There was tons and tons of news that has come across over the past couple of days and im, certainly not going to be able to get through. All of it ive tried consolidating it down. This is going to be an xrp heavy video uh theres been lots of announcements that have come out uh starting yesterday, but also even stellar ive, seen a lot of announcements about xlm and stellar and kind of um very similar ecosystem relationships, like some of the same Exact partners, etc, etc. I wanted to start today and go over rabobank, so rabbabank extending collaboration with finastra for rabobanks next generation payments hub now. This dutch bank selected finastra to future proof its payments with a modern and functionally rich solution, so future proofing, next gen payments, hub, etc, etc. Now a large international financial service, which is you know, rabobank uh, im, definitely probably pronouncing that wrong. Um, headquartered in the netherlands has selected the latest version of fusion global pay plus for increased efficiency and innovation, and payments. Finasterides payments hub will also help the bank migrate to the new iso 20022 payment standard due to go live in the eurozone for swift messages in november 2022. There is a ton to dive into with, within just that first paragraph um, first and foremost, ive weve, beaten, finaster uh into the ground. Here we know that finasterides on demand, liquidity and xrp enabled im not going to show you guys that, because ive showed it uh hundreds of times probably uh fusion global pay plus was through d plus h, d plus h and missus formed finastera in 2018 or 2019.

Um so first lets tackle fusion global pay, plus okay um yeah heres uh business guide, uh gpp, clearing processing through dear uh d, plus, h uh. This was 2009 to 2017.. This just kind of shows you how far back this goes. Um – and this is uh – certainly uh – global pay plus and they integrated with ripple all the way back in 2015, you can see tons of different aspects in distributed, ledger payment, processing, clearing, etc, etc, etc, uh critical functionalities. You know you kind of get the gist of it right, so d plus h, um, which merged with missus to form finaster 2018. I believe um and global pay plus obviously supports uh ripple net, or at least it did right, and we know that finaster still currently supports ripple net and supports on demand liquidity and xrp enabled uh for their clients. Now, if we get into the next portion of this okay, so its talking about iso 2002 payment standard due to go, live in the eurozone, for swift messages, and – and this is what that update – is you know, kind of for its that migration for rabobank uh to Upgrade into this next gen payments hub. Well, we talked about november 2022 for swift right and here are the updates. These are the standards mt for november 2022 and ive showed this once before. I think, maybe a couple of months ago – and this was in february when they actually released this – we can see right down here under securities markets.

Please see below the categories changing for category five, which are securities markets. These changes must be applied. On top of the changes described in the zip file, et cetera for mt 514, which is a messaging standard, blockchain addresses or wallets, are included for mt 515. Blockchain addresses or wallets are included for mt 502. Blockchain addresses or wallets are included now yeah mt518 as well. Now were talking about securities markets right well, swift for securities market infrastructures. They help securities market infrastructures across the globe to automate trade, clearing settlement custody, asset management, risk management, regulatory reporting functions, securities infrastructures, including the australian stock stock exchange, clearstream dtcc, which settles pretty much all the derivatives were talking quadrillions and volume on a yearly basis. Euro euro, clear t2s, sis strat all rely on swift to safely transport their transactions, so i think thats it thats, not it all right! Uh well get into this in a second. So i want to dive back in one more time so rabobank fusion global pay, plus through finastra uh, this thats, what theyve up thats? What theyre upgrading into um its for increased efficiency and innovation and payments, its helping the bank to migrate to iso 2002 payments. Due to go, live in the eurozone for swift messaging in november 2022., ripple net tied very much so into global pay, plus all the way back to 2017. ripple nap and xrp tied into finaster up till today, um iso 2002, obviously ripple net compliant november 2022.

For swift messages in the iso deadline and we can see the blockchain wallets are integrated and we will really itll be really interesting to watch how all this plays out. Now kind of the icing on the cake is like the og of ogs within xrp community research. We have bank xrp talking about rabobank tweeting about ripple all the way back in 2018. Now these are questions. This is obviously not written in english, but theres translations from dutch down here now. This is directly from rabobank actually going to do something with x current now, if you are not aware, you had x, current x, rapid x via all those different aspects within ripple before they changed over into kind of one umbrella, which was ripple net um. So rava banks, saying in 2018, going to do something with uh x. Current ripple was not the only party involved with our proof of concept. We have tested two years ago, ripple net or x, kerm with d plus h, which is now finaster beginning in 2019. Uh. Several banks, including rabobank, started with instant instant payments for euro payments. Several banks – several banks, not only with uh x, current and ripple by themselves, but it looks like trials – were basically surrounding uh around finaster uh, which was then d plus h through probably global pay, plus im assuming um. Now again, the ripple test of the time was completed is all the way back. In 2018.

Ripple was not yet suitable because we cannot guarantee sufficient privacy for our customers. What have we been talking about for um the xrp, ledger and kind of those private aspects that have been just recently discussed? Probably over the past handful of months. There were also some other issues that needed to be solved. We are currently investigating a new ripple product. Okay, so if they used x current – and this is 2018 in july, i believe x, rapid for xrp utilization was announced in it was either october november december of 2018 rabobank telling you that they were investing a new ripple product in 2018, continually investigating how we can Improve our international payment transactions were looking at interledger, in particular the x current product, and i think this is the last one whether we have specific plans for this is not yet known. Unfortunately, we are in the reconnaissance phase with ripple and investigate various possibilities nicely you want to think along these lines. I will pass your suggestion on to the right department a lot of these things, ladies and gentlemen, take years to flush out um when youre dealing with these banking entities, these banking organizations uh you start kind of um piecing together the breadcrumbs um, and it leads you Down a path that is pretty clear, cut and dry as f as far as which integrations and im not saying that xrp is definitively going to be utilized, but i am saying that its probably an option um and these tests take years thats.

Why? The assumption that some new coin or some new um asset that comes out that can really touch into these legacy rails and the legacy infrastructure just immediately its kind of acid on, because these things uh take a lot of trust not only from a protocol standpoint. But from a relationship and an organizational standpoint at the higher levels, these central banks are very close, knit closed door, oriented theyre, trying to future proof as much as they possibly can, but its just crazy to see the relationships. Rabobank finastra fusion global pay, plus iso 2002 november in the eurozone swift, saying the blockchain wallets in november. Um youve got the security market infrastructures that are going to be affected, youve got global, pay plus being ripple net integrated, and you have rabobank literally saying that they trialed uh x, current through finaster, which im assuming is through global pay, plus um, and then talking about Kind of this uh, this new ripple product, the only ripple product that i can remember back in 2018, early 2019 would have been x rapid, so, which obviously was xrp utilization before it was rebranded to on demand liquidity, um and kind of the umbrella of ripple net. As a whole, i know thats a lot to digest and i apologize for that, but you know i saw this announcement today and just the verbiage i was trying to pay attention to it. Huge shout out to bank xrp that dude has so much information is continuously putting out so much information still um, so yeah kudos bank uh, obviously youre a legend dude uh all right.

Moving on uh ive got ta, give a shout out to tay ho. I im gon na tell benedict im 100 mispronouncing, his name too, but this is uh another like insane xrp ripple community researcher. I told you this video was going to be very ripple. Xrp heavy uh theres just been a lot of news that has come out and i think its justifiable uh ripple customer and xrp odl on demand liquidity, user sbi remit merges with sbi subsidiary money, tap the ripple based payment system spreading across japan and wrath of kahneman. Who has also been just announcing so much stuff lately and doing so much research seems important. Ripple investment money tap will merge into sbi ramen a ripple, slash on demand liquidity user. Why seems there could be a couple of reasons now this hes talking about the sbi document, which ill show you in a second it reads, as if money tap used by many regional banks will give sbi remit more traction with them um and also will act as Another entry point: this is the uh. This is the real announcement here. Obviously um this is talking about sbi holdings money tap are, are the board meetings held at sbi remit and money tap respectively. Based on the resolution of those board meetings, theyve decided to merge as follows and have signed a merger agreement, and you can see right down in here talking about utilizing ripples distributed ledger technology. Sbi remitts mission is to provide highly convenient financial services centered on hometown remittances.

For to foreign residents and we use the latest financial technologies such as ripples distributed, ledger technology. We are working to improve customer convenience every day by actively incorporating cheap and fast overseas remittance services, as well as customer support in 12 languages, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So interesting, coming out of japan, uh all right. Moving forward, papaya global has acquired on demand, liquidity and xrp utilizer azimo um. This is uh. This is just literally come across. I think yesterday whats interesting within this. Obviously, we do know that asimo utilizes on demand liquidity, but papaya global acquired them. I tried looking through customers today. One of the interesting things just briefly looking is that circle is one of papaya globals customers. We know that circle has ties to stellar, et cetera, et cetera, im curious what the the acquisition is really going to mean what that does to um the utilization of on demand liquidity um, i dont know if asimo is still going to be utilized as some sort Of a subsidiary within papaya global or if its just kind of a complete re, you know shaking up the entire organization that asimo had well be paying attention to all of this. But i do see circle here which leads me into this next piece. What im saying that i see so many announcements recently um that have uh that have stellar tied into ripple partners? This is another uh situation here. This is yesterday ripple user newm now newm was previously.

Instagram has partnered with stellar to enable payouts in 190 countries. They have an api connection that conforms to stellar interoperability. Standards neon will be able to provide clients on the stellar network with a suite of payment services. The press release reads a bit like stellar utilizing new and not the other way around. It does not replace their use of ripple, they use many payment channels, the cheapest. Most liquid option will win. We always talk about that right, uh. Perhaps a move to boost usdc liquidity through new im, definitely saying numero 100, but heres. The original press release um newman stellar development foundation, naval payments and our payouts in 190 countries. We know that new, previously uh was instagram. This is an old relationship through ripple uh, and we know that newma, even after the rebrand was utilizing ripplenet all right. This is really cool im going to end it with this, and i thought this was like, maybe under the radar a little bit here. I know it has 568 likes, but gamification obviously is going to play a role in web 3 and i think that high utility networks are going to be able to capture that space just because of the fact that um theyre fast uh, the transactional fees, are cheap. Um and they just hold utility from a speed standpoint as well. This is hedera announcing that they have um recently um had this uh lythos ent its a newly formed aaa gaming and entertainment studio that has come on board to develop this game on the hedera or tying into the hedera ecosystem.

Now it says led by industry veterans working with the debut title, which is called asphalt ill play. You guys a trailer, a post, apocalyptic survival adventure in the first true web 3, triple a title built utilizing hedera. Now, if you read down through who these individuals are, that are starting asphalt here through uh lythos, very interesting, because these are some heavy hitters. As far as what theyve been able to develop um games that have been uh released on playstation et cetera. So you have a gentleman here who was the former head of visual arts at playstation for games such as the last of us, which i am a ridiculous fan of. I think the last of us is my favorite game of all time, um and uncharted, which uncharted 2 was an awesome game. John garvin, who was a writer and co creator of the massively successful open world title days, gone, which my son still plays days gone. Um asphalt will have players traversing a world scarred by global warming, et cetera, et cetera. You can read through here ill show. You guys the website real, quick and then ill play the trailer and end it. They give their vision, they give their leadership um. It talks about the games, obviously of the two founders, michael mumbauer and john garvin. It talks about asphalt the game. This is not a paid affiliation thing whatever or whatsoever. I just thought this was really cool and i was interested because i was looking into this today and saw digital collectibles.

They do have a fiat on ramp. I picked up all three of these today. I picked up the founders token. The asphalt issue number one from brett booth, i believe brett, i looked. I think one one of these individuals, or maybe two from this grouping is, are like dc uh, comics artists. And if you look at some of their other artwork and some of the other comics i mean they go for more than 100 bucks and alex cotkin and tony washington for this issue number one and um its just uh, the various artwork, the two varying artworks. Obviously, and then the founders token, you can look at you know what some of these things would give you etc cetera, but you know not chilling it do your own research, not financial advice within that i thought it was cool and they have a fiat on ramp. It was super seamless, so no reason for me not to try to participate at a decent price point and given their names, it was really interesting. Just im gon na be looking to. They only have like 200 some followers right now. Oh sorry, this is like four hours ago they had like 211 followers up to 462 now um i followed earlier. I certainly have to join the discord ill play. You guys a trailer, but there are some heavy hitters, so itll be interesting to watch how this this develops: Music, Music. Obviously a super teasery type trailer, but still really cool um the names behind it.

Im really interested in uh well be paying attention and kudos to hedera um, and you know the hbar community out there so hope you guys enjoyed this video. I will talk to you.