I called my wife. Another man answered, i hope, hes nice im happy to be here, lets go and, ladies, yes, all four of you hes a ten, but he sold all of his crypto down. Ninety percent zero, zero, zero, zero, easily zero yikes im happy to be here lets go and follow me on twitter for quality tweets at the most once a week. Matt chase 99 lets go fun fact, 11 years ago today, bitcoin was one cent. One penny crazy reminds me when i bought my first bitcoin: oh man, honestly, it was the best 69 000 ive ever spent. Take me back literally, please i got ta go back. I am deep in the red help. Just in ukraine has sold a donated crypto punk nft for 90 ethereum to support the country. Man. Can you guys imagine the next generation of kids history class in school, its going to be wild yeah ukraine back in 2022 sold crypto punk 946 for military aid? Laughter. Imagine a crypto punk being a war artifact its wild, its wild, its not imagine being in a coma the past two three years. Well, what happened? What happened while i was out? Uh ukraine just sold a crypto punk for 90 ethereum. Oh man, uh ukraine got them paper hands, though uh shouldnt have sold im pissed just in chinese social network. Wechat has updated its rules and will ban accounts that provide services or content related to crypto its got darn communism at work.

My friends they dont want nothing. They cant have 100 control over good thing. Our government, our country aint, got nothing like that. Our government lets us do whatever we want right time. Wonderland normally kidding. Uh time magazine, i assume, has partnered up with the sandbox to build a times square in the metaverse. You love to see it you guys like new york, i love new york man, im a city guy. I lived downtown toronto, my whole 20s. It was fantastic living, my best life jayden and bloor ting, jane and lorting, but regardless toronto. Many new york new york gives me anxiety, wild wild times right, wild wild times busy busy, but its a big partnership. My wifes going to be so excited. We can see the ball drop on new years eve in the sandbox metaverse at times square its, not just my balls for once love it in case you missed it. I know i did. I mean v chains, all right, but i dont hold any. I got other stuff going on guys. Okay come on so v chain announced his upgrade to proof of authority. 2.0 is live on a private test net. Here we go got proof of authority, proof of history, proof of sake whens. The last time you guys uh proof proof some women prove some women. Okay, just in shiba inu cracks the top six most profitable cryptocurrencies in the past 24 hours. Who compiles the news guys who puts us together dan, you, oh im, sick of it.

Youre fired yeah, thatll teach them huh, stupid, ah theres. Nobody here, just in coinbase, has lowered payouts to social influencers. Thats me thats me its me uh, due to quote market conditions yeah. Well, you know what i didnt want. The sponsor anyways just keep it. You know what i mean: stop emailing me. I got my ledger link. I dont need you guys. Just in pro shares will launch the first united states short bitcoin, linked etf on the new york stock exchange tomorrow, wow yeah youre reading it correctly a short bitcoin, linked etf betting, on bitcoin, going down so well. Canada has a bitcoin spot etf america right once again. America doesnt have to worry about the chinese social network, chinese communist government right once again, proshare is launching a short bitcoin linked dtf. Well, we have a 401k bitcoin option in this country: a futures etf, a discounted bitcoin option, but no spot etf, its just its just wild its wild times its just insanity. What is going on in the land of the free i dont understand. Can we get our together please, because what i want to know is why there are so many barriers to entry all the time right, so many things, keeping us down the middle and lower class, keeping them down right, not just a spot etf, but so many things Over the years right, accredited investor, when did the accredited investor rule, go into play right weve had many republican presidents, many democratic right it doesnt matter.

Nobody wants the gravy train, stopping at my house or your house right. The middle class average guy lower class guy stop arguing over red versus blue. When are we going to get policy to get this place going right, the land of the free america home of the free? Where is our financial freedom? To do what we want to you? Want to spot etf put it through sign it ship, it lets, go it doesnt make sense. Just in while uh this morning, actually early this morning, i was sitting here on my pc uh. Just wrapping things up. You know i was busy ive been busy guys past couple days, havent been on here too much. I apologize, but im just wrapping things up. You know winding down. If you will, after a long day, just family stuff lots going on just in a cloud flare issue. Is causing multiple outages across crypto exchanges? Yes, indeed, there are multiple crypto exchanges down. My instagram was down tick. Tock pornhub was down um uh, not sure how i know that, but uh it was also down. The internet was under attack by who you might ask. Well, let me go ahead and say there was a ddos attack. 26 million requests per second ddos attack originated from a small but powerful botnet of 5067 devices. On average each node generated approximately 5200 requests per second at peak. To contrast, the size of the attack, the botnet, we were tracking another, much larger, but less powerful botnet of over 730 000 devices, the latter, the larger botnet, was not able to generate more than 1 million requests per second.

This one last night on the cloudware did 26 million requests per second, putting it plainly this botnet last night. This attack on average was 4 000 times stronger, due to its virtual machines and servers guys for a second here. Please attention eye contact. Please humor me for a moment here um this imagine. This happened to tether. Okay, this size of a ddos attack, 26 million requests per second hit tether hit kucoin hit coinbase hit, whatever exchange you know and love wherever your funds are, and you could not do nothing. What would you do? What would you wish youve done? Youd say: oh rats. I really wish i listened to that bald tattooed guy on youtube. Talking about crypto right. I really wish i did when he told me to get a nano ledger: s x, s plus to store your crypto assets safely and soundly, and you can sleep good at night under your pillow. If you want to right, have it right there have it there secured and know that your assets arent going anywhere, because this is ramping up like crazy ddos attacks are getting exponentially more powerful. All the time and cloudflare i was saying, cloudware is the biggest ddos protection service offered commercially in the world, thats it its the king daddy. So if this can do it to that, take the internet, we know and love take all these things connected using cloudflare down. Oh boy were in trouble, get your stuff get your stuff off the exchanges off of any kind of public accessible right whatever.

If you dont have self custody get it together, use my affiliate link down below and yeah. I know im a broken record right: selling, ledgers. Im trying to help you guys out, while you help me out its a win, win right. Why not and people dont care, because 74.3 percent of you guys are still subscribed watching my videos, so i mean hey. I love you guys for that. You know i got to get a little bit in somewhere right. I dont do nor vpn. I dont do the whole. You know, uh project hit me up and go hey man you want to get sponsored. Can we sponsor you ill? Do all that if i dont use it, i dont talk about it period on the dot right. I wouldnt feel right doing that so yeah. You know what i might say: hey get a ledger use my link, big deal, 25.7 percent of you guys, arent subscribed watching my videos, id love to have you on board subscribe. Leave me a thumbs up and ring that bell to get notified. When i drop a video, the algorithm loves it. I love it. Lets go just in block five lending platform announces. They have secured a 250 million dollar revolving credit facility from crypto exchange. Ftx, oh wow, a bailout during these uncertain times right, you know, block five, also having some trouble right: cutting staff 20 of their staff um, also coming into some hard times right now, along with voyager who as well today, we announced that we signed a term sheet For a 200 million dollar and 15 000 btc revolving line of credit with industry, leader, alameda research, whos, alameda, research, sam bankman, freeds company right once again, an ftx bailout, so voyager and blockfi have been bailed out by ftx, so were getting these trad five bailouts.

In a decentralized uh space right, okay, cool – and we also have celsius network withdrawal, swaps and transfers have now been paused for over eight days, due to quote extreme market conditions so celsius getting the short end of the stick here. Right not getting any help, not getting any love and theres a big movement, a grassroots movement on twitter right now celsius. There is a sell short squeeze, hashtag uh. They are trying to short squeeze the whales, the shorters who are shorting the sell token down to zero, because a large amount of celsius token is locked on celsius right now. What is available on ftx and other spot exchanges? People are buying it up the whole twitter community, crypto twitter is buying up celsius, token, okay, buying it up on spot, putting it into a cold wallet metamask whatever, and putting a sell order at a hundred dollars on one inch so were scooping up all the supply. All the supply right, getting rid of supply driving price up, hopefully to a point where these shorters get wrecked and we all make crazy money. So could this be a you know, gamestop type thing in crypto all over again right, a grassroots movement. Everybody getting on board buying up, sell token doing this play could be. Who knows right? I dont know all the nuance to this all the deep dive. You know uh numbers and whatnot, but its a very, very, very advanced, complex scenario.

I would be careful with this. I would be big time careful with this. I have assumed i bought like what 200 bucks a celsius token around 95 cents. Its already up to, i believe it pumped yesterday. I know that its already up to um, currently a dollar ten, so ive made money already off of this, but i dont know whats going to happen. It might come down. It might not work out at my pump, who knows my moneys already gone in my mind. So what ive done here with this movement ftx in the us theres no celsius, i took it off max c – went to one inch vpn. I put a sell order on one inch for a hundred dollars, so i mean who knows right. It could be a crazy game, stop pump. Who knows there are sharks out for blood for celsius and this whole thing could have been orchestrated by ftx. Who knows right? Who knows once again be careful and im, not saying anybody do this? I did it. My moneys gone in my mind. Uh well see what happens here and uh celsius eight days, uh paused, not good in todays episode of why not just turn solana off for good solana based protocol sola and we covered yesterday past couple days, has voted to invalidate the proposal that granted control over the Largest whales wallet: yes, your favorite decentralized, d5 platform on solana right once again, more solana problems.

It never ends right, just turn it off for good. They reversed. They invalidated their vote to their one vote by the way. One vote majority to seize the largest wales wallet to save defy on solana from being liquidated, so they got in touch with them. Finally, right back from vacation walks in wheres that picture from parks and rec of uh childish, gambino bringing the pieces in everythings on fire whole house is burning down. The whale came back and saw the monstrosity of a platform uh in just shambles. Hopefully he comes over to hedera afterwards right hedera d5 blowing up like crazy, so the whales decided to move funds. This involves spreading liquidity across multiple lenders. The liquidation wall still exists but well alleviate. Some pressure from solent looks like things are okay for now, but once again this is a everyday seven day a week segment of. Why not just turn solana off at this point so well have an update tomorrow, some going tits up uh! You know the next day, the next day, the next day right its whats wrong with solano today, its a good name right. Well, uh put it through for a vote and uh you betcha and like salend. One vote decides thats great stuff, guys so uh, okay, solana, uh still sucks, but a little bit of progress, love to see it nft new york, a little bit of advertising here. Take a look at this is getting put on, one might say: looking awfully nice, oh my god, its just the cleanest presentation, ive seen yet im not being biased.

It just looks so good. Nfts on hedera just makes sense right. Why would you not want to just make just make it easy for you guys and its going to get easier because turtle moon launches the h graph, dot io, the first graphql hedera mainnet, a p i, by replacing numerous restful api calls with a single graphql query: H, craft.io gives hedera adapts, faster performance, so not just nfts right, hedera adapts across the board, faster performance, easier, maintainability and simpler coding. So this stuff is a little bit beyond me right when this drops h graph, io zeus market, the top nft marketplace on hedera by volume. Right well, be the first closed beta user of hcgraph.io and being able to utilize this an api design for nfts in mind. Will lead to improved speeds and easier data access for zeus market. The turtle moon command center is opening the door for faster, more efficient development of all projects using hedera, not just nft projects. Like i said, all hedera mainnet data will be available and much more easily accessible, using h graph io. So this is massive right massive for the ecosystem, nfts dapps across the board right. A massive massive move from turtle moon im, bullish on turtle, moon yeah. I got a moon shell, yes, so what so? What okay im in there, like swimwear, im part of the community bullish on turtle, moon, bullshot, h, craft dot, io bullish on zeus, market and lets go bitcoin currently, on the one hour, twenty thousand three hundred and eighty five dollars look where were at were back in The old twenty one thousand dollar range, twenty one, six right, ish back down to the twenty thousand.

You know: high high 19 000 range ping ponging right we fell down below was our bottom 17 7. You could say that for now, maybe will we see more downside? I hope so possibly, but you never know you never really do know. We could have found the bottom right, because hey bitcoin, a short bitcoin etf coming out, could really be the bottom. Who knows pretty low volume day, truthfully not a whole lot of big moves either way, but regardless in the downtrend since uh, you know earlier today, one oclock my time just coming down ever so slowly. So my friends currently 20 300 well see what happens. The rest of the week, what do, i believe will survive the current bear market, the next couple years right, possibly 2024 2025. Who knows the way things are right now when the market will pick up again and we get into a bull market right. Who knows when we do get going to the upside whats still going to be here, looking at us right in the face and possibly move up, some ranks in this top 100 top 200. Whatever you want to say coin market cap ranking list – i cant do all these guys, so im gon na go ahead and jump to the ones that i love the most i am betting on doubling down on for the next bull run, so lets go ahead and Take a look here: we have xrp survived a lawsuit and its still sitting at number.

Eight take it in guys all the xrp haters ripple, haters, hey for a moment here, ripple xrp, not the same ripple is a centralized company. Xrp is a asset on the xrp ledger, decentralized, centralized company. A lot of you guys have a hard time with this ripple. Centralized company, xrp, decentralized, xrp, ledger asset. Okay, 100 billion supply on the xrp ledger. Lets figure it out. This thing is still thriving, not price. Wise, but still xrp is still number eight and still up here with the big dogs still above solana. Take that in i love it so much its insane tons of adoption on the xrp ledger: xrp asset, its just cross border payments, instant settlement right, high liquidity, its just you dont, bet against it dont do it dont. Do it theres no need no need chain link. Obviously, the oracle right bringing off chain data on chain if a smart contract wants to know the time in bangkok and if its raining in portugal itll go ahead and give you that right, easy, no problem chain link is required. The best oracle, the only you know, viable strong tested with time oracle uh currently right. We have chain link staking coming out later this year, quarter four, so get ready for that. Stellar xlm cross currency transactions in developing countries, cbdcs smart contracts, now big money, ram partnership, its just facilitating around the world payments right, theres a strong or is going to be here to stand the test of time in the world where its needed algorand, 100, 1, 000.

Decentralized permissionless strong layer, one blockchain, d5, smart contracts, you name it this thing: the partnerships that come out steady on this thing out of this world right al grants, energy usage almost as low as hbar almost right. There alagram will be here to stand the test of time: 100 hedera hashgraph, the enterprise, the one true enterprise, high quality enterprise solution, right, fixed transaction fees, youll never pay more based on the token price. Youll always pay fees in h, bar, but a fixed usd price right which enterprises need. You cant have other options for an enterprise who do so many transactions a year be paying different amounts all the time due to fluctuations in the token price you cant, do it its got to be fixed in usd but still paid in h bars its the best Solution, the only solution – abft asynchronous byzantine fault, tolerance, the gold standard in security – you have the actual hashgraph technology, the uniqueness and governance. Everything is decentralized, moving more so, as we go opening up to permissionless here soon we have staking defy nfts blowing up more adoption. All the time its just you cant not bet on h bar you cant do it. Why would you want to? Why would you want to theres no reason to do that? Qnt quan over ledger interoperability connecting everything together, making it all interoperable blockchains, but not just crypto and blockchains, though everything cbdcs institutions, everything can be connected with over ledger.

Everything is paid in q and t and the licensing fees for a enterprise is just itll blow your mind. Quan is going to be adopted around the world as the world adopts blockchain hashgraph technology, its just its fact of the matter: gilbert verdian, ceo tons of connections, former government, its just guys only a matter of time, so tokenomics too out of this world. You cant bet against quan. Those are my picks right now. Currently, my seven or eight im betting on love him or hate him its the way she goes thats all for today, guys appreciate you watching one video a day on youtube. Make sure you guys subscribe. Leave me a thumbs up ring that bell to get notified of all my drops. Follow me on twitter, matt chase99. Follow me on tick tock chase krypto. Follow me on instagram matt chase underscore. I love you all thanks a lot for your time.