You know when everybodys bearish and theyre and everybodys kind of bearish right now because of fed policy and inflation and fears about the future. When theyre, when theyre bearish theyll act bearishly on the weekend and and theyll amplify that but uh. When that sentiment changes then uh, then itll work for us in the opposite direction and uh, even if it doesnt, I think, its just a matter of time. Before more of the fundamental investors uh come into the space right, the the life cycle is going to be, the deniers will become Skeptics, the Skeptics will become Traders, the Traders will become technocrats and the technocrats will migrate to maximalist and the same way that water flows Downhill in the same way that people were originally skeptical of using steel and aluminum and electricity, but 20 years later many of the Skeptics had you know buildings made of steel with electricity in them and they were flying in airplanes with aluminum in it. So so their progress can be counted on. The only real question is over what time frame is it? Is it 10 years, 5 years or 20 years Music. Thank you. Microstrategy is one of the most famous institutional Bitcoin holders on the market. However, in the midst of Market chaos, the CEO Michael Saylor has demanded immediate government intervention to regulate the crypto industry. The chief executive officer feels that Bitcoin has been caught in the crossfire of a largely unregulated Market with vulnerabilities and other assets impacting the dominant cryptocurrency hello and welcome to Money Talks in todays video, microstrategy, CEO and Bitcoin bull, Michael Saylor, updates about bitcoins most recent crashes.

In extreme volatility in the market, he also addresses the reason behind unstable crypto prices and where the Bitcoin space is headed next, make sure to stick around till the end of this video, where Michael Saylor explains the importance of having a five to ten year time Horizon In Bitcoin, as an investor, so without wasting any time lets dive right into the video. I think that the crypto industry is going through growing pains and over the long term in itll be a good thing, but in the near term its a painful thing, um theres about 90. What is the? What is the number like? 19? 000. Let me pull this up um. There are nineteen thousand eight hundred and thirty nine cryptos on coin market cap right now and uh theres, one Bitcoin, and that means theres, 19, 838 other things that are all thrown into the same bucket. So everyone in the marketplace and everyone in the mainstream media is trying to figure out whats the difference between Bitcoin and ethereum and whats, additionally in Bitcoin and Celsius, and Tara and Luna, and defy and and uh whats the currency and whats a stable coin. And what will happen to these things, and so at the micro level? Um a lot of learning and rationalization uh as the industry goes across the chasm from the entrepreneurial offshore Wild West roots to the onshore institutional, um public, um, public, Visage or Public Image. That is about to become, and it needs to evolve and change in order for the big Banks and the big investors and the big institutions to become involved and theres a lot of uncertainty as it changes.

So I I see the industry is going is going to a very critical transitional period and then, if we overlay on that uh, the macroeconomic environment, which is just brutally painful right, I think uh. Today, the NASDAQ is down 362 basis points right now, which is which is uh, extreme red right, theres, extreme right across all asset class, its a big risk off day, um swap rates or are leaping and uh. So thats a lot of stress, thats, being placed on the entire Financial economic system and in the midst of all that stress, a couple of breakdowns, uh won the famous one being Terra, but but the secondary one being the Celsius breakdown that took place in the last Few hours those are causing a lot of skittishness and a lot of panickiness amongst people, theyre short term Traders or they dont – have conviction if youre a Bitcoin, hodler right. Then then all of this is just volatility if you have a long time Horizon. But if you have a short time horizon or youre, trying to Divine things week by week day by day, then clearly a lot of anxiety in the air and all of those things are a perfect cocktail for volatility. Michael Saylor has formally called for the government to step in and regulate the crypto Market. Earlier this week the Bitcoin evangelists explained that Bitcoin has been a casualty of the collapsing crypto Market. Well, if I uh, if I look back to uh the first of the year 2020 and I compare bitcoins performance versus everything else, I think uh, I think its its 10x better than most conventional assets.

So I think its already been doing very well. In the past few years, I think itll continue to do very well and, and the primary driver is going to be education as more and more people understand what it is, as they understand a digital monetary Network, and they understand its status as a non sovereign store Of value deflationary synthetic Bearer instrument right as they understand that then its its going to gain more adherence and its going to continue to monetize itll, do it with fits and starts while sailor has been critical of government intervention in the past. The CEO has now been vocal in his calls for Regulators to control the crypto space. However, his calls arent necessarily for Bitcoin regulation. They are more for governments to clamp down on the issuance of other cryptocurrencies. Sailor also took time to criticize crypto investment firms that appear to be propagating these unregistered Securities, as he put it. The general public should not be purchasing these unregistered assets from Wildcat Bankers that may or may not be there. Next Thursday. The statement appeared to be a thinly veiled, dig at three arrows Capital: the crypto investment firm that appears to be facing margin calls following the market downturn when youre a young investor. You hate the shorter people that short your stock. You know when I was a when I was an early CEO. I used to hate the short sellers but um. Then I began to realize that people that sell your stocks short are are going to buy your stock theyve just got it in reverse order, so people that short Bitcoin will eventually buy back Bitcoin to cover the short theyve got in a reverse order.

The danger is not the Traders. The danger is having an asset that is of no consequence to anyone right that its not interesting. Although sailor has been posturing and calling for government regulation, his company has also been in the Markets. Crosshairs data from Bitcoin treasuries reveals that microstrategy is the Markets biggest institutional Bitcoin holder with two billion dollars in Bitcoin on its balance sheet, the company has been on a buying spree for over a year and it got part of its haul by borrowing 205 million dollars From crypto friendly Bank silvergate still sailor remains firm in his belief that microstrategy is financially stable. He said that the company has not faced any margin, calls adding that microstrategy is recently 10x overcollaterized on its Bitcoin loans. I think uh. This is the decade that it um that it institutionalizes so were 2022 right now and I think over the next eight years you see it progressively every year, move from being a speculative. You know risk asset to a less speculative store of value Bearer instrument. Itll probably take that long to mature um. I got a set of Milestones right theres. There are the regulatory milestones uh if fasbi addresses the accounting issue and gives it fair value, accounting. That would be a step in the right direction. Thats one uh, you know one Milestone forward if the SEC approves a spot ETF, thats, a second milestone if they approve a dozen, its a third Milestone.

If uh, if uh Senator lomass legislation, uh gets finalized and approved and and provides a sort of regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, crypto property, crypto Securities, crypto exchanges, Etc, thats, another big milestone, I think the FDIC providing guidance to Banks would be another big milestone. I think that um theres entire class of of traders that are entering the market right now that are getting comfortable. You know every day you read a story about Citadel trading or Goldman Sachs Trading two years ago, even a year ago, they wouldnt have so as they get more involved and as big Banks offer coverage like now. You see Bank of America instead of group and others offering coverage of the space. I think thats another Milestone, so youll see a lot of those kind of regulatory Milestones. I think uh a lot of the states as they start to embrace Bitcoin mining. They create a degree of of clarity to it. While sailor is putting on a brave face. There is little doubt that he must be feeling the pressure of the market. Michael strategy stock has slumped by 67 percent since the start of the year and the companys Bitcoin stash is worth more than its actual market cap with the Market Outlook still Bleak sailor and microstrategy want things to get better quickly. So do you think Bitcoin recovery phase? Will begin in July, or will it continue its struggle tell us in the comments also dont forget to like And subscribe see you soon with the next video.