This question is when, when is crypto, going to really turn on and really start to move forward, green candle days et cetera and thats the point of this video, as always, this video is for entertainment purpose. Only thanks for giving me a few minutes of your day. I cover crypto every single day, um on my channel with one goal to help you make more money, help you navigate crypto more. So, if youre, just finding me my names austin hit that subscribe button and stick around so lets get into this. So the question to win is a complex question right: when will krypto go back up and im only going to do about three to four minutes but ill keep my videos really short by the way, if youre new to me um. But let me walk you on the part, because theres a lot going on here. Okay, so weve got the crypto, fear and greed index. I track this every single day, its an 11 extreme fear. This measures, social crypto sentiment, uh, behavior attitudes towards crypto across the entire internet and its bad okay, weve got macroeconomic factors. Inflation inflation to me is the key thats. Really it everything else stems from inflation. All right. Inflation simply means this more everything costs more money costs. More money for you to go to the grocery store, your rent, your mortgage, uh, to fill up your car, your truck, etc. It all costs more money. Everything costs more money because of inflation.

Inflation is here to stay its gon na, be here for a while its not going away. We are entering a recession. I personally think weve already been here, but now the government is starting to. You can start to see news is coming out. Oh, you know the federal reserve yesterday said we might come on were in a recession and in that theres fear, fear, uncertainty and doubt because inflation and recession and fear, and all of the news, media thats circling every single day creates an extending an extreme amount of Fear fear and greed index 11. so lets bring that back. When is crypto going to move back up before, i give you the answer to that im, going to tell you at a baseline a couple things if you go back and look summers june july august, traditionally not great times for crypto um theres, that old saying make Money in may go away. Okay summer, for a large part of the of the world is family time vacation time things of that nature, theres a theres, not a lot of positive. You know buying pressure in the summer, okay, so when the truth of the matter is, is that unless we fundamentally change the big macro economic problems, inflation, recession, russia, china, uh, russia, ukraine, war, china, uh kovid, you name it its not going to go up dramatically anytime Soon, now will we have well, we have its, not all doom and gloom. Will we have green days? You bet, will we have um, you know really good.

Are we, but will those be sustained over a time that is yet to be seen the technical analysis, people that i trust and that i follow and that i talk to every single day are telling me. We have more downside risk here where bitcoin could go to about 14 000 and ethereum could go to 5 600 bucks thats the truth of the nature, thats the reality. Okay, so im making moves to minimize that in my personal portfolios, things of that nature right. Im im trying to do everything i can to minimize the damage the damage theres. A lot of damage already been done. We all were all here were all in this, but at the end of the day, when is crypto gon na go back up its gon na? Go back up massively when we solve some of these macroeconomic problems and thats not gon na happen overnight. I think 2022 will be a decent year running into third quarter and fourth quarter traditionally, third quarter really third quarter is really really good and then first part of fourth quarter. You know kind of like september october kind of thing, ish november, maybe a little bit. Those are really pretty historically, very, very good months for crypto. Give it some thought again. My goal is to help you navigate these waters. Help you make more money to help you minimize damage to help. You minimize risk thats what im trying to do here. So the answer to when nobody can give us a an exact date.

Oh its, that day, thats, not thats, not the reality of the situation. Anybody who says they can give you that exact day theyre full of it, because the fact of the matter is is that is it? Did any of us really expect the mark the market capitalization to drop by a trillion to be cut in half within six? Seven. Eight weeks, no none of us expected that, but this is the fallout from inflation recession. China, uh kovid supply chain problems. All that goes on with that kovitkovakova supply chain disruption, companies going out of business, russia, ukraine, war, things, cost more money, fear rampant fear, thats. Still here ill be here, navigating you trying to help you navigate navigating you that didnt make any sense. You get my point ill see you thanks for giving me a few minutes of your day.