My name is christopher davis. Glad to see you on my cryptocurrency earning channel here. I regularly talk about interesting and promising blockchain projects where you can earn and multiply your cryptocurrency capital, for example, together with my subscribers, we entered to the vlogtopia project at the public sales stage and got almost 700 xs entered the game file launchpad at the public sales Stage and got about 300 xs, the game, marina axe, infinity, sandbox and so on, and today i would like to tell you about a project called medellin. Medellin is a launchpad incubator that specializes in releasing new nft projects and projects with their own meta. Universes metagene is in its early stage of development, but has a very strong team investors, marketing and community. Now the project has a public sales stage where we can participate and become investors, but this, i will tell you later, but now lets take a closer look at the incubator, launchpad and its features lets go to the metagene website, ill, make sure to leave a link To it in the description below the video medellin is a launchpad incubator that will help the best nft projects and meta universes to get up and running and will also host ideal projects on its platform. In essence, meta gene is a conditional portal, thanks to which we will be able to invest in strong projects in order to make a profit. Let me remind you that we were able to get 700x on the blogtopia project, along with our subscribers.

Only because we took part on the ido on the red kite launchpad on the first screen of the site, there is a video trailer lets, watch it together. This is such a strong trailer of the project. We immediately get acquainted with the main members of the team and they also present us their cyborgs, which are the faces of the project, and we will see what this means a little later: Music, Music, hello. My name is himanshu rawal and i am the ceo of matajin incubator launch pad that will function as a starting point for the base meta versus nft projects through the crypto industry. We are constructing a future virtual reality, which we count to be a responsible and important step forward in progress, auditing and advising meta versus nfd project incubation and idos on our launchpads for projects that are actually ready to start and properly approved by our team. Are our primary pillars? We make it possible for great development teams to grow and go public. We ensure the safety and quality of projects for our serious investors. Our big challenge is to build a community that is willing to invest in projects that have a yield promise and a truly burning benefit to the world Music. So did you fasten your seat belts? Metagen is getting ready to take off and is calling you along with us, also on the side. We immediately see that now medellin has a public round in which investors can already participate, but we will talk about this a bit later.

We see that the launch pad supports six major networks – minus smart chain, polygon, avalanche, ethereum, solena and phantom. This means that the various projects that will conduct ideos on this launchpad will go out on these particular networks. This is a big advantage, as this number of networks will give the investors the opportunity to not miss out on a strong projects, regardless of the network. They will be released on next merging presents its features. The first is guaranteed allocations, unlike many launchpads here, all investors will be guaranteed to participate in ido projects. Medellin has its own tier system, and five of the six tiers have guaranteed allocations. This is very important because there is no chance of missing out on new x projects. The second is locked. Liquidity 50 of the liquidity of all projects to be released on the platform will be locked. This is a good security guarantee for investors, which eliminates the risk of scamming projects released on the launch pad. Third, its taking holders of gene tokens, which is a medellin launchpad token, have to stake their coins on the lounge pack to participate in ido, and they will also receive extra interest for staking. This is a huge plus because, while the tokens will be staked on the platform, we will receive passive profit in the form of gene tokens, and the number four is the toughest screening of projects before idos checking the professionalism and legitimacy of project teams, which also protects Investors from the possibility of scamming: this is really cool and in general it can be seen that investor safety is one of the main principles of medellin.

Moving on the three pillars of managing. Here, we see the three main functions of the project. The managing team acts both as an auditor and advisor that is it audits and consults on projects for successful launches. The second function is incubator. The team selects really good projects and ideas and provides full project, implementation, marketing development and funding support, and the third feature is launchpad. The medellin platform will host idos so that all gene tokens holders can participate and earn money now lets move on the tokenomics of the project. So the token of this launchpad will be called jin and will be issued on the binance smart chain network. We can see that the total amount of coins will be 1 billion. Lets click on the learn more button and have a closer look at the tokenomics. We will notice that 8 of all tokens are allocated to the team, but we see that the unblocking period is very long, which means that there is no way the team can make the token value collapse. This is the very first thing i pay attention to. If i see that the team is going to unlock tokens for a long time, it means they are really working on the development of the project. Now lets turn our attention to unlocking gene tokens for public sale members. We can buy them even now. The unlocking will be 25 right away and then a linear unlock for five months. From experience, i can say that these are very attractive.

Conditions for public sale now lets take a look at the cost of tokens on public sale. Now tokens are dollar 0.006 and we can see that there is very little difference with the cost of tokens on private sale, which is usually invested by large funds. This is very important. In fact, we can enter the project now, almost as big funds lets go back to the site. Next, we have the tiers launchpad system, depending on the number of gene tokens on your wallet. Each investor will receive a certain tier and the pool weights depends on it. For example, the sum which we will be able to invest in projects which will come to medicine. This is where we see the cyborgs. Each tier belongs to a clan of cyborgs, which is a very interesting concept. Note again that all tears accept the first tier called hybrids: have a guaranteed allocation when tiers increase opportunities, open up to invest in a round of fcfs and receive private allocations. Also, its very cool that only public sale investors, starting from the third tier, will get exclusive nfts, which can then be sold and earn extra money on it to participate in the public sale. Every investor can choose the tier they like and invest in it. At the end of the video, i will show you in detail how to take part in the public sale, because i believe that you should not miss the opportunity to enter this project at an early stage.

Now lets move on on the road map as the 4th quarter of 2021. This year the map has been posted. We can see that everything is on time overall awesome, big plans for the team of creators. They are planning to release their own mobile application and launch their own metagene meta universe, where cyborgs will also become the protagonist divided into clans. We are met by a funny robot named freddy. He is not a member of any tier, but is presented a support service for the project and helps to answer all the questions of the community. We also see that authoritative, cryptocurrency publications write about medicine lets move on. This is an article by bitcoins magazine about medellin project. This is an article by sci crypto magazine. Also, the project has a very attractive marketing campaign and ads can be found on new yorks main street in times square lets see the video its really really cool. I think i found a diamond project to invest in again lets go back to the website. Here we can get acquainted with the project team. The project team is open. Everyone can go to the linkedin page and read about their experience. The ceo and cto have their own tweets. This is a definite plus. I have already seen it and started all beforehand, and there are no questions for the team. Next, the project shows its investors. Here we have partner funds like capital, ma ventures and solar core capital, which are large funds that are famous for finding early stage peer projects and also helping software projects, lets scroll down a bit more and see a section about the soon to be released.

Mobile app, which is cool and very convenient the app will be both in the app store and the play market lets go to the social networks of the project. Metagen has telegram twitter discord, medium and youtube pages. Lets take a look at the projects telegram chat. There are already more than 70 000 subscribers. We can see an active chat. Support service is working and helping investors. This is super, there is an audience and it is active. There are a lot of interesting posts on the channel and even a video message from the ceo of the project, which really brings investors to the team. By the way, the ceo of the project personally recorded a video for their investors on social networks, ive seen two or three projects, and they all made more than 50x at the listing. Take the same. Everton lets see some videos. After we revealed the information about our team. I started to receive a lot of messages in my linkedin account with various offers from you. This is really cool. This way we can feel our audience better and implement your creative ideas in our project. Thanks to everyone for your attention to our project. My dm is always open to you here. Lets go to twitter and see that it has more than 40 000 followers too quickly. Lets open up discord. There is an audience here too, in general, its very cool when projects have discord as it gathers, are really conscious audience.

Once again, let me remind you that the merging links will be in the description under the video and you will be able to look and learn everything again. Medellin is already listed on coin market gap. You can add the project to watch list and start following it. Definitely a plus for us, the smart contract of the managing launchpad token has been audited by certik. This is one of the most reputable auditing company in the cryptocurrency world lets open up the sergeant website. We see that medellin has already been audited by searching. I think this is one of the most key events in the development of the project, because it is an indicator of the quality of the smart contract of the gene token, because it is important for investors to be convinced of the strength of the project to gain Trust in it, in its theme and in this concept, lets open up the scam advisor website. We check the metagen rating. The sites rating is 81 out of 100.. It is an excellent indicator of trust. I always pay attention to this when analyzing projects having analyzed this project. I definitely make a conclusion for myself that this is a project which can strike and give a lot of access at the stage of listing, and also we will get the opportunity to invest in all the projects which will come out on the medellin. At the stage of ido lets recall, for example, the token of game 5 launchpad, which made more than 80xs when it was listed, and i suppose we should expect something similar here ill tell you in detail how to participate in the public sale to do this.

Lets go to the website, select the public sales section. Here we have the registration page and we can choose which tier we want to buy. We will have to pay in busd. We have to have busd tokens in binance, smart chain on metamask or trust wallet. Every investor can choose tier and investment amount. Depending on his financial possibilities. I will buy tier 4 gynoids, the cost is 5120b usd. I will get 800 000 gene tokens and two exclusive nfts as public sell participants. I press the register button. Next, i have to enter my bep 20 network wallet address thats the binance smart chain, thats, where gene tokens will come to us. I put my wallet, meta, mask and click on continue. Now, click on connect, wallet and connect, the wallet for payment connection is successful. Now click buy payment successfully made for 5120b usd now my wallet should be added to whitelist. We can always write support by clicking on support and check your purse in whitelist and ask any questions. Support would definitely help you now. I will wait for gene token listing and thats when i will get my tokens and two nfts. So friends i took apart for you the project managing. In my opinion this is a very strong project and if you enter at the stage of public sale, you can earn a very good money now. I will not give you financial advice, but you can see for yourself. I have told you everything you need and, in my experience and the results of my investments simply do not allow me to miss this strong project choose the tier that is appropriate for your financial abilities, subscribe to the social networks of the project, and once again, i Left the links to managing in the description box below the video.

You should never miss the opportunity to enter the project at an early stage, as this is where we can catch the biggest excess. And i can also say that it is at this stage of the market when everything is falling and the whole market is red when crypto investors make a huge fortune. It is at this point that you need to invest in projects that will bring in big xs and help you pick up good profits, thats all for now.