Video were going to continue this series where we break down the crypto market into different sectors and highlight five or six projects that we think are going to do really well in each sector. So todays sector that were gon na break down is privacy. If you enjoy this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video and lets see if we can get to 1000 likes lets, get down to the desktop okay. So before i get into the these projects in detail and obviously weve got monero there, which is the first one, which is an obvious one right, which is why we start with this one. First um im, not a financial advisor im, not suggesting or encouraging anybody to fomo in and purchase any of these projects. Just to be really clear. However, i am you know, encouraging you to go and do your own research theres, no substitute for for doing your own research. You know, and this should be treated as educational purposes. Only i just want to be really clear. Um, obviously, were expecting you know, prices to pull back, some more so make sure youre utilizing tools like technical analysis anyway theory and all that wonderful stuff, and you can find those sorts of things in our discord. Free to join link is in the description. So this one is pretty much um the front runner, yes got the total market cap, the the biggest market cap in this sector uh, for you know by project so again its that theyre all doing very similar things, but its around privacy.

I really like this one. I expect it to do really well um and its an obvious one right, so im not going to spend too much time talking through this one. The ticker is xmr ranked 29th by market cap is up 2.60 percent at the time of recording 117 50, and i mean if you go back and you have a look at some of the the previous like highs for this. You know what we got 450 um. You know so its its its consistently sort of got up to over four hundred dollars, so you know its a its a good sort of three to four x uh on where it is now, but i do expect lower prices, so you know definitely go. Take a look at this one and do some research on this particular project and you should be able to purchase it in most places: finance, kucoin, kraken, uh, just to list a few for you. There moving on and weve got z cash. Now i really like this project. It is one that i have been invested in um historically in and out im, not really big on the privacy sector as a whole. I believe in privacy, and you know we should all have a level of privacy. I just you know, have concerns around regulations, so you know, for that reason its not really a sector that im too interested in, but i do like this one from a technical standpoint you know is, is a really good, solid project.

So definitely, you know spend the time to go. Do some research on it z. Cash is currently up 0.85 percent of the time recording at 64.61 ranked 49th by market cap again its a very, very strong project. In my opinion and weve seen prices, you know six seven hundred dollars um. You know a long time ago now, um but yeah. You can pick this up on finance, uh, coinbase exchange, gate, dot, io, um and kucoin so haven up next and again, another privacy project with the worlds only network of private assets, apparently and yeah. This is one that i really do like, i think from again from a technical viewpoint, uh its an interesting project and uh. You know if we get an idea of you know what the regulations uh are likely to mean for privacy. This is definitely one that i will be looking at um, so the ticker is xhv its ranked 624th by market cap. Its up four point: five, two percent of the time recording at 0.5621. You can purchase this one on kucoin uh, mainly uh, its probably the best exchange to go to out of the ones listed there again. Weve seen this project get up as high as 28 and then you know over 11., so theres theres a good. You know five to 10x in this project, i think, maybe more depending on you know how we sort of move forward with regulations. So next up is oasis foundation again really like this project, a new era for blockchain uh, the oasis network, is the leading privacy enabled and scalable layer, one blockchain network um, and you know, obviously this is aiming towards web free again.

I really do like this project. The ticker is rose ranked 106 by market caps up 0.09 at the time of recording at 0.052. Again you can pick this one up on many of the exchanges, binance being the most prominent one, kucoin and gate dot, io um, so yeah like this project. I think you know youre going to have seen some decent prices. You know on this one uh as high as 56 um. You know most recently so yeah. This is a project with you know a good sort of 10x in the tank. I feel at these prices, but again, like i say no fomo and in we are expecting lower prices. Yeah do let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on oasis network rose. I did do a patreon write up on this. One do check it out. Maybe thatd be a good place to start when researching this particular project and the fifth and final one is, i guess, a dark course and the the name of this project is secret. I think this is an interesting project. Thats definitely worth doing some research on again working towards. You know, i guess empowering developers uh to build a better web free network. So yeah the ticker is scrt. It is a dark horse. For me it could be a gem. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comments below ranked 142nd by market cap up 2.72 percent of the time of recording at 0.

997. Again weve had some some pretty decent prices. I think on this one you know weve seen most recently, 9.50 uh. So you know a good 9x in this particular project. You can purchase it on finance, kucoin and kraken, so yeah. Another really interesting project that i think you know, has the potential to do really. Well now. You know where i guess privacy projects are. You know its a sector for me that i have a question mark over and that is really around um, like i say the regulation aspect of things so im keeping an eye on that. If we get some clarity around, you know how privacy coins are going to be regulated in the future. I may jump into many of the projects highlighted today. I think these are the strongest in this particular sector of the crypto space. Do let me know what your thoughts and opinions are and uh dont forget to you know, throw over any that you think should have made this list in the comments below really interested to see what projects you guys think in this sector are really good and give The other videos a watch as well right, um, you know under the uh crypto sector, uh playlist weve got many different sectors broken down for you to go. Take a look at and weve highlighted some absolute cork of projects for you to go and research so really interested to get your views and opinions on those videos also – and i hope, to chat with you all in the discord.

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