And yes, this does go as far as bitboy crypto and graham steven, two big youtube personalities out there. So lets go screen and screen and explore the news. As always any article you see in this video will be linked in the description below celsius. Freeze puts users with money in a tough spot. Billions of dollars of funds have been locked away from 1.7 million people. Yes, this is a far reaching story that we havent even gotten to the dirty point. Yet first things. First, though, imagine you are one of those 1.7 million people that this has happened to this started already on june 13th, when celsius made an announcement stating market conditions were so bad that guess what were going to lock you out of your money? The odd point about all of this is that guess what you can still deposit money in there, but you cant withdrawal or do anything in between your accounts. They have taken to twitter. Talking about hey. We need more time to figure out whats going on. Well, guess what everyone we are now 11 days later and still nothing. They have canceled their amas. They are now completely silent on all social media accounts. Even alex mashinskys account is quiet as well. I mean we are talking complete silence here. So the updates. This is not a good one. Everyone celsius network taps, more advisors to prepare for potential bankruptcy, advisory, firm, alvarez and marshall to advise on possible bankruptcy filing according to people familiar with the matter.

All right lets talk about a couple things super fast. First, things. First lets pretend that celsius all of a sudden says: hey. You are allowed to take out your money right. Hmm, do you think everyones just gon na leave it in there? No, no, no theyre gon na pull it out the soonest, those gates open up to retrieve funds thats if they do open it, which a lot of us out there thinking no its gone youre like klaus. What do you mean a lot of us out there thinking? Well, theres some big names out there that got impacted and were gon na talk about it. You guys know bitboy right, crypto, influencer, wakes up with celsius. Sweats seriously read this entire article im gon na. Have it linked in the description below but check it out. He talks about how he had over 3 million dollars in celsius and he is like dude. It is gone. He is sitting here thinking it is gone. They have locked us out for so long theyre, not even talking to us theyre, not answering any pressing queries. Nothing at all complete media blackout, but theres more so, if bitboy isnt enough. What about my man, graham steven graham just did a video, my crypto was stolen. Why celsius really clapped? We have now two prominent youtubers in the financial space both affected by celsius. After i got done watching the entirety of the graham steven video, i was shocked he he knows hes like guys.

This is a loss, but this is only why you invest a small part of your portfolio in crypto thats. What graham was saying all right? The big point here: no, no, no big screen the big takeaway from all this can be broken down into several points. Firstly, if they were ever to open up withdrawals of funds again, do you think anyone would ever leave their funds in or would now people be going hey? You couldnt manage our funds correctly before. Why should i leave them in there exactly? Yes, if they ever do open that door, everyone is going to be pulling their funds out, causing celsius to probably have to lock them back up again, so it doesnt look good in that avenue. Theyve also hired now more restructuring lawyers to help them out. They are completely silent on social media and we are now seeing influencers out there. Graham stephen and bitboy, two of the biggest ones in the finance community go after celsius publicly, stating that they are at a loss of funds due to the mismanagement on celsiuss end. And if you want to stay up to date with the hottest most critical crypto news. That affects you, hit that subscribe button and check out this video. I got for you next when you feel low, you can still go even when you feel slow. You can still go even when theres no hope you can still go. I never answer the know.