Okay, destroy the like button, subscribe and sit back, relax and enjoy, because this is big. Everyone listen uh. That service has gone from flat. What, when do you think artistic artificial general intelligence will occur its been flat for the last two years? But since those two models have come out the the time that these forecasters expect to see art of artificial general intelligence has shrunk from 30 to 50 years to six to 12 years. So now you know that is crazy. That is crazy. If you did not catch what she said play that again and singularitynet agix is the leading cryptocurrency in the whole world working to make agi a reality: artificial general intelligence. It stands for agi, and this agi x token right now is sitting at four cents. Only at less than 100 million dollars in terms of market cap – and this will be crazy. This is one of our top cryptocurrencies on this channel. Okay, i own agi x part of our crypto portfolio, because we see the power of ai and crypto its like a perfect mix. Okay, and this is the website of singularitynet. Now, what is the singularity net, and why should you invest in agi x because, for example, humanoid robots are gon na come in the next five ten years they will be all over the world and singularity net to this cryptocurrency. This token is powering sofia, the robot, for example, so thats. Why? I believe that singularity nets can be the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world in the next 10 years.

If they are able to achieve agi, this will be way more valuable than bitcoin ethereum and the top cryptos today. So that is what we are speaking about. That is a power that is the potential of what we are speaking about with singularitynet agi, artificial general intelligence and again, if you dont believe me, kathy was also like big names. Elon musk has spoken about agi and humanoid robots, so if you dont believe me believe them because you will miss out if you do not invest right now, theres only about 30 000 investors in the world. When i first started investing in agi x, there was only about 7 000 investors, so i like to see this growth, but youre still very early. Only 30 000 people in the whole world know about agi x and are invested in it. Now this is going to be one of the top cryptos built on cardano because agi transferred and they moved to cardano from ethereum. Now they are multi chain, okay, so theyre both on ethereum and cardano, to benefit from both of them. So they are gon na. Be big, in my opinion, enhancing robotics this right here, thats in charge of sofia, the robot okay, this is sofia the robot. She can speak, she can walk. She can help people. She can speak to people. She can read your emotions, she can know what youre thinking about okay – and this is sophia world right here, as you can tell humanoid robots are coming everyone.

I just want you to do your homework on sofia, the robot and agi and the idea of the singularity, and if you can just imagine it just a little bit, you will see the power of agi and the singularity if you are invested in the singularity. From now, your investment will grow tremendously if we are able to achieve it, and we will be able to achieve it its just a matter of when its, not a matter of if its a matter of when and right now, agi x is down about 93. From this all time high, so this is when you want to be buying okay. This is when i am buying, and also real quick, if you have not yet to buy this decent hardware wallet to keep your crypto safe, get one or two using the links down below, because youve all heard of crypto exchanges getting hacked and people losing their crypto. So this is a way to keep your crypto safe, and this is cheaper than a nano ledger. It has a bigger screen, so you can actually see what youre doing it has multiple buttons and you can get into it with your thumb print, so its much easier to use, and it holds thousands of cryptocurrencies, including singularitynet, to agi x. This right here. This hardware wallet holds a bunch of crypto, so thats why you want to get it before the prices go up on july, 1st, yes july 1st.

So, in a few days the prices will go up on these, so get one or two using the links down below right now and again, everyone please. I want you to pay attention to the power of the singularity net and agis, because not many people are speaking about it like go to youtube, for example, nobodys speaking about singularity and anti aging and shout out to those people who are like, for example, big p. He speaks about cardano and singularity. Now a lot shout out to him the app center that center shout out to you brother, the singularity announced they have also a youtube channel right here. Ben gerstel, the founder of singularitynet, speaks and shares his opinion and his vision with singularityness. So you can see what he has to say on youtube and cheeky crypto. Also they speak about singularity and so theres, just a few of them theres. Just a few of us. Okay, were one family that speak about singularity nets and its not many people so shout out to those who are, but the idea is that you are extremely early right now. We are just getting started in 2022 like right now. This project is less than 100 million dollars thats it lets say it reaches 100 billion right, like half of the value of ethereum, which i think this singularity and that can be a multi trillion dollar project but thats for another video. Okay, actually weve done agix price prediction, videos so thats.

Why you want to subscribe, destroy like button if you have not yet already but anyways if this reaches 100 billion? Okay, from 100 million to 100 billion thats, a 10x thats, a 100x thats, a thousand x from todays prices; okay, a thousand x on your investment on your money. So imagine if you invest one thousand dollars that can turn into one million, so thats the power of agis. Okay. This is not financial advice. This is not a paid promotion. This is one of our top cryptocurrencies on this channel and i dont know if you can tell but im excited about the future and about agix to make some money together. Okay, this is fake. This is fake motion picture money. Okay, this is not real, but anyways. Anyways, that is why i believe in the power of the singularity net and agi x, is one of our top holdings. Please, if you do anything today, i just want you to do your homework on sophia, the robot thats. It learn about agi and the singularity and how it connects to humanoid robots, because humanoid robots will be the best way to drive agi, because thats the best way humans will interact with them. Humans will not interact with some robot looking box thing. That does not look like a human. No, they need to look like us. They need to sound like us. They need to be able to look us into the eyes and read us like you interact with us right, so that is where humanoid robots will come into place, and that is why we are invested in singularity nets.

A g i x, like i dont, know if you can tell but im excited im excited about the future because it is looking bright, so destroy the like button join us, and i will see you all very soon until next time. Yall know what it is.