We are excited to have you here on the channel its our goal, to provide you education and entertainment and help you win during a bear market when everyone is down and during a bull market when everything is pumping. Volatility is a feature of cryptocurrencies and were seeing that volatility on full display right now, so today were going to be going over some news and im going to actually show you a short squeeze that is taking over social media thats going viral, and you need to Hear about this because you can position yourself to take advantage of possibly a major win, so lets jump right into it. Whats up guys its logan here with runguys.com and were running a 100 giveaway, and all you have to do to win is like this video comment. 777 below and subscribe to our video newsletter at runguys.com, because thats, where we announce the winners every single week. So with that being said, lets make some money lets. Take a look at coin market cap and check out the top 10 bitcoins sitting at around 20 300 bucks, ethereum 1100 bucks tether close to peg, which is good thats, a good sign usdc at one dollar b b: 214: xrp 32 cents. You know the market really got slammed over the past couple weeks and uh its good to see a little bit of a recovery were finally seeing a bit of green. If we check out bitcoin weve had about a 74 correction from the all time high all the way down to where we bottomed out recently, which was around 17 800 bucks or 18 grand wherever you want to put that at so thats around a 74 correction and Its not uncommon for bitcoin to have 80 plus percent retracements from the all time highs in a bull market to the bottoms of a bear market and also something to keep in mind is you know there can be significant rallies during a bear market? I personally believe that we are going to be in a bear market where everything is just trading down or trading sideways till around november and december in that range and then from there well, most likely see some upward movement.

So thats just my prediction. My analysis of the market, uh other people may have other opinions, but i do believe that there is still some downside movement for bitcoin. That is totally possible. If you guys have seen my past content. Ive talked about how bitcoin could go to an 85 correction which would put it around 11 000, so this could potentially be a bull trap, meaning that we bottomed around 17 000 somewhere in that range and then went back up to now. 20 000 people are gon na, be you know, positioning with longs and then those longs get liquidated, and then we have a cascading effect down to lets, say 15 000 and max capitulation around 11 000. So, looking at some news, we see that the fed just did a 0.75 percentage point rate hike, which is the largest rate hike since 1994.. The fed is trying to tame inflation by increasing the cost of money. The problem is, is its not really working? Inflation just keeps on going up and up and up and up, even though the fed has continued to raise interest rates. So its going to be interesting, ive seen articles saying that the fed could raise interest rates, another 10 15 even 18 times uh. Until this is over and they pivot, and then they decrease the interest rate so well see, but as the cost of money becomes more expensive, that usually is not a good thing for the financial markets.

A lot of you guys watching this are probably fans of solana. Solana is definitely a unique project. Has a ton of potential? There has been significant issues with solana as far as the technology breaking blockchain going offline, but a lot of people believe in solana. They believe that its going to be here long term. So if we look at the price of solana, you know it was at 258 and today its sitting at 34, which is quite a steal, because if you would have told people you know a year ago or even less than a year ago, that they could have Bought solana at 34, it would be trying to hand money to whoever was uh selling them at at that price, and that just goes to show you market psychology. When things are up, everyone wants to buy and when things have collapsed in price, no one wants to buy, but thats actually the best time to buy, but there has been some drama with the solana ecosystem. Looking at this news right here, a crypto lending app tried to take over a whale account to stop it from collapsing the system, so lend is a defy app that allows users to borrow and lend funds without having to go through intermediaries, which are basically banks. Solen said that a single whale is sitting on an extremely large margin position, potentially putting the protocol and its users at risk. In this worst case scenario, salend could end up with bad debt.

This could cause chaos putting a strain on the solana network. The account concerned had deposited 5.7 million sold tokens, which 5.7 million times 34 dollars, thats thats a lot of money. They put that into saline accounting for more than 95 percent of deposits, against that it was borrowing 108 million. So what they tried to do is they tried to freeze this whales money so much for being decentralized, thats, a very centralized move on their behalf, but, as you can see right here, uh just in the solana based protocol solend has voted to invalidate veto. The proposal that granite control over the largest whales wallet all right so now its time to talk about the fun stuff, which is the short squeeze that is happening with celsius celsius, is a platform uh that allows you to deposit bitcoin and get interest, because theyre supposedly Loaning it out, but there has been a major collapse with the celsius platform im just going to run through this real quick. So it appears at some point in late fall of 2021. The dynamic of lending crypto to credible institutions with sound balance sheets has shifted to investing consumers crypto assets into increasingly exotic and risky instruments. Uh, oh in order to earn yield for depositors in december 2021. Blockchain analysis showed that celsius made substantial deposits into terra anchor protocol. Uh, oh again so celsius wasnt, just taking in bitcoin from users and letting it out they were also taking in deposits and putting it into d5 protocols, which were obviously risky, which you know.

Let me kind of retract that a little bit a lot of people didnt realize the risk of anchor protocol. Most people thought it was a safe environment to kind of store capital, but we were all proven wrong if you thought that that was the case. So, with all this crazy stuff happening with tara ust anchor protocol, everyone started withdrawing their funds out of celsius, which was really just another bank run event. Celsius had to freeze all withdrawals, a couple big funds out there decided to short celsius token, but they didnt realize that 80 to 90 of the tokens were locked up in the celsius platform, which means low liquidity and when theres low liquidity. That is a perfect setup for a short squeeze. As you can see right here, theres 6.4 million cell tokens left on ftx, so people are buying cell token theyre, taking it off the exchanges and then theyre setting extremely high sell limit orders on something like one inch and people are doing this because they realize that If they buy sell, take it off the exchanges and increase the price that means that these funds that are shorting celsius, token are going to have to buy it back at extremely high prices. So this means that there is a potential setup to make some serious gains in this short squeeze. You guys may have seen the game. Stop short squeeze people made a ton of money there and im, not saying that this is a sure shot winner.

This is definitely a gamble, but if i were to put the odds on the table, i would say that theres – probably a 70 to 80 percent chance that this goes in our favor people who are participating in the short squeeze. I mean you can look over here on social media and sell short squeeze. Is a trending hashtag more and more people are finding out about the short squeeze. I personally think that the 12 million sell token that are on the open market are going to get bought up within the next 7 to 14 days, which then really creates the perfect environment for massive upward price volatility. So hopefully, you guys found this video valuable today, if you did make sure that you smash the like button, because youtube loves to see those blue thumbs ups. It really helps like boost the video and get more traction on the algorithm. And if you have any questions about what i went over today feel free to drop a comment down below, and i will personally respond to each and every one of you guys and we come out with content on a daily basis. To make sure that you guys are up to date on everything thats happening in the cryptocurrency market. So if you never want to miss a video, make sure that you subscribe to our channel and we look forward to helping you win in the cryptocurrency market. Long term make sure you like comment and subscribe and share it.