com, ticker, symbol, crow ended up having some very positive news today that is going to help the business in the long term. I want to go ahead and share this news with you all and also guys. I want to go ahead and break down the truth on where we currently stand and where we are actually going to be moving next, keeping it short and sweet. If this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video it helps reach more people and subscribe to the channel for more updates on crow and also, if you want six totally free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars. Use that link down below sign up for weeble deposit, just one dollar onto the platform and again youre, going to get six absolutely free stocks worth all the way up to three thousand dollars. Guys lets go ahead and get right to it so check this out. Firstly, i want to go ahead and share the news with you all that ended up sharing with us here via their official twitter account which, by the way, this is why i have emphasized to you all that its a pretty big deal that has over 2.2 million followers on their twitter account. A couple of you might be asking roger. Why do we care about twitter followers right, thats, not going to help the price increase? This is where they communicate with investors.

This is when they generate excitement. What they share here on their twitter account can act as a positive catalyst for us guys. So again, they ended up sharing this article here via coin telegraph, and the article says major singapore based cryptocurrency exchange received in principal approval from the monetary authority of singapore. Mas for its major payment institution license the license will let the platform provide a range of payment services in the country. On wednesday june 22nd, announced the approval from mas, which is necessary for offering the digital payment token services within the framework of singapores payment services act. Now something important that the ceo himself write chris here highlighted about this event is the fact that singapore has a very high regulatory bar right, where theyre not just going to let any platform into their country begin to offer services here. So the fact that was approved on behalf of this thing of singapore right to begin to offer their services is a pretty big deal, and it further gives us legitimacy right. It shows us that is a legitimate business and its a legitimate platform. So this is very positive news for the business itself in the long term. On top of that here, they recently announced exchange lists, unified protocol, dao, unfi and marlin a ponter. So two new listings here go check them out right. I have to do some more research myself, but im personally, really interested in you know anything that forms a part of the uh first off decentralized finance space.

So maybe something worth considering right now again guys. I know that many of you might be like roger. Why do we care about? You know this approval in singapore? Why is it a big deal like i dont care when the price is dropping right? I understand that its not very exciting right, but personally i personally. This is why i invested into, because its an actual business right, its an actual business. That will continue to have all these positive news right here, just like when the uh staples center was renamed into the arena right. What ended up happening there? We ended up having that news that acted as a positive catalyst. We gained a lot of popularity and we pushed up right, so this is yet another uh upgrade. This is yet another positive catalyst. This is yet more positive news for the business itself. This is a main reason for which im even holding my position on crow, because its an actual business right, if i were to ask you, tell me right now what an ethereum is dont tell me what its used for. I know it has massive usage right. I know ethereum has massive usage, obviously right and im bullish on it in the long term, im holding a position, but tell me what fundamental value it has. Is it a product right? Is it a business? Is it a commodity? Is it silver? Is it gold right its a fugazi right? It has no fundamental value, its priced at where its priced at due to the value that people give it again make no mistake about it.

It has massive usage and im bullish in the long term, but ethereum or even bitcoin. They dont have fundamental value as opposed to You know if i were to ask you what is easily its a platform, its an institution, its a business, a part of a long term, growing industry with over 10 million users and as someone who invests in both the stock market in the crypto market, this Is why i find value in projects like these now thats a positive news on the fundamental side when it comes down to where we stand on the technical side? At this moment, not sugar coating, it guys its not looking very exciting right im at a stage where i dont really care about technicals, because in my opinion, it wont truly matter until we rise above 16, then well be in a good stage, and then until we Break above the general 21 cent area, then well be at a bullish stage, so as of right now still showing signs of consolidation still showing signs even of a potential continued downtrend. If the overall market continues to pull back here, which we are down a little bit over one percent here on the day, bitcoin down nearly six percent ethereum down nearly seven percent right. So until the overall market begins to recover until crow positions itself above 16 cents. Where again, at that point, even if were above 16 im sure youre gon na see a lot of headlines you know were were headed to the moon whatever.

No at that point, itll just be a good stage but break above 20 21 cents. Then i would feel more comfortable, saying, hey guys: crow is actually setting itself up for a more substantial option, but as of right now, its still too early – and i dont really care about these minor fluctuations. If anything, if we pull back, i would not be concerned. Rather, i would take that as an opportunity to pick some crow up for a discount and if you dont find value in crow, thats great right im not here to try to sell you on it. You decide how it is. You invest your hard earned money at the end of the day, but the fact numbers are showing us that im not alone. We currently have over 258 000 holders right and this list continues to grow day by day. If i came back tomorrow – and this list was at like 250 and then the day after that was like a 240 right, then its me just blowing smoke and clearly people are bearish in selling their positions, but even though were not growing substantially were going consistently when It comes down to the number of total holders for a crow and again, if you dont, find value in co, then this is an opportunity to pick some other things up. That just so also happen to be at a discount. I just happen to be at a discount as well. You want some ethereum pick you up some ethereum right, its at a low price.

You want some cardano pick up some cardano its at a low price right. This is when you take this again as an opportunity to buy any of your favorite things uh when they are on sale, deals on deals, if you guys want more updates on co like the video subscribe to the channel.