It says here the first play to earn nft game with an omni. Balanced oracle system were going to be going over. This im going to take you inside of the game, and so when i first started playing this, i was going through it and it is quite a fun game. It does not take very much time at all per day – maybe 5 10 15 minutes a day and you can earn up to 15 000 dollars every day playing this game ill put the links below. So you can come here, check it out yourself and do your own research and remember i am not a financial advisor im only showing you guys some stuff, that im involved with that. I find interesting. But that does not mean it is going to be long term. Successful it is crypto, anything can happen, so remember never invest more than youre willing to lose all right. So this is called crypto legions and you can check it out at The links under the video now theres a trailer you can watch here. I recommend you watch that pretty cool. This is their token, its called bloodstone, and this is what the whole game is based around its. What you earn its, what you can use to trade its what you can use to trade, to upgrade your legions, which you use to fight monsters and if you win against those monsters, you gain more bloodstone and then the process just repeats every day.

You can see here, theyve also been audited by sertic lets scroll down through here to the roi calculator, and this here is where you can determine or get a rough estimate of how much you can earn every month. By playing this game, my investment was right around. Actually about eight hundred dollars – and i left everything else here the same and over here if you check this box its going to show you that your one month projected earnings for mine, it says 12.65, and so yesterday was the first time i actually used my legion To attack a monster and i won, and i think it was around 36 dollars – i thought that was really cool, and so, if i come in here once every 24 hours, i can use my legion to attack or if i have multiple legions, i can use each One of them to attack to increase my chances of winning, and then this one month projected earnings can go up a whole lot more all right, so lets jump into. It were going to come over here and click on play and its going to take us in here to the main dashboard. I recommend you watch this video here. The basic gameplay instructions its going to give you a better understanding of how all this works, because in this video, its not going to be a full tutorial step by step of playing this game. Theres plenty of videos in here, including this one and you can also come over here to tips and tricks, and when you do you can scroll down and learn more about this game and how it all works.

But jumping back over to our main dashboard. You can see here that i currently have four warriors. I have a beast. I do have one full legion ready and available to hunt a legion is made up of warriors and beasts. This here tells you how long you have to wait until your next hunt. This is a timer thats set for every 24 hours. So if i go hunting right now, i have to wait 24 hours before i can come back in and hunt with that legion again. The attack power of my top legion, which i only have one right now – is 21 859. I do have some unclaimed bloodstone 130. This is what i earned from my attack yesterday and if i claim it now, i would have to pay 49.42 bloodstone in tax, and this is something that i like, because they dont want you taking profits as soon as you win bloodstone. So you can see up here where it says, claim 130.5 bloodstone. If i click it, it says you will pay a tax of 38. But if i wait 19 days then you will be able to claim tax free. So basically they they dont want you to go and take profits. As soon as you win the money they want you to hold on to it for a little bit, you can reinvest it back into the game. You can buy more warriors, buy more beasts or you can wait that term of 20 days from the time you earn it and then you can claim it tax free.

So right now i have 19 days left and i do have some bloodstone in my wallet about 15 worth, which is about 75 bloodstone and right now, one us dollar equals five bloodstone and one bloodstone equals 20 cents now over here, on the right hand, side you Can see there is a market tax of 15, so over here is the market where you can buy warriors beasts or even full legions of warriors and beasts, which is what you have to have before you hunt. There is a hunting tax of 2.5 percent theres a buy tax of 2 percent, a sale tax of 5, very, very cheap, the legion damage per hunt, legion damage per hunt, three percent im, not quite sure what this is im gon na have to go back through One of the tutorials and um see what this is. There is a summoning fee of 16 ill show you that here in a minute supplies fee for 14 hunts supplies fee for 28 hunts and theres also supply fees for seven hunts, and so what this is is when you create your legion of warriors and beast, you Have to give them supplies so they can go out and hunt with and you can buy them in seven days at a time 14 days at a time or 28 days at a time, and you can see what it costs for that. So if i was to buy supplies for 14 hunts, it would cost me 13, but i could go out one time a day for 13 days and be able to hunt, and they would have enough supplies for that.

After that, i would have to buy more supply fees for them to continue hunting every day. Now, right here is where you can summon warriors: you can summon beast, you can create your legion and then you can go hunt or if you have multiple legions, you can mass hunt at once. So what were going to do is over here. On the left hand, side you can see the links and if we click on warriors youre, going to see four warriors that i have in my inventory right now and they are not assigned to anything theyre. Just in my inventory – and i also have one beast in my inventory now with this beast – you can see up here where it says two that means with this beast. I can bring along two warriors, and so when you create a legion, your legion has to be made up of warriors and beasts. So right now, i already have one legion created right here and were going to take him hunting in a second. But if i wanted to create another legion, i could go create a legion and i would have to pay a gas fee now, especially for the first time when you come in here and if you buy warriors beast or crate legions, you are going to have to Approve transactions for gas fees a couple times it is run on the binance smart chain, so its only going to cost you a few cents each time now right here, you can see its going to show me my warriors its going to show me my beast and What i can do is click on my beast, its going to add it to my legion that im, creating and right here it shows two.

This means i can assign two warriors within this legion, because i have one beast that can hold two warriors, so we can come back over here and lets say this. One here has 1843 power and this ones 705.. So this is all i can add right here and the total power of this legion is 2548. down here. You can see that i have one out of 10 beasts in this legion, so i can have up to 10 beasts in this legion and your goal is to get beast that will allow you to have say two or even three warriors and so the more you Have the more you can add to your legion, the more powerful it gets and then the higher enemies? You can attack all right, so lets jump over here to warriors and if you want to buy a warrior, all you have to do is come over here and click on summon quantity. So lets say it cost 16 to summon one warrior, which is going to be randomly picked just like these four randomly picked for me as i bought them well tomorrow, instead of it costing 80 bloodstone, it may cost 60 bloodstone or it may cost a hundred bloodstone. But either way its still going to be at the value of 16, so the amount of bloodstone may change, but the value of it does not change because it is attached to the one dollar. So what i recommend you do first is buy some bloodstone, which you can do right over here.

On the left hand, side on pancake swap then, once you have that you want to come in here and you can see right now it cost 80 bloodstone. I can summon one warrior, but then i will also have to have a beast so ill go over here to beast, summon a beast and right now one beast is 79.16 bloodstone. I would summon a beast and then i could put them together and create a legion and remember you can have multiple beasts in a legion and, depending on what this number is here, will determine how many warriors you can add within that legion, to increase your attack Power now, once you have your legion set up like i do here, you can see it says 6h up here. This means i have six hunts left because with this legion, if i click on it, you can see here that for seven hunts it costs 415 bloodstone, which is what i had and i hunted once yesterday. So i have six left now. If you buy 14 hunts at once or 28 hunts at once, that gives you enough supplies to hunt for seven days straight 14 days straight or 28 days straight, and i think you get a little bit of a discount if you buy more at once, all right. So now that we have our legion here, we want to go hunting, so we can either click hunt here or come over here and click hunt, and these are the monsters we can hunt and they go in order from the weakest to the strongest.

So lets look at this first one right now. You can see that the minimum attack power for this one is 2 000. Well, if we go up here, you can see that i have one legion which i have selected and my attack power is almost 22 000. So its by far more than this one, which means i have an 85 percent chance of beating this bat, but because my attack power is so much more. I also get a bonus of 4, which means i have an overall chance of 89 of winning. If i attack this bat, if i beat him, i earn six dollars and fifty cents, which is 32.16 bloodstone. Now my attack power is almost 22 000.. So if i click on it, itll scroll down to what i can attack which right here you can see, the minimum attack power is 20. 000. This ones 22 000. So i cant quite attack this one, but this one i could, but i only have a 65 percent chance of winning. If i do win, i could win 74 dollars just from attacking him and winning, and then tomorrow, 24 hours later, i could come in here and i could do it again and so the goal of this is to build up your legions and make them stronger. So you can attack these stronger monsters and if we scroll down through here, you can see like this. One here pays 215 dollars. If you win, and we can go clear to the bottom to this one here number 24, which is invisible.

The minimum attack power is 500 000, which is going to take a long time to get to. But if youre able to do that, you can see down here that if you win, that is worth 15 000 of bloodstone, so youre going to earn 68 000 bloodstone. For defeating this one here called invisible now will i ever make it to this point im not sure, but if i could come in here and at least build my legion up so where i could earn an extra say, a hundred dollars a day by defeating this Guy thats, an extra seven hundred dollars a week, thats almost an extra three thousand dollars a month by coming in here once a day and attacking and winning bloodstone. And then, once again you can trade. This bloodstone its based on the binance, smart change. You can trade it for bnb, busd uh, whatever and transfer it out if you want to, but obviously you have to have at least a minimum ap of 000, which i should be able to do here within the next couple weeks after winning and then taking the Bloodstone that i win from these and buying new warriors and new beasts and increasing my legion so were going to come up here and were going to do this one again. I have a 84 chance of winning and if i do, i get 26 us dollars. So if i come up here and click on this hunt, im going to approve or confirm pay the gas fees and then youre going to have to wait about a minute.

It says hunting time. Your legion is now attacking the monster rhinoc, so were going to give it just a minute all right, so it is done now. It says reveal, result and click on confirm to pay the gas fee again and unfortunately, this time i did not win it says your role is in 97 to win. You need to roll equal or less than an 84. all right, so youre obviously not guaranteed to win every time, even if it is an 84 chance to win, but theres still that 16 chance that you may not win so tomorrow, 24 hours later from this hunt, Im going to come back in here and im going to try it again, this time ill, probably choose a different one. Now over here, on the left hand side, you can see theres also a market, and this is where you can sell your own warriors or beast or buy warriors or beasts that other people are selling like this. One here you can see is: has a thousand attack power for 140 bloodstone under beast right now there are none available for sale and then also there are legions that people sell like this one here, uh 36 937 attack power is available for sale for 1600 bloodstone. So you can already buy these made up and ready to go even some of them with hunts on them like this. One here already has 26 hunts worth of supply added to them.

Overall, i think crypto legions is a very fun game, its an opportunity to earn free, crypto every single day, which you can then convert to other crypto. If you want to – or you can reinvest in the game and continue growing your legions to attack even more powerful monsters, taking chances of winning even more money once again, those links are below this video.