What we need to talk about today is the entire crypto market, the broader crypto market, because a lot of people want to know what were seeing right now, because theres so much speculation on whether the market will come back, whether the market will uh. You know completely recover well, well, pull completely back or whether things will just sit in a consolidation uh state. As of you know, what its been doing for these past couple of days so well get into um what we could see with bitcoin, where my opinion is people know where my opinion is. But if you havent seen my videos, then i will break that down in this video, but were gon na look at the entire market and break everything down so before we get into all of this, make sure you guys hit the like button also hit the subscribe Button and hit the notification bell for more videos like this one, and if you guys want to check out some of the links down below, you can definitely check out some of those links, one of those links being for my twitter. If you want to follow me on twitter at perry8k, you can go and search me manually, or you can just click that link in the description. Um. But again the crypto market right theres been a lot of speculation, um more towards the downside than the upside people. Believe that this is going to fall a hell of a lot me, on the other hand, im looking at this as more of a consolidated consolidation, state and uh.

What we have seen is 17 000. That weve seen for bitcoin has was the low, and you see a lot of other things that um are kind of pushing this back up to the point that its at now and kind of leveling out where we are now and we are seeing days to where Theyre up, where theyre down, where things are indecisive but ill, tell you what, before we get into this breakdown, understand that nobody can predict everything. Nobody knows exactly whats going to happen, no matter how many experts are out there, no matter how many people believe that history will completely repeat itself um it doesnt, really matter what you bring up. No one 100 knows where the market is going to go. If they did, then they would be able to make money 100 of the time and thats impossible right. People lose money, its just if you lose less than you gain thats. What makes you successful, but anyways lets go ahead and jump into the crypto market were going to look at um. You know coin market cap make sure you guys shield your eyes because for some reason, im logged out and its uh were not seeing it on dark mode, and i forget how to even put it on dark mode um. You know what i just figured it out. So uh lets go ahead and dive into it. So you dont have to worry about your eyes in this.

One were gon na see that the crypto market is up by four uh. It was 420 um, but its 419, so four percent um or a little over four percent, were seeing that at a 920 billion dollar market cap making our way back up to that trillion dollar market cap, which i do believe, is a a hard uh resistance level Because uh, you know were seeing that resistance level for there and then were seeing the support level lower than that just to create that consolidation that i did talk about earlier um. If we look at bitcoins dominance, bitcoins dominance is up uh by 0.02. Over the day were seeing it at 43 um, you know as a whole for bitcoins dominance. If we scroll down here some things that are trending, we have celsius trending. We have uh tara, classic thats, pretty much trending. You know probably uh seven days out of ten. Maybe eight days out of ten and you have bitcoin thats trending now bitcoin is up by um. Basically the amount that the global crypto market is up. You know for four percent four point: one nine percent were seeing it at twenty thousand seven hundred ninety dollars. Now i talked to people about this and i was telling them when we see it around four oclock its gon na look like cryptocurrency is up, cryptocurrency is skyrocketing, cryptocurrency is not skyrocketing right now. Its leveling out and the problem is, is that certain days, certain parts of the day were seeing it lower than others, so around 4 20 or 4 oclock.

You basically see the lowest point of yesterday equals where we are holding for today. So youre gon na see that low point its gon na look like were up, but then, as we move more in the day, its a moving 24 hours so thats how uh, crypto or coin market cap uh captures things. So if we look at ethereum were seeing thats up seven percent, seven point three percent up to um one thousand one hundred thirty two dollars, which is really really good. Um thats on the higher side, compared to how much bitcoin is up up by youre. Seeing that up a little bit more three percent, more uh, you do see uh, b and b is uh up by six percent. Youre gon na see cardano is up by three and a half percent a little over that lets just round it up to four percent. Xrp is up: three percent were seeing solana thats up ten percent thats, so thats more than what weve seen in bitcoin. I like to use bitcoin as like that that um, that gauge or the the line uh dogecoin, is around six cents thats up three percent. If we want to look at shibuyanu thats up about five percent four and a half percent here, uh polygon, um and avalanche polygons up 20 um yeah 20.58. Now it just adjusted avalanche is up another 10 uh there as well. So a lot of things are showing that its positive now remember, some of them are actually up compared to where they were um.

You know where they were at their highs yesterday. This is why i want to see a cutoff at eight oclock right, eight oclock to uh 7 59 or something thats where it resets and whatever you uh. You are above uh or below that point. Um youll basically have that cut off. So, if its, if it starts at eight oclock, if the day starts at eight oclock, that means that whatever the price was at the minute before thats the price that youre doing your comparison off of so lets say that um, the price is one dollar and it Grows to two dollars within the day um then youre up a hundred percent, but if it goes down um to 150 right youre up 50, so we want to make sure that that stays the same and it doesnt have a rolling 24 hours. I wish that coin market cap would fix this, but thats not the case. So when we look at bitcoin, we look at the entire crypto market. We understand that things are up but, like i said, lets go into bitcoin, just as a comparison um. If you look at it lets, say, um lets actually uh go over the last seven days and lets look in here were gon na go over this this day. So this is the 23rd lets, try and just focus on this, so the 23rd were looking at right about here. So this day, um we can see or sorry lets actually go to the 22nd around this time.

Around 4 434 youre seeing it at these very low points, and then, even though you see this high point up here, where it got to 20 700 youre seeing it now, actually it should be around that same point. 20. 700.. So the point is, is that we had this at this low point, so its a rolling 24 and what youre gon na see is when we do get to a certain point here, which we, i believe, already passed that point so i dont know why. Oh, i have to scroll in so we get to that point somewhere around five oclock and thats. Why were seeing that increase to the last 24 hours um? But then, if you look at how things were at some of these highs, we really havent seen any type of huge fluctuation, its its more of consolidation. We understand that we have multiple touch points up in this uh area, but if we zoom out youre going to see how that starts, to consolidate more how it starts to shrink down its not about um the its not about how much it has moved up within That time period, without how its gone from uh twenty thousand to twenty one thousand its been holding between that twenty one thousand to twenty thousand so youre, seeing that consolidation level, the more you zoom out the more it looks like a straight line so uh for me, As we see some of these low points here right in the last um, you know seven days or so we can see this got down to seven thousand.

I believe um. Seventeen thousand seven hundred was the low. In the last month, seventeen thousand seven hundred um eight dollars thats, where i believe the lowest point is and until it finds a way to break that point, which it can um im. Looking at that, as the lowest point – and this is a come back to where we can see – consolidation before we start to see a push, even though people believe – and we see all the signs that there is a huge signs of recession of a recession – these, i Believe are the lowest points because of the amount of people that are in the crypto market right. Yes, you have institutions that are still investing heavily. Yes, you still have hedge funds that are investing heavily, but you do have more holders more traders, more uh people that are getting involved in the crypto market than you did in the last crash. So while we look at that last crash, that was 90 um decrease or 80 percent decrease and then 80 percent decrease again now its comfortable to see 75 75 is definitely doable um. So looking at another 80 youll probably see it down to 15 or 14 000.. I think that this is the lowest point. I think that 17 is the lowest point and where were standing right now is consolidation on whether it will uh, you know, obviously drop lower or whether it will come back. But what im seeing is its going to make that move back because thats the way that i see cryptocurrency and again, nobody is 100 right im, not going to say that you need to follow me or you need to follow somebody else.

You do whats best for you. Hopefully what you can do works for your strategy, because my strategy is something different. Your strategy may be something different as well. You dont need to follow me. You dont need to follow the next person. You need to follow warren buffett. If you were, you wouldnt even be listening to me because he doesnt, like cryptocurrency but anyways um thats. What i wanted to talk to you guys about where i believe the markets are going um just a brief. You know breakdown of whats going on in the market. Today, and also letting you know that, just because it looks like its up based on coin market cap doesnt mean it actually is up um from when you may have bought. You might see that if you bought it twenty thousand and you see its up four percent youre like no its, not it its up four percent on the day, so the rolling 24 hours anyways guys hit that like button at that subscribe button, hit the notification bell For more videos like this one, let me know what youre invested in down below. I do like to know what a lot of people are invested in. It varies from person to person. It could be bitcoin, it could be ethereum, it could be uh dogecoin. It could be shibuyinu um hell, people can invest in lets, literally just scroll down and invest in anything. It could be a coin. It could be filecoin right, theres, just so many different positions that are out there that have so much potential, and i want to know what youre invested in so give me a list ill go through it.

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