That big move is happening right now in the crypto market, where we are seeing bitcoin ethereum the altcoins make a very big move and i think a very big move is about to be taking place not only this weekend, but the next coming week so guys make Sure you stay tuned for this entire video. You have to hear what i have to show you right now, if you guys love cryptocurrency content, please give this video a thumbs up subscribe with notifications on, and let me know in the comments below do you think that this is going to be a big play? Whats happening right now: are you excited for this big move so getting straight into the video? Have some incredible information right now, literally as i am making this video bitcoin is breaking above the 200 ema on the one hour time frame, i told you all now when bitcoin started breaking above the 200 ema on the 30 minute time frame, bitcoin needs to break The 200 ema on the one hour time period that does happen, theres gon na – be some very big things happening which are happening right now this week and even last week i warned you all that i thought that cryptocurrencies were going to be green, that we were Going to see a green week, we saw that exactly and ive been putting out buy alerts in my patreon like crazy, which have been also profiting the last couple of days and even last week and major profits in the patreon.

If you want to get access to these trade alerts when to buy and sell cryptocurrencies join the patreon right now for only nine dollars a month where you get access to buy alerts, but make sure you join tier three. So you can get access to all of my alerts and copy all of my exact traits. So what we are seeing right now is cryptos are breaking out theyre, very bullish right now, very bullish, and the main thing that i wanted you all to take note of was that bitcoin which moves the entire crypto market is forming an inverse head and shoulders. So we were taking a look at this pattern playing out and bitcoin is finally actually breaking outside of this pattern. The reason why this is happening is because we can see that bitcoin was having trouble breaking this resistance level. We finally broke this resistance level, and this is giving us the confirmation of this pattern now. If this pattern continues to play out, bitcoin needs to break twenty one thousand seven hundred dollars. If we can do that, were gon na see another move to twenty three thousand dollars and above but bitcoin right now, is breaking out with confirmation. This inverse head and shoulders pattern, which is a very a very bullish, reversal, signal a lot of times. This pattern will call out the bottoms of a crypto market and thats why we are seeing not only bitcoin breaking out and looking very bullish, but we are also seeing ethereum breaking out like crazy.

Look at this ethereum is going crazy right now. Making huge moves were not only seeing that were seeing dogecoin, guys, shiba inu, the all coins are going insane right now and i believe that the cryptocurrency market is setting up to make a big move. We could see a big move over this weekend as not only cryptos are very bullish, but guys the s p 500 is going insane a massive pump today on a friday, which is very good. The s p 500 is looking very, very good. Look at this pump here guys – this is huge. The s p 500 is recovering into these recovery ranges that we were the last couple of weeks, not only that we had the nasdaq up three percent today. This is absolutely insane and we have the u.s dollar going down. These are the factors that need to happen in order for cryptocurrencies to pop and its happening right now, so guys, if you are excited about the crypto market, if you think weve reached the bottom, give this video a thumbs up, if you think kryptos are gon na Make a big move this weekend give this video a thumbs up. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below and make sure you guys join the patreon. So you can know when to get into these plays without having to watch the charts and guess and figure out and gamble when to buy when to sell when to set stop losses.

I do all of that for you, as im a crypto day trader, watching these charts all day. Long now, guys make sure you subscribe with notifications on give this video a thumbs up and go over to buy bit and claim your four thousand dollar deposit bonus for free deposit crypto over there. By sending krypto over there, you will get free money using my link below and if you only deposit ten dollars, you will enter into into the formula race. The whole package to go to the formula one race in silverstone in england guys highly recommend claiming that im gon na be super excited to announce the winner here soon so thats whats happening in the market. Its looking bullish, uh were gon na, be aware of any type of fake out or bear scenario. I will be alerting you in the patreon immediately and i will be telling you exactly whats going to be happening and so forth, so guys stay tuned. Things are about to get crazy all the bears out. There are going to get wrecked, the people that are shorting the market, theyre going to get wrecked and guess whats going to happen with so many people bearish on cryptocurrencies and thinking that cryptos are gon na. Go down to zero theyre gon na get squeezed theres gon na be a massive short squeeze which is going to push the price of cryptocurrencies up very, very fast, so get ready. Some big stuff is about to happen.