This is daryl from daily crypto trade centers coming to you live from vietnam, guys its a great time to be alive and guess what were right now at time recording were seeing. The crypto markets are above 1 trillion dollars in the house, so were seeing that uh, you know bitcoin ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies right now, theyre theyre, bouncing back guys were seeing that ethereum is. You know above 1264 time recording were seeing that the dogecoin is getting gingerly close to uh. You know seven cents in the house, so you know, as i predicted were seeing a little bit of recovery coming in. So that is really good. Thats cool beans in the house – and you know some other big news: thats happened. It looks like apple pay, uh theyre about to launch crypto payments. Uh, you know, through the you know, the apple pay you can tap on on pos machines and you can start also uh being able to buy a crypto with apple pay and using crypto. So thats, pretty good news in the house were also seeing. Crypto.Com has also integrated apple pay for u.s customers, so that is really good news and other news thats coming in, as also we see that goldman sachs is looks like theyre, getting ready to bail out uh celsius uh with two billion dollars guys. So that is, that is huge, thats, absolutely huge, so hopefully the crypto, our crypto, that is uh being uh held hostage by celsius out there is uh, definitely going to be uh released, so hopefully thats going to be announced soon.

But you know right now: im also pretty disappointed about celsius because celsius overall theyve been keeping quiet, theyre, not really telling us whats going on so thats, not so good out there, so thats pretty pretty gnarly out there. You know some other news thats coming out as well is were seeing that you know now that were above a 1 trillion. I think that the crypto markets going to continue to go up and up and up – and you know like i said you know – if you guys just keep dollar cost averaging and uh, you know buying the dips uh. You know this is the best way to uh. You know create and have a life changing wealth out there, and i know that a lot of you in the last uh. You know couple days a week, ive been almost debbie downing and, and you know been doubting that cryptos gon na come back, but crypto is definitely coming back. Some people are saying this could be a huge fake out out there uh. You know i dont think so. You know if we look at bitcoin on the uh on the four hour chart were absolutely seeing that uh bitcoin is uh, you know forming a huge inverse head and shoulder pen and uh. You know if we do break out the upside uh. We are definitely going to be very bullish and we could see uh bitcoin get around get to around about uh.

You know 26 500, so i think you know, absolutely you know were were on the right path were on the right track and uh. So im pretty bullish out there and remember you, know dca, but you know dont dont, throw all your dry powder uh all at once, uh. You know at one time you want to ladder your buys out, thats so important that you do that. Definitely, definitely you want to be laddering, your buys out uh and you know – and i really believe that crypto is going to be going up. Doge is definitely going to be going up and we see that doge is actually out performing bitcoin right now, in terms of his upside momentum were seeing that shiba inu wufu shiba inus are also uh. Looking pretty good its got, the you know, siberia is going to go, live q3, so thats pretty good news overall. So, overall, the markets are looking pretty good, and i did tell you in previous videos that this is going to be a huge pumping up weekend guys so it looks like were, were pumping up, guys were pumping and things are going to go to the moon, moon Uh, so you know, should you be worried right now? Could crypto currency go back down yeah it could. But you know overall, i you know if we look at all the bottom indicators. I believe that you know if you look at the new poll out there and all the different indicators.

I believe that the bottom is absolutely in right now and if its not in, were darn tootin real close to it. So i think that im walking in the water in case you wonder where i am im at the beach uh just in front of my house, just chilly willing its its saturday here. So you know the kid was you know whining about. I want to go to the beach i want to be so. Uh were at the beach guys and the water is extremely warm right now, so thats really good im, actually waiting waiting and waiting in the water right now so its a great time to be alive. But you know, i believe that the bottom is absolutely in right now and uh. You know i think that were going to see a lot of upside were seeing that you know ethereum is starting to pump. One of the major old coins were also seeing right now that um not only ethereum but also the top 10 20 projects are also starting to pump right now as well. So that is pretty good, because if you look at the you know the rsi level on the total coin market cap, its really low right now and thats – often indicative of the fact that were definitely going to be going to the upside pretty soon and were seeing That you know bitcoin, the rsi is super low. Super low bitcoin is still below the 200 day moving average, so hopefully were going to get ourselves back up above there pretty soon.

So that is going to be pretty cool beans in the house. If we can get ourselves up there – and you know that will that will definitely confirm that the you know bitcoin and the other markets are definitely going to be going up. So you know im pretty psyched about that im pretty pumped about that. You should be pumped about that too and uh. You know overall guys dont give up on crypto. You know this is. If you want life changing wealth, you know what youre going to do. You just got to be patient and its about time in the game. Uh and you know just dont panic self, and i know that some of you did panic. So when theres a celsius, uh collapse, first happened and – and you know, crypto collapsed again and went down. I know a lot of you did sell and a lot of you did panic out there. So you know, and and hopefully you guys are really realizing – that that is a big mistake out there and you know what you got to do is just just be patient. Youve really got to be patient. I know theres a lot of weak nancys out there who are just you know like you, guys, have just been wetting the bed and – and you know, when the markets go down, people tend to be very vitriolic, very nasty out there, and people just tend to not To be happy, campers so guys be happy.

Campers you know, have faith have absolutely faith out there, that crypto will go up, it always does go off. It always will go up and its just a matter of time, titty titty time time. So from that perspective, guys youve just got to have faith, you got to be part, be positive out there and you know also youve got to do your own research out there. You know theres still a lot of crappy projects out there, and you know these. These projects are just designed to take your money and basically siphon as much of money from you and really not give you anything returns, theres still a lot of uh theres. Still a lot of rug pulls out there. So youve still got to be careful and you know youre going to be fine that you know now that the you know the crypto markets are down youre, going to youre, going to youre going to find like a lot more uh nefarious activity, because you know its Going to be like their last last chance to do a money grab out there, so youre going to see a lot of weird and wackiness out there. So just you know, like i said, diversification is key 50 and bitcoin is, is key. Uh 25 percent and ethereum is key and another 25 percent you keep in. You know the top 10 top 20 projects. You know dont go down 100 project, you know 100, the coin number 100, the number 200, because you know these coins not may not be there guys.

These absolutely may not be there uh, you know by the end of the year they may disappear uh. So you know youre still seeing that you know, as the market cap for cryptocurrency goes down, youre going to see that a lot more projects are going to be basically disappearing and youre. Seeing that the the momentum of new uh coins being minted on, you know erc 20, and you know the bet protocol theyre going to be going down ddt down down. So you know this whole. This whole crash has been really good for crypto. In fact, its uh caused a big giant washout and a big giant clear out of all the all the crappy projects. Also large companies like three arrows and other companies that dont have the proper risk management theyre also been wiped out. So thats a good thing. Its going to make crypto crypto whole again its going to make crypto good again, and you know we can get get basically consider you know this whole washout this whole. You know, elimination of all the all the mad stupid its basically, you know cryptos being reset again and getting ready to go up again, so that is, that is what im thinking and im thinking that you know. Overall, this is a good good thing, so you know guys and gals. You know you just got to be positive out there be more positive out there and uh. You know just show more love out there and be positive guys because its a great time to be alive, look at ochi im at the beach guys im absolutely at the beach youre gon na be loving.

It im loving it and also too guys, if you guys, are getting ready to travel, get on over get on over to vietnam, youre gon na love it and uh. You know im happy to meet all of you out there and were in da nang right now. So you guys should come on over here, its a great time to be alive. All the restrictions have been lifted, so its easy to get in here same like bangkok, as well, and also a big update, uh july 1st were going to be moving to bangkok. So were going to be heading to bangkok and were going to be staying there for a certain period of time, so thats going to be good and um, you know so were going to start to also july were going to start. Our live stream were going to start our live streams uh sometime the first week in july were going to start. Our live streams live from bangkok, guys so its going to be really cool and were going to be shooting more and more videos outside, because you know the restrictions have been lifted, and so that means that we can start to do more stuff outside. So from that perspective i think thats going to be great and were going to get more of the users, the more the community, absolutely watching the channel and loving the channel. So i think its overall going to be a fantastic experience, so guys get ready.

Live streams, live streams are absolutely absolutely uh. Coming back to the channel, so youre gon na love that i love that so its a great time to be alive guys absolutely a great time to live so guys be positive out there. Crypto is absolutely absolutely going to be bouncing back and i told all of you debbie downers, weak nancys. I told you that uh cryptocurrency will be coming back and were going to have a huge pumping up weekend. Guys and gals were above one trillion dollars. Guys wow were seeing the bitcoin dollars going down, so you guys should be pumped you shouldnt be psyched. You should be excited because were at one trillion. Dollars were absolutely at one trillion dollars right now, so that is cool cool beans in the house and were seeing you know, like i said: bitcoin is above you know. Twenty one thousand five hundred were seeing. Ethereum is like a twelve twelve hundred and sixty four. I think we could get pretty close to thirteen hundred dollars were going to see. Absolutely i did predict that dojo wars was going to hit 10 cents uh. You know by the end of next week. Lets get it though joshua moon dose to the freaking moon guys. So im im loving that guys, so you know lets get it guys. So you know, hopefully you, like this kind of you know: lucy goosey, content, casual content and i just want to say i love each and every one of you out there go down there check out all the links guys we got the you know, links to nft Collection by the channel coffee coming patreon remember and if youre looking at buying a hardware wallet, i got a link down there, get it get it with a discount.

So youre going to love that and also too you know, check out the merch guys absolutely check out the merch and dont forget to book the likes boop, boop, dee, likes and dont forget to subscribe and comment guys and uh. You know i im looking forward to you, know, doing live streams again in bangkok, its going to be so good to reach reach out to you guys in real time and its going to be just fantastic lots of love out there. Remember everything you see here in this video is not financial advice. Just me giving my beautiful opinions to all you all so guys. I hope you guys are having a great weekend. Hopefully the view out here has been inspirational. Hopefully, youre feeling pumped up feeling lots of love, guys and, and you guys have to be be hungry, be hungry for change, be hungry for positivity and remember, patience, patience, patience, the markets are going up right now, as we speak, and the markets will continue to go Up there may be some downside, there may be some volatility, but overall were going to see things go uppity up up. So hopefully you guys love it. I love it. God bless each and every one of you, peace out, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music.