If you enjoy our content, please do not forget to leave a like. You can subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to be informed about our later videos. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below before we start. Our video lets hear our legal disclaimer. None of the information given in this video should be taken as financial advice. Please make your investments according to your own research. Well, to be honest. Recently, crypto world is far from putting a smile on our faces. If you are new to this world sure there may be nothing to complain, but if youre a holder – i imagine you are really very bored, but please dont be stuck in a single perspective. There are various different ways to earn money in the crypto world. One of this ways, and which is as old as this technology is mining and mining still a tremendous way to make money in the blockchain realm. So today i want to share with you a money making project of debt search. Miners leak is a reputable service provider. As long as you have a digital wallet, you dont have to worry about making money through smart contracts. You can participate in mining projects by using the ustd assets in your wallet. You can generate computer power and without transferring your assets to another third party, which is untrustable in your personal account. Your assets are always in your hands. There are no risks associated with nfds trading and metaverse.

In this platform, daily withdrawals are permitted and you can transfer assets into your wallet at any time that you want to ill. Tell you how good mining is shove it to you and explain to you how you can participate. This is miners leak. Lets dive in miners league website supports 15 different languages. You can find very detailed information about their vision and their mission on their website. You can download their app, which is on google, play right now with the related button on their website. Also, you can reach the mining page with the link that we have provided in the descriptions when you open that page. The first thing that you need to do in order to participate is to connecting your votes. You need to change your wallet to binance. If it is not already in binance merchant – and this is a really fairly easy process – and if you do not know how to do that, you can always visit binance website about this subject. As you can see, when our vault gets connected to the system, it automatically detects the usdt in our balance, when you click receive, which will start your mining process, you will have to pay a minimal amount of bnb, after that, your mining will start right away as It is stated here as well the more usd you have in your balance, the more income you will generate. What is good about this project is that you dont, have to transfer your usct into their platform.

You just have to keep them and keep them in your own hands in this dab. You can also find information about the transactions happening in this platform. Now, let me introduce you to the income system of this platform when your wallet account has 1 to 100 usdt. You can activate vip1, which is daily one percent income between 100 and 1000. You can activate with ip2 and get 1.2 percent daily income between 1000 and 5000. You can activate your tree, which is one point, five percent between five thousand and ten thousand, the ip4, which is two percent ten thousand and twenty thousand. You can activate vip five, which is two point: five percent twenty thousand and fifty thousand. You can activate vip six, which is three percent daily income between fifty thousand and one hundred thousand usdt. You can activate vip seven, which is 3.5 percent daily profit. If you have more than 100 000 usct in your balance, you will generate vip 8, which can give you 5 daily income. You can examine the revenue of this project under account. Total output displays the total participation related earnings to date. The output from yesterday demonstrates the results of this effort. The usd tokens needed to power, a personal vault account are displayed in the wallet balance. Hash8 displays the commission made from the selling of this product. Total participation displays the total usd of commissions used for marketing and individual wallet processing power. Also, this is the place where you can withdraw your earnings at any time that you want daily.

There is also a referral program. You can view the promotion link that is just for you. When you open the invitation to the personal promotion center. You can obtain a promotional commission of other users that you have invited. There are a maximum of three levels of invitation, so first level users are eligible for a 10 percent commission, followed by second level users, which is five percent commission and third level users have one percent commission. It is effective forever. So there is no end to this. You will earn more commissions if you encourage additional users to join the project. Well, this is a very exciting and thrilling thing for a mining project. There is also an faq session for those who need more information about the projects and for those who have questions in mind, and if you have more questions as you can see, you can directly reach the customer support with these buttons on their website, and you can Ask any kind of question at any time, as you can also see on their website. They have strong partners such as bayens, tron trust bullets and, of course, ethereum. Miners league offers mining experience without the need to transfer your money into a third party platform mining. In this crypto, environment is a really good option that is all for todays video well continue to bring you the latest news and promising projects stay tuned. Thank you for watching fintech.