My name is mike, and today we are going to talk about why stellar lumens xlm is the hidden gem within the cryptocurrency industry. There are so many phenomenal developments taking place right now were going to get to all of it in just a minute, but before we do a quick reminder, if you are new to the channel or if you have not done so already make sure and subscribe and Hit that notification bell, so you can be alerted each and every time i upload a brand new super cool awesome, video right here on the channel. Also, i am not a financial advisor. Therefore, nothing in this video or on this channel should ever be considered financial advice. You can follow me on twitter at cryptomic 53. So as soon as this video is over cruise on over to twitter, give me a follow at cryptomic 53. lets. Kick it off with todays poll, where we asked the question this past weekend: bitcoin dropped down to 17 800. ethereum dropped down below 900 and stellar lumens xlm dropped. All the way to 10 cents is the bottom in was that the market bottom 74 of those who responded said no way were in for more pain, baby, more pains on the way i cant believe 74 wow theres a lot of pessimism out there. Some negativity great job on this poll over 1 000 people responded but holy smokes guys. You guys are super negative. The sentiment is down.

People expect more pain this summer, once again, 74 said nope. That was not the bottom. We are going lower. Okay, so lets get to it: stellar xlm, kryptos, hidden gems. So what i want to do today is we are quickly going to review all of these phenomenal developments and partnerships and just things that are going on right now, with stellar xlm and as holders of xlm. We pretty much know weve got a hidden gem here, but what we need to do in the near future is hopefully we can spread the word and we can get more exposure for this phenomenal project. This awesome cryptocurrency that just not enough people know about so what i got this morning was an update from stellar. This is the latest newsletter, basically just summing everything everything up, thats been going on the past few days, the past few weeks and in the first six months with stellar and within the cryptocurrency industry. So right off the bat we get a short message from danelle dixon, the ceo of sdf, and she states, hey were halfway through already right were almost to the end of june. We are halfway through 2022 and yet six months in crypto feels like a lifetime boy. It sure does i mean i havent even had this channel up for six months. Wow launched this in january, so were just a little over five months into the effort here on the channel. So much has happened in the industry and in parallel there have been so many exciting developments at sdf and on the stellar network.

Some of her favorite highlights include months of hard. Work have have led up to this moment. Moneygram just launched its pioneering crypto to cash service on stellar, which we have covered thoroughly right here on the channel in recent videos and in recent days it is live in several key markets, including canada, kenya, the philippines and, of course, right here in the good old U.S of a with global cash out functionality expected to be available by the end of this month, wow thats, pretty exciting stuff. In another announcement, justin rice, the vp of the ecosystem, started a newsletter called the soft fork bulletin. We announced the location of meridian 2022 hope to see you there. In rome the stellar ecosystem has been abuzz with activity like wire and reha rehive partnering on scalable tools for developers, novati launching the australian stablecoin. We covered that a few weeks ago and mursado. I dont know if im saying that correctly mercado or mercado bitcoin, integrating the us dc very cool. A team from sdf went to switzerland. This was a couple weeks back to attend the world economic forum, to talk about cryptos carbon footprint and spread the word about stellars efficient design and how stellar is one of the most eco friendly cryptocurrencies available within the entire space. Also danelle dixon started a podcast called block by block, so you can look that up. If you want to listen to that podcast. So then they just review some of these highlights that have been going on this year.

Uh heres, the wire thing by integrating usdc through stellar wire, enables businesses worldwide to offer their users a seamless bridge from traditional payment methods into the worlds most inclusive and open monetary infrastructure. So thats an update on wire and were just going to quickly just go down here kind of review whats been going on stellar development foundation partner to enable payouts in 190 countries. Businesses can now facilitate fiat payments in 190 countries on the stellar network. How about that? So, just so much to go through here again. Every single headline here illustrates aptly and accurately why stellar is the proverbial hidden gem within the cryptocurrency space, and here, of course, is the big one. Moneygram launches a pioneering global crypto to cash service on the stellar network. So we have covered that thoroughly and comprehensively right here on the channel in recent days and in recent weeks, sdf announces a new methodology to measure environmental impact of blockchain technology and releases the findings on the stellar network, electricity consumption. So again we have covered this narrative and this topic thoroughly here on the channel, and i have emphasized how critical it is to promote the narrative and the image of being an eco, friendly, cryptocurrency right now in the world. We live in with the current administration here in the u.s and globally as well. You have to be promoting and supporting the green agenda uh following up on that note. Cryptos carbon footprint theres more information there, meridian 2022, that will be in october, uh weve covered this announcing protocol 19.

That was upgraded officially, i believe, on june 8th, if i remember my dates correctly. This is something we have not talked about. The freighter wallet just another pathway and another corridor to access the stellar network on top of some of the other wallets like we talk about lobster and then theres, vibrant and i think theres another one called solar, but theres different ways to access your stellar account. And here they talk about the freighter, wallet uh the time for stable coin legislation. We talked about this a few weeks back how the uh legislation that has been recently introduced will impact the cryptocurrency industry and how stellar fits into that whole narrative and within the scope of and the context of how regulation and some of this legislation again possibly will Include stellar and how that will impact the crypto industry as we move forward looking at a potential cbdc here in the united states, and will it promote financial inclusion and if we do have a cbdc here in the u.s or in other countries, will stellar be involved? My speculation and my guess is yes all right, and then we got some more videos here, lots to talk about look at all, and this is again just in the last few weeks, the first half of 2022. All of the incredible developments – partnerships, uh events, look at all of this stuff taking place they revisit rehive and the wire partnership and how that is permeating latin america and central america and south america and how huge uh the potential is.

There heres the mercado bitcoin with usdc integration. More information on that here is the novati story that we covered uh. What about six weeks ago? Launching the australian stablecoin right on the stellar blockchain and there was a partnership there or collaboration also with ripple a multi signature update heres, the protocol 19 update uh just again just one story after another, so heres something else i want to touch on today. Here they talk about job opportunities, so if youre interested in working for stellar or if you know somebody who is you can check out their jobs – and i want to point something out when we click on this. We just click on that, and it takes us over right here to the current job openings at the stellar development foundation, something that may peak your interest because it did for me this morning when i went through this so like any blockchain type of technology and network Theyve got all these engineering positions right now. These are for you excuse the the language here, uh, the the stereotype, you eggheads right, you nerds, who want to be go, do some coding and stuff. Here you go right here. Senior engineering egghead core protocol right this stuffs beyond the scope of my knowledge. Im im, not sappy enough to uh, be able to fulfill the requirements for these positions, but heres some data engineering and all of this it and ops and operations and security and and uh.

You know for you guys, with an engineering background out there, you might want to take a look at this heres some tech strategy, heres vibrant. I would assume thats with that new uh, that new wallet thats partnering with stellar – i really dont know, but i assume thats. What that is, but heres what i wanted to point out right here, marketing look at this theyve got four positions open for marketing. So what do we talk about here on the channel? Are we going to see some enhanced marketing efforts later on this year or within the near term? Maybe the next few months, maybe within this year? So here we go for marketing positions open at stellar, which once again, could indicate that perhaps we are going to get some marketing efforts. So here are two marketing manager, uh positions for grants and programs, one on the east coast in new york and one on the west coast in san francisco, and then we actually have marketing operations manager, one located in san francisco and another located in austin texas. How about that and then theres some other positions, operations and product manager, but i did note here again: i want to emphasize this right here: four positions with marketing, so perhaps maybe im just speculating i dont know. Maybe we are going to see some enhanced efforts with the marketing so just by quickly perusing and reviewing all of those phenomenal developments we have experienced and actualized in the past few weeks in the past few months.

I think it is very clear. Stellar xlm is obviously the hidden gem within the cryptocurrency industry as long as weve got a couple minutes. One of the things i mentioned a couple days ago – maybe it was yesterday – i cant, remember the days – are all running together, but i mentioned the number of active accounts, so ive been tracking that and what we are still looking for. Speaking of the moneygram partnership, we are still looking for any red flags indicators, something that would tell us that the moneygram partnership is perhaps kicking in and starting to cause some growth on the stellar network. So looking at the new accounts uh yesterday we added 2 412 new accounts. That would not indicate any massive growth uh here. The number of active accounts, which i indicated yesterday or the day before this actually may be the most important metric that were looking at right. Now only point: six, six percent of all of the accounts on the stellar network have been active within the past 24 hours. So as we examine the number of new accounts and the number of active accounts, there is nothing here that would indicate there is any substantial growth or any uh massive number of new accounts coming on. So just again, i i kinda like to emphasize these numbers uh. We can take a look also at the number of operations processed on the stellar network. This this gives us a broad scope uh, i guess snapshot of the overall activity on the network, something i do want to note here.

We were averaging 10.1 million operations processed on the stellar network per day up until three days ago, and suddenly these numbers have just fallen off of a cliff from over 10 million and look. We can even go back like a week. We were at 10.1 million. Then we fell to 9.8 million 9.2 million nine million and suddenly all the way down to seven and a half million seven point: eight million and seven point: eight million again the last three days so whats accounting for this sudden dramatic decrease in the number of operations And the decline in the uh activity on the stellar network that i dont know, but these are the numbers we like to keep an eye on and track.