Are we going back into a bull run? Is everything starting to take off were going to talk about this in this video, so make sure you stay tuned? But when we look straight at the market at face value, what do we see? We see a whole lot of green across the market. A lot of tokens up big time. We look at shiba, inu is pumping like crazy 37 increase just blows our mind, but a lot of cryptos are just pumping right now, so is the crash over well? Basically, when we look at it, probably not, the crash is definitely probably not over, although we should be somewhere close to the bottom, uh very close to the bottom of the market. Now this is a great time to start considering what purchases to make start setting up positions, because obviously you want to buy at the bottom, although we may go back into that 17 to 20 000 range, in fact, im im calling right now. I bet that will happen, probably either start to happen later today or tomorrow. Well start seeing those numbers happen again, but something very important to remember is that this week is going to be a highly volatile week were going to see the market go up down up down now, thats really good for most of us, because that means that we Can make tons and tons of money from swing trading and thats exactly what we always do now? Sometimes we get in those consolidation periods of just dropping or just staying stagnant.

I dont think thats gon na happen were gon na see a fight between the bears and the bulls and thats where most money is to be made um. So you know if youre interested in making money in the crypto market – and i dont mean little bits of chump change here – there im talking about serious amounts of money, so much money where you say hey. This is too much money. I cant make this much money and thats what im gon na say too bad youre gon na make even more because thats, what its all about thats, what being involved in crypto and being part of a community, is all about pushing yourself to make more and more Money now its very simple, its very easy. You just have to know what youre doing what you do is basically set buy limit, orders and sell limit orders and you follow the the daily patterns you buy low. You sell high, you buy low, you sell high again, but its important that you understand where the markets kind of headed at least a general gist of kind of where its going. That way, you can set those orders uh accurately and make margin build your margins. So whats something thats very important, is that you know a lot of people say i need a million x. You dont need a million x. That probably wont happen, but if you get a 30 40 x that is phenomenal and what happens is if you can do that, but you repeat it time and time again and and the more money.

Obviously, you scale up the more money you make and thats what a lot of people look at thats thats, how you make the serious dough uh too many people say. Oh, i need to make a million dollars off one trade, thats thats, not that great um. By the way i highly recommend you join the patreon link in description down below that way. You get access to my buy alerts that i send out get access to the private discord community. Where were all trading making tons of money? If you want to start making that crazy amount of money so much so where you get sick of it, because youre making so much money, then i highly recommend joining the patreon link in description down below got a limited time offer right now. But you know some people: they want to take 250 bucks and turn it do like a thousand x and come out with 250 000 thats great, and i and im not saying that you cant do that, but its not going to happen through one transaction. What you do is you take 250 uh and you get a good like uh. You know 30 percent boom. You now have 325 uh and you just keep doing that and you do this every day and your money starts to accumulate, to become more and more and lets say you start off with uh 500 bucks and you go boom and then boom and you just keep Making more money – and it just keeps repeating and the money starts scaling itself and you just keep trading selling buying uh 30 increments and look youre already out.

Four grand were not even in one month, so you keep doing that and boom. You already have seven grand and it just starts to scale more and more and before you know it, youve got tons of money and you do that across the overall market. You do it you. Obviously, you want to diversify, but theres a lot of tokens with these highly volatile movements that you can start to really scale your money so highly recommend you guys join the patreon link in description down below limited time. Offer right now join, become active in the community. Join the patreon all that good stuff, but guys we got ta set these buy limit orders. We have to set these sell limit orders. We got to do this, its so incredibly profitable um, but obviously you can never do enough. Research always got ta. Do your own research, you always got ta, you know, be careful, only invest what youre willing to lose all the important stuff. You guys know um its very important to stay safe, the whole goal. What were trying to do is minimize the mit the risk and maximize the reward. If you can do that, you, you start to make lots of money, so patience is key as well. You got to be patient if things dont go the way you want them to. On the first try round, dont worry about it, things wont always go the way you want them to, but you learn from those mistakes.

You learn from situations and you make more money in in the future. So this is something weve been doing. You know ive been trading crypto for 10 years now its been a long journey for me, but hopefully ive been able to uh, learn a lot of tips and tricks that can really help speed. You guys up and get you up to speed. That way. You can make more money faster, so anyways love you guys so much. Thank you for watching markets looking good, but it may drop. So just keep that in mind. Take profits if you can, if youre up in the profitable range start to take profits. Anyways dont forget to join patreon link in description.