trying to break out of this broader sideways market that comes in from about 6.6 cents down to all the way down to 5 cents as well, but using very similar analysis and techniques. We can just look at some trend lines, also some 50 levels just to see where um you know where gala sits in the slightly bigger picture, were just looking at an overhead fifty percent level uh that you know just broke through recently.

The trend has been up for over a day now, but in terms of thinking short or weakness in this market we can have a shorter term fifty percent level as well, which coincides pretty nicely with that trend line. So im remaining bullish on garlic, provided it can continue to hold its 50 levels and trend line. Uh. Breaking that trend line is going to be one of the. You know kind of warning signs that maybe its going to start grinding again within this broader sideways market action, but overall things are still pointing up, at least for now. I do think this markets got a higher probability of falling back within just this grinding market action. As you can see its very broadly grinding – and it is still just congesting that little bit further, so this is maybe one im going to be getting less interested in over the coming days, especially if it does maintain this broader. You know this broader sideways move, im going to be zooming out a time frame, looking at something like the daily and weekly charts. If we do end up getting a bigger picture play on something like gala, but at least for now, thats thats, where it currently sits id, be thinking more short trading for gala. If it gets back below around that five and a half cents, because its going to be breaking its 50, its trend line and likely getting back below this consolidation that we saw over the last week link is another one thats doing pretty good at the moment.

Its been one of my favorite coins lately because its just holding up strong above its 12th of may low breaking back into that previous consolidation that we saw all the way in may and also early june. You know just trying to get back above those previous consolidation zones to put in the bigger picture up move at least thats. What im seeing at the moment, theres. No confirmation that big picture but shorter term theres been some pretty clean moves to the upside and its trying to break away once again. But, as always like, i keep saying at least in this video, it is still a bit of danger, while it does hold below its previous top. You know its trying to get back up there, its putting in some nice short term moves up. The trend is back up, as you can see by the background of the chart and if were looking at some short term 50 levels as well from the top down to bottom. It has recently broken back into the strong half of the tool so for link to remain short term bullish. It does have to hold around that seven dollar price point i just want to see it hold up. There consolidate more, maybe get in some more higher lows and i think it will be retesting breaking through potentially at seven dollars and fifty cents im, not thinking about shorting on link just because it is in a stronger position than many other crypto.

But for you know for a trend line to be looking at in terms of holding that trend just connect. The last couple of lows – and you know, as long as it keeps holding that 50 and that trend line its going to be in relatively safe ground. At least, in my opinion, things change pretty quickly in crypto as im sure everybody is well aware so im just looking for those lines to hold. You know if they start to break then its a matter of changing my mind before jumping over into my live account. A quick look at the big picture and obviously the total market cap is still sitting in that slow recovery period, its not yet breaking the fast recovery. But if you do recall a couple of days ago, ive been saying im looking out for a bounce, at least to the underside of that fast recovery period. So i do want to see the price of crypto come back to retest. Those previous lows at the very least, if it struggles to get through those old lows, it would be a bit of a danger sign and perhaps gon na be seeing another leg lower. You know and were still a long way from there at the moment, but overall things are still looking pretty good in terms of volatility. Its still holding its macro support. It hasnt fallen into that dismal recovery period, so just always just taking it one day. At a time to see if these macro support levels can continue to hold or if they do break, i just dont want to see him break too much any wicks below something like that, in my opinion, would be getting very bullish in terms of this big picture.

Macro low forming in the market confirmations another thing, but you know looking for that form to kind of start to take place. That would be one of the indications im looking at for a low to be almost done, at least in terms of price times. Another thing because it can take a fair amount of time to reaccumulate and you know push from that point forward, but in terms of price and the actual low point, maybe its not actually that far away. Many of you will be familiar with one of the long term strategies ive been talking about on the channel this pyramid plan. Now the idea behind this is its purely mathematical based, theres, no timing, aspects whatsoever and all im looking at doing here is just having a long term strategy based on the numbers, taking some profits all of that kind of thing in the market, and you can actually Go back and watch my video series, where i talk about this about once a month now from peak to trough. Ethereum is down about down to the closing price down around 76 percent. If you look at my live account using the strategy, its only down about 34, so theres, any bad fund manager will tell you, hey im out performing the market im winning. You know thats kind of the way they spin it. But you know in terms of mathematically speaking, the whole idea behind the strategy is provided the price of bitcoin ethereum.

What im using the strategy on does eventually recover and it doesnt even have to put in new hires to you, know, put this system in and profit thats just kind of what im looking at here, ive duplicated that same strategy on bitcoin as well. You can see its down about 31, so obviously a far cry from that 75 percent, that bitcoin has fallen from peak to trough and all the while im earning interest about seven bucks a week or you know over 350 bucks per year at the current prices. Just having that crypto staked in swiftx, so i will leave a link in the description below for that video series. Ive been doing you can follow along with my live account just for a bit of fun to see how it goes. A mathematical based strategy can be applied on any market in any exchange, provided youve done your homework on it. Of course, if you do want to get yourself, 15 bucks worth of bitcoin for free use that link in the description below thanks to swiftx thats, a wrap from me today lets see if the markets continue to play ball by the analysis. Ive been talking about on the channel, if you do feel like leaving me a comment, make sure you put a little dollar sign at the start of your message. I prioritize looking at your messages first because i know youve actually watched through to the end and as always, if you did enjoy this video, you know what to do and until next time ill catch.