Now it is going to take all the money from the impatient and it is going to give it to the patients, crypto strong level of support and the market breakers minimum vision, almost double my equity investment. So i thought this was a very good investment. We cannot take everybodys in this company, so that is why im suggesting this is up to 120 has broken the resistance on it was inside a sideways market. The sideways correction support resistance dollars, almost a uh, eight percent. In two to three days, it has given more than eight percent of written either close to. Definitely the money should make money. The money should work for you. The thing is, we have to have knowledge. We can make some productivity. I think about the that is in the border game that is a huge written on investment compared to the fixed deposit number and rather than the fd code and uh. But the thing is is a guaranteed thing: you have an agreement between you and the uh contractor. So agreement it is giving me 13 and a half percent that is more than one percent a month. I think that is a very good uh return on investment portfolios. I think that is a very good return. So 90 days im just trying to stake. Uh almost uh 30 coins in solana i get on almost 63 coins, uh 19.23 percent, so early on it can give me a higher percentage of written and uh therapy, particularly again im going to take salon again im going for 30.

, so 30 coins on there im Gon na take it for 60 days, all right, so in the coins 50 minutes, let itll open up 15 days. Maybe if it can give me a higher percentage of written so then ill holding level, okay, everybody marvelous next thing and then its going to be bnb. I think, most of the time uh 120 days la patina maximum a i can take only a 0.5 coins, whereas in 90 days its already sold out 60 days is sold out. 30 days is sold out, so i think uh in the timelapse 0.5, then uh yeah. I think this will be a very good thing. 90 days. Slow 13 return is a very good thing, so on number i think that is a very good written and one more thing. Coins maladaira, posing energy, involves moneymaker coins taking lapod on board youre, going to make some good uh another higher amount of uh interest from that as well, so put it coins on any investment youre, making some good money even its a protected thing, fd marijuana. So it is a better opportunity, other opportunity about the england make use of it. This is just for an educational purpose, so i think i hope this video was useful and thank you very much for joining.