It is very urgent, its almost an emergency because cryptocurrencies are taking off and in my video yesterday in the last couple of days, ive showed you that bitcoin is setting up to make a massive move, which means the entire crypto market is about to potentially make a Massive bullish move here very soon, so guys im going to be showing you on the charts right now, whats happening what is about to happen and much more so make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up. If you like, these quick short emergency videos subscribe with notifications on – and let me know in the comments below, are you guys buying a dip? Are you guys, gon na make an entry onto this play which could potentially make us lots of money now im going to get into the video, but make sure you guys if you want to get access to these buy alerts, know when to buy when to sell? When to set your stop losses, we have very profitable buy alerts, we bought shiba inu last week up 43. We also bought solana, which is up huge from last week. We have profitable buy alerts if you guys want to get access to that join the patreon right. Now its only ten dollars a month, but if you want to get access to all the best trades make sure you join tier three, where you can copy all of my exact trades as a crypto day trader, so lets get right into the charts.

So what we can see right now is bitcoin is taking off the altcoins are taking off as well were going to look at the chart. Now. Let me zoom out right here now: bitcoin right now is forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern. This is setting up perfectly and we are at the neckline right now. We are potentially breaking out of this position right now, which is absolutely huge. We are waiting for confirmation, but bitcoin needs to break out of this area right here with confirmation and that major confirmation zone is going to be exactly right here on our right side right here, its going to be about 21 700. If bitcoin can break this guys. If bitcoin can break this neckline, this is going to be absolutely huge, and this could bring us guys to about 25 to 28 dollars somewhere in that range. That is a massive move and if you are holding any altcoin right now, all coins are doing the same exact thing: theyre even more bullish. All coins are gon na make even bigger moves, so i needed to share this with you. Guys right now is extremely important. Now, let me know in the comments below do you guys think this is going to be a fake out, because you know patterns they not only need to be broken, but there needs to be consistent movement outside of the pattern going up to confirm the breakout, because There can be a lot of patterns that end up having a fake out which happens in a bearish market like we are experiencing right now, so we dont want to give too much hope too much trust into these patterns, but time will reveal if this is going To be the bullish, breakout thats going to help the crypto market to recover now, a lot of the fud is pretty much pushed away from us for the next couple of weeks.

Jerome powell testified today in front of congress, and all of that stuff is over with so the fed and the interest rates and inflation all that crazy fight is over with now and now the markets can kind of digest. The information digest future information raising interest rates. All that crazy fud, which has been pushing kryptos down and the main reason why cryptos have been being pushed down, is because celsius all these companies. These crypto lending platforms are just over extended over leveraged, and a lot of that stuff is starting to cease. Now theres companies out there like ftx theyre bailing out crypto companies to prevent even further crashes and craziness happening in the crypto market and thats happening right now, so the crypto market could potentially have bottomed out. We could have reached the bottom. Bitcoin is 21 000 right now it was just 20. It was just 17 000 thats. A big move. Ethereum guys was super cheap. What 700 800 it is now nearly 1200. The altcoins are about to make a big move. Kryptos are potentially about to make a big move, and it all depends on how bitcoin and kryptos can move right now, so were going to be watching that in the patreon im going to be letting you guys know with buy alerts that are coming very soon so Make sure you join the patreon, a lot of buy alerts are dependent upon bitcoin right now in his current move, so make sure you guys join the patreon if you want to watch my technical analysis course go over to milesg investments.

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