But, ladies and gentlemen, we must examine whats going on here. Is this possibly just going to be one gigantic bull trap before a plunge deep down into the crypto of is lets dive in and analyze? What is going on, ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily live stream. So lets not waste any time and get right down to it. Now, if you are subscribed to this channel, then you would know that we were closely analyzing. This trap door range here stating that if this range were to break and the support is lost, that we could see a flush, heinous capitulation down towards the target of 20 000. And what do you know little jimmy whoopsies, the don struck gold? Again, we hit the target and now, in my opinion, were seeing nothing more than a little reactionary bounce rally here amidst the longer term bear market. This is normal. This is what you would expect to see. I mean just look at the last time. We had a swift move to the downside. We then consolidated sideways for weeks and weeks and weeks, and then we dropped another minus 44 percent. But what you have to understand here, ladies and gentlemen, is that from the bottom to the top on this last drop, we rallied for roughly almost 30 percent to the upside. You have to understand that this is normal right and, if we pull from the bottom to the top right now very comparable levels here.

Ladies and gentlemen, this one up here, roughly 27, this one right down here at the time of recording, roughly plus 24. This is not anything in my opinion to be getting all too excited about now. If you are subscribed to this channel, then you would know that i have been closely following the one day. Keltner channels indicator here now, quick recap on the way up. In the 2021 bull market, we saw the trading action all towards the top of the band using the bottom of the band as support, then, when we flipped into the bear market, it was the exact opposite majority of the trading at the lower half of the band. Using the top half of the band as resistance to continuously plunge us deeper down into the crypto abyss now here we are, ladies and gentlemen, nothing abnormal. Before our most recent plunge, we saw us get rejected up at the top of the band. We then continued to drop below, and now here we are still in the bottom half of the band. But if we are to continue to see a reactionary rally here, it would make a lot of sense. In my opinion, for us to test up into the top half of this keltner channel now this channel moves right. It works like a moving average each and every day that goes by this channel is going to change a little bit right now at the time of recording. The median line here is about 23 000, and the top line is just above 26 000.

. So if we are going to get another push to the upside here, i would expect some potential resistance to come in inside this range and if we do go up in here and start to see, the market sell off again. Ladies and gentlemen, getting rejected in there and plunging further down would be the same exact occurrence that weve seen time and time and time again all throughout this bear market lets get this crypto, but right now, whats really funny to me, ladies and gentlemen, is that this Market is in the worst shape its been in in a very very long time i mean, as i showed you earlier, we plunged nearly what is this 45 percent in only several weeks. Time were in an absolutely abysmal market. Right now i mean the buy pressure in this market has been almost non existent for quite some time now. The global equities market is in turmoil. We still are having lingering effects of the pandemic. We still have a war going on and, ladies and gentlemen, the u.s federal reserve is, in a rate, hiking cycle right now, theyre hiking rates at a pace that we have not seen in about 40 years time. This is increasing the value of the u.s dollar relative to other fiat currencies. I mean just take a look here at the chart of the us dollar index: ticker, symbol dxy. This is the us dollar compared to many other top world currencies.

I mean its absolutely parabolic. This thing is on a rip to the upside a rocket ship ride its mooning little jimmy when moon, kirby lets take a look at the us dollar index. Little jimmy its its on a moon shot. Okay were at roughly 22 year highs here for the dxy. This is putting pressure on crypto. This is putting pressure on equities its a flight to safety play. People right now are taking risk off the table right if this were a casino theyre, taking their chips off the table going over to the cage cashier trading in their chips, for dollars, sticking those dollars back in their pocket and exiting the casino and thats. Why this chart looks like this and thats? Why bitcoins chart looks like an absolutely disgusting waterfall to the downside. Lets get this crypto simple stuff here, folks, very, very simple: now, if youre not understanding why the rate hiking cycle here could be very problematic for crypto, equities, etc. Moving forward just understand, the federal reserve is making it more difficult for the banks and institutions to borrow money from them. Okay, so if you make it harder to obtain capital, what does that do to the current capital thats already readily available whoops? It makes it harder to obtain which increases its value. You understand so right now, even though inflation is raging, the current capital available in the system is more expensive to obtain okay, thats whats happening here. So as long as this rate hike cycle continues, i mean i really wouldnt expect this dxy chart to change.

I would expect the trend to continue upwards, the more they raise the rates the higher the dxy will go, in my opinion, thats just my opinion. Of course, i could be wrong on that, but the fact of the matter is is that it puts pressure on equities, cryptos, etc when theyre raising rates – and it is very, very bullish for the us dollar as a currency compared to other world currencies when they do Such a thing lets get. This crypto just want to paint the picture here. Folks, because the us dollar index rising is not bullish for crypto. In fact, its the opposite. The last time that we had a sustained bull rally in the dxy, we had a crypto bear market, the last two times that weve had a sustained decline in the dxy weve had raging bull markets just understand. There has been a direct correlation here since the past. What five or six years right now lets get this crypto the dawn struck gold again so now lets get back to the bitcoin chart just wanted to paint that picture for you there. So its really concerning to me folks that right now were just seeing a classic reaction rally. I mean what what else would you expect here just a straight line down infinitely forever? I mean this is how markets work there are huge, sell offs there are consolidations. There are test rallies to the upside that can fail and some more consolidation then another dump.

This is just how these things work right were in a grinding bear market, but so many little jimmies. Ladies and gentlemen, right, i didnt make a video for two days, because what what is there to cover here little jimmy the price has done nothing in three days. Besides consolidate sideways and these absolutely brain dead in cells. In the comment section, oh, the bitcoin price is moving up and kirbys not posting. He only makes videos when the price is going down. Kirby get wrecked were going to the moon if youre sitting here little jimmy an inch away from your computer screen huffing and puffing mouth breathing. Oh, i love that card price. Oh its going up, wheres kirby you, my friend, you need psychological help. You need professional help and you need to just zoom out and take a look at whats going on in the grand scheme of things. The macro is not good for any market right now, its great for the us dollar, in my opinion, its not great for everything else. Basically, this type of rally here folks ive been pointing it out that i have ive even made videos that we could go all the way up towards 25, 26, possibly even 27 000. Before then, possibly seeing a reversal here right, hes not making videos because the price is going up, did your mother drop you on your head, when you were three days old little jimmy lets, get this crypto thats what it feels like to the dom keep your low Iq degenerate comments out of my comment: section little jimmy theres, a reason that youre the one leaving the comments and im the one making the videos lets get this crypto, the dawn struck gold again so right now, ladies and gentlemen, im just waiting and watching here there Was a pattern here on the four hour time frame im going to paint it for you now shout out to my vips.

I kept you guys up to date with this. I actually was looking for a long here myself. I wound up taking along here. I since closed it, because i dont like the development thats going on right here, but there was a possible bullish head and shoulders pattern here on the four hour time frame for bitcoin with a target i mean it does coincide with that range. We were talking about earlier at the top of the keltner channel right up at around 26 000, but this type of action here that were seeing this isnt necessarily what i want to see on a possible bullish, inverse head and shoulders breakout. I would have liked to see some further momentum to the upside building here, rather than just sideways consolidation around our last local high area of resistance. I hope that makes sense, so i was looking for a loan. There did hop in one quick. I exited for a very, very, very small loss. I mean less than one percent. I just didnt like what i saw anymore right. The trade setup changed for me. I didnt like it. I got out um many other content. Creators are probably still pointing out that this is the pattern i mean. Could we still wind up going up from here? Absolutely. Is it because of this pattern? I dont think so to me. If we go back to the one day, time frame here for bitcoin its really all eyes on the keltner channels indicator for me, folks, thats, the one where weve seen the most reliable areas of support and resistance over the past several months.

And you can see the measured move of the pattern. Right now puts us right up near the top of the range there, which would be absolutely normal in my opinion, for if keyword, if we are to continue bullishly, to see some resistance come in and then possibly continue to trend down from there lets get this crypto. Just real talk here today, ladies and gentlemen, of course, if you do want to see all of my real time, trade, setup ideas and things of that nature, i mean you can see here. This is just an example. This was my trade synopsis from my short back above 27 000 before this thing absolutely plunged into the abyss. This is what you can expect in vip. Ladies and gentlemen, my posts look just like this. I post my trade setup idea my strategy ideas, some additional thoughts on why im, seeing what im seeing doing what im doing and then i post updates that you can see on the right hand, side right where i continue to update you all along the way with How im managing this trade setup idea taking profit all along the way lets get this crypto the don struck gold. Again, it is what it is, ladies and gentlemen, so if youre not already in my vip and youd like to see my next real time trade setup idea as i look to potentially crush this next market move like a two ton, man on a tuna fish, can Then today is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe lets.

Get this crypto ill, see you in vip right now. After this video lets go, and you know what lets go back to the dxy. The us dollar index chart for just a moment now. Here we are. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very clear pattern in my opinion, building here, a possible bullish cup and handle pattern right cup right now. We are possibly forming the support range here where we saw that the handle has come in possibly forming support, and if we are now to break this neckline of resistance up here to me, ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the most picture. Perfect really could even take a screenshot of it and put it in a textbook to teach people about patterns uh i mean this would be perfect right and the measured move for this target would be from the deepest point of the cup to the neckline drag it Over to the potential breakout point, and, ladies and gentlemen, this does give us a target up around 110 on the dxy which lets zoom out here to the weekly you guys can see. This would be putting us up. Nearly at multi decade highs lets get this crypto, so unbelievable stuff here were going to have to see how this plays out. I just wanted to point out right that with the macro taken into consideration and then even just looking here at the daily, we have a bullish macro situation for the us dollar index.

In my opinion, and here on the daily, we have a possible bullish cup and handle pattern here. Sheesh folks, i mean you can see how this stuff starts to pile on and just not look so great for bitcoin, in my opinion, right, but it is what it is. Ladies and gentlemen, and the fact of the matter is lets just pull up the wall street. Cheat sheet psychology of a market cycle. For a moment i mean there are still moon boys in here with a hope and a dream for a moon shot and a lamborghini and thats evident by the people that are still in the comments section right. This guy hes not posting because its going up, if unbelievable, right, unbelievable, we just dropped minus 44, and the reaction rally is just consolidating sideways, with little blip blips of movement to the upside, and these people are sitting here an inch away from their screen. Oh, oh, these people need to be flushed out of the market theyre still there, ladies and gentlemen, theyre still there, and as long as these people are still here, i personally dont feel that we have seen a low come in for the bitcoin price lets get this Crypto im fired up if these people are still here, huffing and puffing an inch away from their screen. I do not think the bottom is in lets. Get this crypto hot, take from the dawn. Ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoyed here today, a thumbs up would be greatly appreciated.

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