Weve got voyager digital, restricting withdrawals from 25k to now just 10k a day insane what is going on with voyager digital? Why is their share price plummeted? And why are now they? Why are they now potentially facing a 720 million dollar write off? This is huge guys. Weve also got to cover off bitcoin, because bitcoin is losing some steam. In the day we got ta talk finance because binance are making some huge moves as well as sam bankman freed. What is he up to? I think ive managed to figure out guys dont forget to smash the like button. Dont forget to subscribe if youre new around here, as always, if you want to trade any of the moves which we share here on the channel, i shared my view on whats happening with bitcoin earlier today you can do so using buy bit, you can check out, Buy there links in description. I do all my spot trading here on by who are offering up to four thousand dollars in bonuses. So earlier today we shared this head and shoulders pattern, and the quick update before i get into whats happening with voyager is: we are seeing a little bit of a calling off here so were starting to see that maybe were going to get invalidation and we could Be heading lower sooner than later. Remember. What i was saying in the video earlier today was: the bias is to the downside. The bears continue to be in control.

We dont have any evidence of that happening to uh dissipate just yet so people saying oh, were gon na head back to 60k in a week, yeah, not quite gon na happen right. We need to see whats gon na happen and right now, if we do get this calling over its more than likely were gon na test. The bottom here of the right shoulder and if we lose that, then we can worry about the price coming back down towards uh the head price right, which is 17 and a half remember. I showed some on chain metrics in the video earlier on, which explains why theres so much confluence around this 17 and a half thousand level. Now that doesnt mean that the head and shoulders is completely invalidated. Yet we need to see it completely fall out over the next couple of hours. For that to be the case, and if we do get to the neckline and break, then you can still place this trade but its not something you want to be entering yet you never enter it until you get a breakout and confirmation after the neckline and even Better, if you get a back test before then taking your long position, if you guys want to short it thats your prerogative, i personally dont sure, but you guys can go ahead and place those trades at your discretion, but thats. Not what the aim of this video is. What we wanted to talk about today is this, because voyager digital are the next huge crypto casualty weve been speaking about casualties.

It feels like almost daily, and i wish i could say it was a surprise, but its not a surprise at all. Given my background in traditional finance, you guys know ive been saying this ever since the lunar issue, i mean i was saying it before that well before the lunar issue, but once the lunar issue happened, i said this was not going to be the only casualty and You can see now casualties are coming left right. You can watch my celsius, video ill link that up ill link up the video on what happened with three or three hour capital. You guys can go watch that as well. Youve had babble finance youve had fin blocks. Theres loads of companies, particularly exchanges, really really struggling right now and the themes are very common. I remember tweeting this about a week or so ago. The themes are all around brad bad practices, which havent been learnt from traditional finance right. We continue to make the same mistakes, whether its misallocation, whether its over leverage, whether its um, you know not rehypothecation. These are all common things which we should have learned, but we continue to make those same mistakes, and here we go voyager digital had too much exposure to three arrows capital. If you guys want to catch up on freyas capital, i made a specific video go and watch that. So you understand what free rs capture are basically one of the biggest crypto hedge funds uh in the world, and they faced a bit of a pickle and now theyre defaulting on their debt left right and center, and guess what voyager digital have 700 720 million dollars.

720 million dollars in aggregated exposure to three hour capital, who is doing their risk management. This is insane to put into perspective the market cap currently of voyager digital is sitting at 160 million right now, and their share price is taking a complete hammering lets take over. This is a privately listed stock, so you can see this how this is trading on the otc desk right now and watch this guys watch this as i zoom out and i go to the daily. What what kind of a stock is this? This is insane. This is worse than an altcoin right, horrible, horrible, horrible from highs, and i know people that are buying this stock people popular youtubers as well at 29 and now its sitting at 62 cents insane saying insane who was doing their risk management. That is what i would want to ask: how do you end up with 720 million dollars in exposure to one crypto hedge fund in stable coins and bitcoin? Now we know ceo of uh ftx and head of alameda ventures, sam bankman free one of the key guys in the space. One of the youngest billionaires in the crypto space has come out and given a support line to these guys, hes, given them 200 million dollar loan from alamedas to uh voyager. He also now owns 11 percent of the shares of voyager and samban freed and im going to come on to binance as well, by the way guys, hopefully, i dont forget ive.

Just put a note for myself. I need to cover off what jerome powell is saying. As well because hes speaking literally as im recording this video ive got a few updates for you guys so stay tuned until the very end. So with sam bankman freed, he now owns 11 of voyager thats, not it. We also knows he owns seven point. Eight percent of robin hood: we obviously he owns ftx. They gave a 250 million dollar loan to block fire. How could i forget block fight, also struggling with risk management? I i guess theyve got a bunch of like nursery kids. Both that would be disrespectful to nursery kids, uh uh if nursery kids were doing their risk management right, so i dont know whos doing their risk managements insane uh. So they gave a 250 million loan to block five. Remember, block five is privately held, so we dont know they dont have to disclose who owns the shares unless its more than ten percent so sandbagging, the free could own up to ten percent of block five without us, knowing very, very interesting. Another sec document shows that sandbag mafia knows eight point: four percent of bitwise crypto index fund and an index of the top 10 currencies. So what were seeing is a very important point i want to mention – and this is not just about businesses or exchanges or lending platforms. This is a common theme im going to come to binance as well, but when youre in a bear market, the opportunities are abundant.

Theyre abundant everybody can see them theyre clear, you can see them. I can see them. Somebody less educated in the space can see them, but what enables you to act or not act on these opportunities is your preparation. Do you have access to capital d? Are you in a position of power? Have you taken the time to go and build that is whats going to differentiate somebody who did the work in a bear market versus uh when we get to a bull market right, youll be able to see? Who did that? So the fact that sandbag mafia was making all the right moves over the last 18 24 months allows him to have plenty of cash right now he managed his risk correctly that he can go and buy shares of companies cheap. He can go and laugh at voyager and take them pennies on the dollar right, just because they need a bit of cash flow because they didnt do good risk management same for block fire right same as what they did with bitwise crypto index fund right. They can continue to do these things and lets take a look at what binance are doing as well, because binance are really making moves as well its very interesting to see what is going on by the way. Did a quick uh lets show you this. I did a quick, uh twitter poll to ask if you think bitcoin is going up or if its going back to lowes based on the head and shoulders pattern.

We shared 72 percent of us thinks were heading back to lows of 17 and a half thousand now finance starting to make moves right, partnered with uh cristiano ronaldo on the nft platform very very interesting, and you can see this was an interesting note shared by cz. I recommend you guys all go and read this even if you dont get a chance to read this go over to my twitter. I posted the summary, but in essence the bit i would want you guys to focus on is the difference which he specif specifies between fast leverage and slow leverage. So go read this and let me know your thoughts on this on twitter, but in essence, hes saying fast. Leverage is what you see on exchanges right, where you can quickly in a day go from eight thousand dollars to three thousand dollars in bitcoin, but the slow leverage is what were seeing affect. The likes of celsius affect the likes of free, overclock, three three hour capital. Where is where funds lend to other funds or d5 protocols to invest when one of these gets liquidated? The affected lenders typically take a few days or weeks to realize or admit the pain. This creates the slow leverage pain which were seeing affect many of the companies. Today so go look into that and let me know what you think of that, but the interesting thing were seeing is finance are not hanging around, and this is the other point i wanted to make buying.

So youve got sandbag mafia whos, going the very aggressive way of using his capital to go by finance. We up. We spoke about it yesterday, where binance us decided to slash trading fees on bitcoin, so thats really gon na affect coinbase is gon na affect other competitors who we know are reducing head count and suffering right now, so hes really turning the screw right, and this is The interesting thing is, we saw cz uh tweet this as well lets see if i can find his uh tweet as well from cz lets see if we can find mr cz himself to his page and the bit i wanted to show you was lets see. Now we start see how he tweeted that – and this got me thinking. Perhaps he was doing a bit of this rope. A dope cece is more experienced than a lot of these exchange founders, who are slightly younger than him and been through less ups and downs than him hes seen these bull markets and bear markets so for cz. Maybe he was rope, a doping he wasnt like spending on crazy sponsorships, and now he can get to work now that prices are back to realistic levels. Other companies im not going to name them you they were going and doing all the marketing campaigns. At the peak of the bull market, paying maximum price and now cz was almost doing like a rope. A dope tactic right what muhammad ali used where he would sit on the road, pretend hes, tired and then come out to work when others are not ready to work when theyre exhausted when theyre tired.

So now you can really see them coming out on the front foot to say: look, we are the leaders in this space and were putting our foot down so definitely something to be said for sam bankman freed and cz over at finance as well. The other point worth covering off is taking a quick look at phantom, but before i do that drone power is speaking right now literally right now we will do an update on what is said by jerome powell lets pop that there uh, but the main things he Said so far is u.s has a very strong, well recovered economy were using our tools to affect demand. U.S inflation is a consequence of very strong demand, with benefits of hindsight, fed underestimated inflation fed pivoted when we saw supply side inflation, didnt ease, okay, so drone power. Speaking right now to congress, this is day two markets are holding up pretty well, but well have to keep an eye on that over the next few hours and perhaps ill do another update later on today to see uh what was said now. The other point i wanted to make off before wrapping this video up is to take a quick look at phantom phantom is also up today, but specifically, i wanted to look at the phantom btc pair, because this is very interesting now. What im not saying here when looking at this chart is that phantoms going to immediately go to the upside right now we, you know my views based on bitcoin.

I still think the bes are in control. We could be heading for some more pain before starting our sideways process, slash long term recovery, but what i do want to look out for when allocating uh projects to my portfolio is things like this and i want to see which coins are bouncing back the quickest When bitcoin has a green day, which ones are moving – and this always gives you a clue – because when you look here at phantom versus btc youre, getting some really big out performance here dating back to 14th of june, so thats a solid, almost nine to ten days Here of phantom slowly but surely outperforming btc, which is very, very interesting for it to be doing this at a bottom. It just goes to show some of the strength behind that project, so they have it guys. Another casualty voyager again, i hate to say it. It may not be the last one we still feels like were not quite at capitulation. I hate to say that, but thats what gives me the kind of feeling that we most likely are gon na head back to 17 and a half i feel like the market is still too buoyant. Based on experience. I shared some on chain metrics in the video earlier on today, make sure you go watch that which suggests that maybe we need to go back to that 17500 level mark because were not quite in the pain levels of the bear market of 2018 and 2019 hope You guys found this video extremely useful if you did smash up the like button and comment below, so i know right comment below that.

This was useful. So that way, i know you guys are watching this video through to the very end and youre, taking away the alpha that im packing into these uh. What i try to keep short videos dont forget to smash up the like subscribe, im gon na link up an interesting video for you to go.