They were buying tens and in this case, even if i look on the local marketplace in the gold coast, where im from theres people selling hundreds of graphics cards, this is in a city with a population of roughly 650 000 people. So if we can see the sheer amount of people that bought these graphics cards, that werent gamers and they were using it to mine, a speculative asset like ethereum, when that speculative asset goes bust, theyre then left with that hard decision and what were seeing now is A lot of these cryptocurrency miners are indeed selling their cards and dumping them on the market, because perhaps they believe that the profitability will go even lower and the prices of gpus perhaps will go even lower too so theyre sort of cashing out right now before things Get even worse and if we look at whats happening globally on a macro scale, we can see that central banks have actually reversed their money. Printing crazy euphoria conditions that theyve provided to the market and theyre now actually tightening and even in some cases like the federal reserve in america, theyre starting what is known as quantitative, tightening or destroying money, and so this effect is going to produce the opposite to what We saw in 2021 and late 2020, so how much should you be paying for one of these graphics cards and also what are some things to look out for lets discuss? Todays video is brought to you by scd keys, if you guys are looking for a legitimate single end, user windows, 10 or even windows 11 pro license key, then its as easy as clicking the link in the description below putting in that coupon code bftyc, and you Can get these keys for as little as 14 after that discount and once you get the key all you have to do is then copy it and then put it into your windows activation hit activate and you should be getting rid of that annoying watermark in the Bottom right hand corner of your screen, as well as unlocking more features within windows itself, so ill put.

Those links in the description below lets get back to the video. Welcome back to tech. Yes, city and ive got some important advice. If you want to buy a used gpu off the market right now, the first thing is buy from a seller with some feedback, or at least some sort of reputation, because what im seeing at the moment is rtx 3090s, supposedly going for 500 usd from a guy. In romania, with zero feedback now, why would this person be selling this graphics card internationally, when he could sell it locally for much more than that? So for me, this screams of scam. So what were seeing right now in the economy is something known as the misery index. This is going to return to the news very soon its going to return to headlines, because the core component of the misery index is inflation, and so when inflation rises, the misery index rises and with the misery index rising theres. A correlation between that and crime and scamming is a crime, and that is going to be on the rise too. So theres going to be a lot of scammers out there. Looking to take your money, whether theyre selling you thin air or theyre selling you a graphics card that simply doesnt work, because they havent managed it properly. And this goes on to the second thing to look out for, and that is, if you are going to buy off a cryptocurrency miner, buy off one that has done their due diligence and that theyve taken care of the card they undervolted it under clocked.

It ran the fan, speeds at higher settings and kept the graphics cards cool for that time that they were mining on those cards. That essentially means that card is going to have a lot more life in it than someone that just got the card chucked it in the computer and then let it run at hotter temperatures. And so, if that was running for over a year, for example, there could be a car that is essentially a dud, and what im seeing on ebay at the moment is theres, actually a lot of rtx 3080s that are not working that are coming up for sale. So lets take a look now at prices: rtx 3060 tis im, seeing these go for 350 usd that is now below the msrp were also seeing 6700 xts go for around this same level, thats well below the msrp, and in fact this would be my favorite card Right now on the market for price performance, at these current street prices, the next card ill be looking at is the rx 6600 or the 6600 xt im, seeing these go for a tad over 200 dollars, which in itself is also a very good deal, especially in The case of the rx 6600 – they havent been on the market, that long meaning that if people were cryptocurrency mining on them, they didnt mine on them. For that long, though, as for the rtx 3070 and even the 3080 im seeing these go for around their original msrps theyre, not going for that much under so id say, the previous cards we mentioned are a better deal, but also there are rtx 3090s that are Coming in at around 800 to 1100, so if you pick one of these up for 800, then youre gon na have a very high end card, especially if youre doing video, editing or doing sort of workstation activities outside of gaming.

This card can definitely provide a lot of grunt for your dollar, those for the rx 6800 and the xt and the 6900 xt im seeing these come also under msrp. But when we compare that to the price of say the 6700 xt and the rx 6600, i think these are coming in with better price performance. So my three top picks at the moment for picking up a deal off the used market would be the rtx 3060 ti 6700 xt and the rx 6600 series. Though, at this stage you may be wondering brian, are prices going to come down even further, and here is my firm belief that prices will continue to drop, believe it or not, even though these graphics cards are actually at attractive prices right now, i believe there was Just so many and i do state this with the emphasis that im staying with so many gpus bought up by crypto miners theres, actually articles coming out now to the tune of at least 15 billion dollars in graphics cards were bought up by the private sector. Just to my cryptocurrency on and of course, this was just the new series cards. What about all the previous used gravis cards that were then bought up off the market to then go on cryptocurrency mining, the sheer amount of cards that were bought and also the amount of speculative fomo that went into things like cryptocurrency real estate stonks. It was something that ive never seen in my lifetime and i dont think i ever will see again, and it was so crazy to the point where my dad aka dadman, for you guys that know him last year he told me brian lets, go look at this Place locally to where we lived, and it was a house that we could fix up.

If i borrowed a heap of money, i could have got it and then maybe turned around and flipped it. That was his idea, but then me and him both went to look at the open home and what we saw was just absolute insanity. Theres. All these people coming in to this home theyre talking theyre like ive, got this amount of cash. I want to borrow this amount of money and theyre just swarming the real estate agents and the house. I crap you not. The house was the footings were literally sinking into the ground. The house was just essentially almost like a dud. The interior was all wrecked. The block of land wasnt that desirable and this house ended up selling from ‘9 grand thats what they were asking. It went up to 462 000 and me and my dad my dad just said: look brian dont even bother with property, and i agreed with him. I said this is insanity and so in 2021, im going to mark that as forever the year of fomo but the opposite to fomo. I believe this year is going to come into effect and that is follow. Fear of losing out where things start sinking and people are like well, should i cash out now before i lose more and thats going to come into effect, because the macro economic picture is looking like thats going to be the case. Basically, liquidity aka cash is drying up as the federal reserve raised interest rates, which makes the debt more expensive that people currently own, but also theyre, doing whats known as quantitative tightening, and that is when theyre selling bonds and mortgage backed securities off their balance sheet and Taking cash out of the economy, so on that note there seems to be a new saying that was running around and that is cash is trash, but then theres the counter to that and that is cash is trash unless theres a crash and thats.

What were seeing now is there is a crash in progress on not just cryptocurrency, but it looks like the greater economy, stock markets, real estate, those asset classes, all look like they are going to take a massive hit. So now this leaves a question of how low can the graphics card prices go and what were seeing right now, i believe, is actually not even the biggest gpu dump yet i believe thats still to come, because what were seeing right now is power. Prices, increasing and thats sort of taking out a lot of the smaller miners, and so theyre saying okay well its not that profitable anymore, i wise, will sell my cards now, get what i can for them before. Prices of power go up even more and profitability sinks. Even more, and so institutional investors theyre currently, i believe, would be on cheaper power rates, so mining would still be profitable for them, but as that profitability sinks and as those power prices go up the institutional investors and what the internet has coined whales, they will start Dumping their cards and when they start dumping those cards, that is, when youre going to see prices crash even further, where i believe you could even see a 3060 ti under 300, a 6700 xt also under 300.. The last burning question on your mind, may be what about the rtx 4000 series, graphics cards and also amds rx 7000 series, graphics cards, theyre rumored to have a lot more performance on the table and also when they come out.

Theyll offer better price performance at msrps than the rtx 3000 series and rx 6000 series graphics cards from amd, and make no mistake about this. When these cards come out, theres always going to be those people who are cashed up beyond all belief who will go out and pay whatever amd and nvidia are asking and amd and nvidia know that so those cards i dont, believe theyre going to offer anywhere near The price performance that a 300 rtx, 3060 ti or rx 6700 xt could offer, though, with all that information out of the way i will be doing a dedicated live stream talking about rtx 4000 rx 7000 series. So if you want to see that the moment it drops do hit, that sub button ring that bell to get the videos as soon as they drop and also be notified when they drop in your sub box and also, let us know in the comment section below What do you think about the outlook for graphics card prices, love reading your thoughts and opinions, as always, and also have you picked up? Some good deals already love reading when you guys get the really good deals, and also, if youve got any advice for people who are say buying their first graphics card, especially off the used market, then be sure to drop some tips and help each other out thats. What its all about at tech, yes, city and with that aside, ive got the question of the day here which comes from matt lockeization and they ask dont.

You think it would make more sense to show people how to undervault 12th gen on laptops and desktops, since they use almost twice the power of amd and they talk about our under vaulting tutorial. We did for amd the ryzen 5 5500 in particular, where we dropped. The power consumption quite substantially and i will be having under vaulting tutorials, coming out for amd gpus, nvidia gpus and also intel 12th gen cpus, so stay tuned for those. I will get them done in due time im. Only a one man band here at tech. Yes, city and i only have a certain amount of time in the day to make content hope you guys enjoyed this one and with that aside, ill catch you in the next tech, video, very soon peace out for now Music.