I dont even know how to explain what the flapjack is going on with crypto right now like holy freaking molly. This is crazy. Its just drama after drama after big news event at the big news event lets just go ahead and get right into this. So we know yesterday right voyager digital stock price tank 60 after they had the whole three capital thing: the little hedge fund and uh three arrows capital, whatever the little hedge fund in uh, singapore uh. They have that issue right where they basically owe voyager 650 million cant pay, blah blah blah blah the day after we get another crypto exchange. Now i know voyager is not a crypto exchange. Dairy crypto broker, whatever we get another crypto platform that has some drama so apparently coinflex for those who dont know it is another crypto exchange. According to this guy on twitter, hes, really good with the news. Uh coinflex temporarily suspends withdrawals due to the recent volatility in the cryptocurrency market and uncertainty involving one of its counterparts. Uh, oh doesnt, that kind of sound like what happened to voyager a little bit like doesnt. That kind of sound like it lets go ahead and actually read the statement. We actually came out with a statement. This is just pitiful at this point, so it says here this is a note from the ceo, dear coin, flex, community, due to extreme market conditions. Last week and continued uncertainty involving a counterparty today, we are announcing that we are pausing all withdrawals.

We fully expect to resume withdrawals in a better position as soon as possible, yeah right and we will fully communicate with you as we find out more. We will also be halting all flex coin trading in perps and spot in the short term to confirm the counterparty is not okay hold on. We got ta hide like this im glad they clarified that, because that would be scary but uh. Oh im sorry hold on, but it says here uh to confirm the counterparty is not three arrows capital holy cow, guys, everybodys. So scared of what happened with voyager. This company has to specifically name them in the statement just to make sure theres, not more fear. Considering what just happened with voyager yesterday, this is crazy, but so it says here the counterparty is not three year olds capital or any lending firm. We are confident that this situation can be repaired fully with the restoration of all functionality, namely withdrawals. So once again guys, you just saw the recent video that i literally just put out earlier today and i basically told you guys that its time to pull all your money out these exchanges as a matter of fact in my personal opinion, theres no reason why, at This point, any of you guys, should have any of your money on a crypto exchange. They have proven to you time and time again throughout this bear market that they do not have your best interest at heart.

At the end of the day, theyre gon na do whatever they can to protect their own butts and theyre. Just gon na screw you over they dont care that you cant, pull your money out because remember your moneys, not fdic insurance, so theyre not liable theyre. Just going to halt you from pulling all your money out and also i want to make sure everybody understands the main reason why theyre doing this. So why theyre not letting you pull your money out is its a liquidity issue. They dont have the liquidity for you to do this. Everybody cant just pull all their money out at once. They dont have the money to do that and so thats just a huge red flag. You dont have any of these problems when you have a cold storage. Uh hardware wallet take it from a guy who has one. I have a ledger nano x. I dont have any of these issues. Everything that i do works fine and also theres. This whole idea that, when a crypto exchange, when you buy crypto on a crypto exchange, you act dont, you dont actually own the crypto right like its, not your keys. You know its like this whole thing, not your keys, not your crypto! So because you dont own the actual keys to that crypto, the exchange actually owns it. They can official, they can essentially screw you over and do dumb things like this things that cant happen when you have a cold storage wallet so anyway, like i said, ive been saying this for a while.

Now that more of this is going to come, you guys can even check my video. I made a video like three weeks ago. I forgot the title of the video, but it has like shiva inu in the uh in the thumbnail. It has like 3000 views. You guys are free to check that video out, but i actually predicted this like two or three weeks ago. I said this was coming. I said that more crypto exchanges are going to start to fold. More of this foolishness and drama is going to happen. Tara luna was the first, but it wont be. The last voyage of digital will not be less theres going to be many more, and i still do truly suspect that eventually something will happen with coinbase. I know nothing has happened with coinbase yet, but trust me when i say if bitcoin keeps tanking lower and eventually goes to 11k and they start having liquidity issues as well. Trust me, coinbase, isnt, safe, either and remember. At the end of the day, you have to look out for yourself. These exchanges do not have your best interest at heart. Only you do so youve got to pull your money out ahead before the foolishness starts to happen, and you start having these exchanges do. What coinflex is doing and they wont let you withdraw your dang money, so there you guys, have it thats, really all i have to say in this video uh. Hopefully you guys like this new format of me, not showing my face.

I mean im gon na show my face more, but you know every once in a while its nice to just sit back and run my mouth with the recording going up so anyway, there you guys have it thatll, conclude todays video make sure you guys protect yourselves.