So if you guys, like green crypto prices, make sure to smash the thumbs up button, if you guys knew the channel make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell if you want to stay up to date and as always, this is not financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and one of the first things i want to kick off with is actually this clip right here, and this is good for the crypto market. So you guys can see right here. Just in snoop, dogg and eminem have released a new music video featuring a board ape yacht club right there. So, even though this has a focus on the board 8 yacht club, which is a very expensive nft collection, what it will work, as is a bit of a gateway for other crypto investors, to get awareness because im pretty sure you know snoop, dogg and m ms Fans, not all of them, going to be in cryptocurrency, but the more they see snoop, dogg and eminem going into nft is going into crypto the better its gon na be for the rest of us right here uh. We also have some very, very important news about celsius as well, so we have been staying up to date with whats happening with celsius. What you can see right now is uh articles coming out of watcher news and uh celsius prepares for potential bankruptcy with new hire.

So this is very important and uh. You can see right here. They are looking to get bring on consultants for a restructuring uh from advisory, firm alvarez and marcel right here and uh. So potential rumors of bankruptcy are circulating from this news source right here and on the flip side of this. So this obviously is uh not good for celsius holders. So if theyve deposited crypto in there – hopefully you know if theres, if there is a restructure, if there is an insolvency, people can get their crypto out but well find out in the future exactly what happens, but have a look at the flip side of this. What people need to be aware of our big sharks are circling around this right now, so goldman sachs joins deep, pocketed investors eyeing crypto, lender celsiuss assets, so you guys know goldman sachs. Why? This is important is because these guys love money, they love making money and uh. What weve seen on the outside is goldman sachs has been a big fighter of cryptocurrency, but this may potentially give goldman sachs an opportunity to push into crypto, which is good, so ive always had the theory that you know once the big banks, the investment banks, do Get into crypto thats when thats, when we can expect some bullish adoption, because these guys have been are good at fighting crypto, because they dont really have a big foothold, but if they get into celsiuss assets and uh, they get a big position in crypto.

This could be good because they could turn that far to positivity and uh flip the switch which i think will help you know crypto adoption. But this is all theory, so uh, not financial advice, but this was a very, very interesting article right here. So you know if goldman sachs does end up getting into crypto, you know getting a big foothold. I would see this as a actual bullish indicator, because these guys they like to make money and celsiuss assets, may be up for grabs with this uh potential bankruptcy. With with this potential uh restructuring uh, that is happening so potentially could there be some silver lining uh out of this story, maybe lets uh lets look forward to hopefully people in celsius. You know getting their money out if they can uh but its very interesting to see goldman sachs, basically leading this big investor group to buy up a lot of the assets, and this is a big play guys. This is two billion dollars worth of fiat coming in. To buy up these distressed assets, and that is important to know and uh. Also, if you guys, are looking to trade around on a good crypto exchange and get some free bonuses, you can sign up to q coin ill. Leave my affiliate link in the description of this video, so you complete some tasks and q coin is a very good exchange. So one in four crypto holders worldwide is on cue coin.

They have a ton of our cryptos and they do have some nice new user. Signup bonuses, so if you want to get those bonuses ill leave a link in the description of this video and guys have a look at this counterfeit article coming out of the nasdaq and uh. This is cool, so nasdaq has a lot of authority and have a look at this, so it says bitcoin uses 50 times less energy than traditional banking, so thats pretty interesting. A new study has shown that bitcoin actually uses way less energy than some of those other big banks and maybe thats. Why? You know: goldman sachs wants to get involved in crypto because its more energy efficient and also potentially lots of room for innovation and making money. As well and uh thats a good article, so i just wanted to point that to your attention you know: bitcoin does get flooded a lot out there with all the uh electricity use, but like whos flooding, the traditional banks that use a ton of electricity, a ton Of resources and theyre very inefficient, very slow and you guys know cryptocurrencies out there theres lots of innovative ones. You can send them to your friends all around the world: very low fees, a lot less fees than some of the international banking payment systems right now and guys. We also have this important update as well. So i have been you know, talking to you guys about how it is important to you know, keep an eye on what the stock market is doing, because this is going to filter into cryptocurrency and what we have seen in the last couple of days.

We have seen the dow jones rally so have a look at this dow rallies 800 points on friday to cap big comeback week for stocks, so even if you dont hold stocks at all, so youre holding zero stocks, you do need to be paying attention to this Because this does link to cryptocurrency prices, and this is what we want to see. So there is still, i will say there is a lot of fight in the background. You know people predicting economic collapses and things like that, but what we are seeing is some good bullish moves in the stock market recently, so it hasnt succumbed to a lot of the overarching fud right now and uh, with this kind of boost up in the stock Price just recently, this has moved into the crypto market and well talk about the crypto prices at the end, but thats really good to see guys. So we want to see the stock market stay either steady or go up higher and also check out this as well. So shes out of finance, he is getting flooded by bloomberg, crypto and he says down the bottom. He was invited basically lets read out his tweet and lets talk about the context. He says: bloomberg, hey! Well, do a nice profile piece on you, invite you for photo shoots, etc. Then switch is the story last minute ignores all the positive comments they got from. Third parties picked only negatives and still put you on the cover.

What the f unprofessional so bloomberg, which we know is a big publication house. It says right here: crypto exchange binance is under investigation by the us, when its all over ceo czed could end up indicted or become the richest man in the world. So it sounds like from cesars tweet. You know they invited him for a very positive interview and then possibly they baited and switched it and they tried to fight him in the article right there. So some of the traditional press, you know maybe theyre fearful of cryptocurrency, maybe theyre, fearful of uh cesar finance, because he does own the biggest crypto exchange in the world theyre trying to fud uh czed right there. But that is definitely interesting to see that right there and guys lets check out the crypto prices today, because you know weve got some more green, so this is another day of green another day to be celebrated out there, and you guys can see some big winners On the market today so axs is up near is up, comp is up, phantom is up, shiv is up and lots of green on the market today, so guys, congratulations if youre holding your cryptos right now, so some more green and again, if we have a look At uh you know, bitcoin price in the last seven days, have a look at this guys. Some nice bullish momentum, so you guys could see theres a lot of panic back on sunday, the 19th of june and uh.

It did hit a low of 17760, but we have seen this kind of bullish upswing and then a bit more of a bullish upswing right there and uh with those bullish up, swings and bitcoin. Its gon na lead the rest of the other crypto prices up. So, in my opinion, where is this coming? A lot of it is coming out of the railing in the stock market and thats trickling over to crypto, and this is good to see guys. You guys see the prices right now: bitcoin up 1.1 percent, ethereum up 6.4 percent bnb up 3.4 and a lot of the other cryptos are up. Shibb is having a nice run, so congratulations to fellowship army holders out there up at 12.4 percent in the last 24 hours, crushing it and a lot of the other cryptos theyre looking good today, guys so again, congratulations to you holders out there! If you guys want to trade around on cue coin, you can sign up get those bonuses and uh guys appreciate you.