We know that voyager has been going through some things recently because of their exposure to three arrows capital, but overnight they changed one of their policies, and this has to do with withdrawals. This is a big change and i havent seen it being talked about on their twitter page. So what is this change? Lets talk about it now, most of you guys watching probably already know, whats been happening with voyager, but im going to recap: real quick, anyways voyager is not exchange their broker app. They get their liquidity from many many sources, but one of the most enticing things about voyager is that you get rewards simply by leaving your crypto on the platform you dont have to stake it or anything. You leave in your wallet and you could get rewards and the rewards are pretty good, pretty substantial too and stephen ehrlich, the ceo of voyager. After the celsius debacle, he did come out and say: well, we dont participate in d5, it turns out. The risk was not with d5 but with c5. So basically, what happened? Is they loaned out a tremendous tremendous amount of crypto to a vc firm, called three arrows capital? In fact, its about 666 million? More than half a billion dollars worth of crypto, including over 15 000 bitcoins and over 350 000 usdc now because of the market downturn and because of taras collapsed rios capital, seems to have made some huge mistakes and they cant repay their loans.

The 666 million that voyager is trying to collect has not been collected. They have not been able to get a dime of it, so voyager protecting themselves recently went out and made a deal with alameda research, which is the vc arm of ftx and sam bankman freed, and they borrowed 500 million dollars to basically cover the 666 million dollars. They lent out to three euros capital whats interesting is this. Is this? Is a loan slash revolving credit um and its worth 15 000 bitcoins, which is roughly the same amount that three arrows capitals borrowed and also 200 million dollars worth of usdc and cash, but rios capital actually borrowed 350 million dollars for the usdc. So, probably approximately 150 million, i think voyager – is trying to cover for themselves yesterday voyager stock tanked tank close to 60 percent, because people are worried whether or not voyager can withstand this even with the loan do they still have enough funds and liquidity in case people Want to take their funds out right, theres, a lot of questions. Unfortunately, today it seems, like voyager, made a major change with their withdrawals and didnt. Really let anyone know about it. Im on voyageurs, twitter and the last few tweets are all about this agreement or loan with alameda, but i dont see anywhere posted about this new change with their withdrawals. Now, their previous withdrawal limit is about 25 000 within a 24 hour period, so uh. I think this is adequate for most people in the space, but there are definitely a lot of people that have more than 25 000 in total on voyager, but that 25 000 have been changed.

You can see on this page. The withdrawal limits have now been decreased to ten thousand less than half of the previous 24, 25. 000. So thats a big change and you can see this was updated 15 hours ago now. In addition to that, you can only have 20 withdrawals within a 24 hour period. So, in conclusion, this is a big change. Voyager should be forthcoming about this. I know they want to limit their exposure limit the bad press but kind of secretly changing withdrawal limits, especially now, especially when people are worried about their funds, not a good look to kind of, not let people know about it, but people do know about it. Theres headline news thats talking about this now coindesk talked about it heres us news talking about it right now, its a very fearful time. So to do this, and not even you know, come up with a blog post or tweet it out. It doesnt look good, so hopefully voyager does let people know about it, write something or tweet it out, so people are informed, so people are not so scared. So thanks for watching smash it a like subscribe to the channel and if you have any experiences with voyager, if you have any feedback thoughts, comments, questions leave them in the comments below until tonight.