I think its game changing you can. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comments below if you want to support the channel and help push out the content to other. You know, like minded individuals in the crypto space, maybe highlighting how amazing v chain is to other people in the space. Then mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent, subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video right lets. Get down to the desktop so were gon na start on coin market cap now the whole market uh cap of crypto is down 0.25 percent of the time of recording and were at 907.13 billion dollars and bitcoin is still hovering moving sideways uh. You know just under uh 20 and a half thousand dollars, so you know not really um much happening at the moment, but you know as soon as you say that something could change now. V chain is ranked 31st by market cap. The ticker is v e t vet uh its down 1.15 at the time of recording at 0.0238. Obviously, im, not a financial advisor im, not suggesting that you fomo into this project um. You know i am encouraging people to do their own research, though seeing whether it resonates with you before making your investment decisions, theres no substitute for doing your own research, and this video should be treated as educational purposes only okay, so you can purchase this on binance Or coin um you know crypto.

com theres, quite a few different exchanges where you can purchase v chain now. What is this big news? I hear you ask and its the basically uh v chain have successfully moved an nft cross chain, and i think this is huge because you know being interoperable with other projects or ecosystems in the space is just huge, so its great that were seeing this so v Chain of moved an nft from a v chain, uh ecosystem to the tesos ecosystem, and i think this is just fantastic news: um definitely worth digging into this in a little bit more detail, um other things to to also highlight and well keep this video. You know pretty punchy and pretty short is v chain signs and integration deal with xp dot network. Now. What is this all about again, very similar to the the previous piece of news really its about? You know cross chain, nfts multi, chain platform, xp network, and you know i think this is a fantastic uh. You know piece of news and again i think that this is you know, supportive of where we want to head in the crypto space. So i dont necessarily believe that this is perhaps um price changing news for v chain. But i do think that is huge news, because it shows another step towards progression of where were heading in this space. And i love to see that and i love to see projects or altcoins or companies. However, we want to articulate it at the forefront of making these uh changes now weve been chatting with vegan for some time, so weve known that this is something that theyve been working on and something thats.

You know gon na gon na come to fruition and its fantastic to start to see the success come through its shining through and thats. One of the reasons why we love v chain theyve got fantastic partnerships, you know and theyre innovating uh the space, and we love to see this. So you know, let me know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comments below share this video lets sort of push it out to others in the space that perhaps dont know how amazing v chain is uh. If you enjoyed todays video mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video and ill catch.