Where is the cryptocurrency market, the one that we love heading next right now? Are we going down because of recession, fears, or are we out of that and actually heading into the new? What i will call it nice stable price of 30 to 40 000 well youre clicking on this video, because you want my perspective and thats. What im gon na give you all the insights and analysis and in depth view of what the market the cryptocurrency market is looking like, because there are many different factors that affect it, and i have collected a couple of things that, as a crypto holder investor, you Dont want to miss so if youd like this, go ahead and smash like button guys consider subscribing to the channel and turn on those notification bells, because oftentimes i like to step back from alkanes and see the entire picture, the whole macro crypto global market cap and Were heading good right now, but is this another bull trap theres, so many different things so lets go ahead and analyze together, first and foremost guys we bottom right with bitcoin couple weeks ago, this month june 2022, what price? Well? 17? 000. Okay, i see it not bad, but are we heading lower well, according to recession, things according to the fed, according to many of the different things that affect the price we could head lower as we see on the 300 moving average, but more on that and the Price very soon, okay, this is what were looking right now were heading good right now, the outcomes and bitcoin were seeing the nice 24 hours to seven days, positive growing candles thats what we liked right now, if youre day trading.

This is heaven for you. If youre a long term holder for a long time, well, whats happening right now, doesnt make you that happy, because youre still probably down underwater for a long time ever since 2021. But if you just started this bear market, i am jealous of you because you are super down in the price, but im sure that youre gon na be way up later on with us, probably breaking even and youre gon na be fantastic, so really depends. Who is watching right now? Second, how many times have we heard? Bitcoin is dead right now, just think think about it. How many times are we listening on news on articles on twitter, on youtube, etc? Bitcoin is that bitcoin? Is that the reason why im bringing this careful? Because when you hear a lot of people saying bitcoin, is dead according to history, it is the time to buy. It is the time chances are that this crypto crash is ending and now and and now, let me say, a disclaimer and something that everybody knows. No one knows whats going to happen to the price of crypto and bitcoin right. No one has a crystal ball to tell you what the future is going to be not even mean no one, so its fine, but its always fun to make predictions and to be very educated with the guesses that im making and im. I always particularly me. I always try to look at the data and see what the data tells me and then base my opinions with that.

Okay, so right now were here and we see how we all the charts are telling us that we are at the bottom. You want to see them. Let me show you right now: first rainbow chart what we see here right now from the maximum bubble territory, which is the red zone that we had before in 2013 2017. We didnt hit it this past bull season and now were here in the basically a fire sale. Now, if you go ahead and take a look at the previous bear seasons, we hit that basically a far sale before we go up thats one plus we pass halving to cut rewards. The block rewards in half were coming to the next one in 2024.. Okay, continue this one recommended by michael saylor: he oftentimes says this is the best draft chart to define how the price of bitcoin is doing on a weekly on a monthly basis, so its like? Okay, so lets see it when you take a look at this. Well, you have your average just your simple moving average and when the price of bitcoin touches that and it can go even lower as youre seeing right now on the screen, it comes back so right now were actually really low and under that uh, simple moving average. What does that indicate? What does that tell us from the past? Just from the data like anyone can read it that we are heading back were coming back thats.

What the data is telling us because remember a lot of fear its already in the market and its very easy to say, were going lower were going lower. Yes, when i crash lower, i know its very easy to say, and that is a possibility, because the one russia, because fed really has to continue lower inflation and increasing the rates. And that, of course, is that its really punching the gut to all the equities and crypto. What do you see with equities? Where do i have it here? It is right now its coming up. Why? Because welcome to stocks in this case equities, they come up. Sometimes thats really good, but it is possible that the fed will push us into a recession. This was today june 23rd, because one of the mistakes that the feds has had i mean just since the pandemic is because that the central bank was too late to acknowledge that inflation was becoming a problem and did not act quickly enough to come back surging prices And thats what you and i are paying, sadly but true and of course the fed i mean some people argue that it does have that low credibility at this time, led by papa powell, of course. So every time he speaks, everybodys kind of like holding the crypto investor says okay. What is he saying? What is the fomc meeting saying? Whats the fetch uh, like the fed meaning saying so things are looking as everybody was kind of like perceiving what every single meeting is saying and it affects the markets of course.

So we saw this one. We saw this one. We see how the fear it is heres, the other one. This is actually the price of bitcoin as youre, seeing on on the weekly and what im showing you right now is a 200 moving average and if you go down the lane, youre gon na see that since 2013 and 14, usually we bottom at that 200 moving Average now youre going to tell me well oscar im, seeing something here in 2020. What happened? Well, that is the pandemic and what happened there. Bitcoin went to the 300 moving average and there it is. You see that so lets review what we learned right now. Yes, there is a possibility to go lower, but also yes, theres, a chance that we are very bottom for the price of bitcoin, because its been already nicely touched and for the 300 we are this close, but not the price of bitcoin. Is this im gon na go ahead and tell you that the 300 were looking at 16, 000 or so, and right now were looking at 21 to 20 000 high 20, thousands, usually usually, once we bottom, we take a while to consolidate as youre seeing right now. We take a while we take months to consolidate it. Doesnt live in weeks. It doesnt live in days. It takes months before we head into the next outcome season, which actually in right here on record, to get an outcome season.

We first need to get bitcoin on our side to have a bitcoin season, and then the outcome season will follow thats what weve seen as well, because right now outcomes. Of course, a lot of people with much. You know high credibility and already in the space veterans in crypto, they tell you stay away from malcolms right now because its risky, so you know theres different comments out there. You will tell me in the comments down below here in the video, but yes after showing you all of these everybody, what could be the conclusion? Well, the price is right now under 1 trillion, we went all the way down to 840 868. I remember i saw it now were up about 60 bill as yeah around 60 billion, which is really good, not bad. So the answer here is yes. Bitcoin at this time is looking into a consolidation stage, because we already bought them right now at 6, 17 000, which is not bad. I like it but also theres theres, still news. Theres still unsettled cases that can make the price of this cryptocurrency the crypto and bitcoin much lower. So that is why uncertainty and fear is high, just because people dont know whats going to happen. Thats it there. It is so where will crypto is heading right now to a consolidation stage, where the price of bitcoin im gon na go here from one from the week to the four hours there it is.

The price of bitcoin should be to get into a consolidation stage roughly from this square. This margin, roughly around 15 000 to 30 000, to make sure that we have a nice consolidation stage if bitcoin goes all the way, passing 30 000 in 2022. That will be amazing news if it goes lower than 15 000. That would also be amazing news because people will be buying the dip. But, roughly speaking, if i add my bollinger bands, if i go ahead and squeeze in and i give some room for, error – were gon na be looking in some consolidation areas for this im gon na go ahead and open up my weekly and there it is see Everybody there it is so were looking into that space. I think we still have to five to six thousand dollars from that middle size, middle price, that we have right now and well. Are you ready for more pain? I think everything is up in the air right now and anything can happen, but its got to be excited and if you see more dips all the way down the bottom amazing times to buy it. If you see prices go up well again, it seems that we already bottom up right now, according to history, so its gon na be very exciting to see whats gon na happen next.