Some cryptos are absolutely pumping today and its great to see were also going to have some big updates from seas out of binance and were also going to take a look at the bitcoin price. What is going on with the bitcoin price and where can it go in the future? So if that sounds good to you, guys make sure to smash the thumbs up button. If you guys new to the channel, you like these broad crypto news updates, you can subscribe and as always, this is not financial advice, im, not a financial advisor, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and guys. I want to kick it off with the crypto bubbles here today and i just want to say you know its a day of green and uh. We havent had too many days of green uh in the last. You know a couple of weeks couple of months: uh its been a lot of red, but you know when those days are green happen. Uh, you know give yourself a pat on the back if youre holding some crypto, because it always feels good. The crypto prices go up and the prices are green, so that is what i wanted to point out right there, and also, if you guys, are looking for a new crypto exchange to trade on. You can sign up to q coin and get some nice bonuses up to 500 worth of usdt for signing up and doing some things on that crypto exchange ill leave an affiliate link if you guys want to check that out in the description below and guys lets Talk about some big news happening in the crypto market just recently, so well get to the bitcoin price, but have a look at this.

This crypto has been absolutely pumping its polygon matic. So if you guys are aware of this crypto, let me know in the comment section below and uh some big things happening with this crypto right now, so have a look at this 20 up amid whale accumulation and carbon neutrality push. So this is an ethereum layer to scaling solution. Uh high utility, cryptocurrency and uh theres been a lot of whale interest in this crypto recently, and the price has actually been pretty pumping and you guys can see this tweet right here. Matic, sharks and wales have been in a pretty big accumulation trend for about six weeks. The tiers of holders, ranging from 10k to 10 million coins held, have collectively added eight point, seven percent more to their bags in this time span, and on top of that, what else is really interesting about matic? Is you guys can see right here? It says the price bump also comes in the wake of news that polygon has partnered with on chain carbon market kilma dow in a bid to achieve carbon neutrality, so that is cool theyre. Getting ahead of the curve of you know the greenhouse gas push and uh theyre looking to be carbon neutral, so that has actually sent the price of polygomatic up quite a lot in the last couple of days, and you guys can see in the green right there And if we have a look at the seven day window right here, uh, you know its went from around 32 cents and its pumped all the way up to around 60 cents.

So congratulations to matic holders out there right now and guys. We also have some big news coming out of czech of binance as well, and he actually says right here: bad crypto projects should not be bailed out and uh. That is interesting, so we have seen in the last couple of episodes on the show here. Whos been bailing out the cryptos that have been going bankrupt, its the ceo of the ftx crypto exchange hes, giving out hundreds of million dollars worth of uh bailouts and cz. Who is the ceo of binance? He says that bad crypto projects should be left to fail and not receive bailouts, so that is interesting right there and he sums it up by saying. In short, they are just bad projects. These should not have been saved. Sadly, some of these bad projects have a large number of users, often acquired through inflated incentives, creative marketing or pure ponzi schemes. So he is really uh tearing down some of those centralized lending protocols right there and we do know voyager digital in trouble. We also know that celsius is also in trouble as well and uh guys. We also have some other updates from binance and have a look at this. Theyve actually introduced a multi year, nft partnership with no other than cristiano ronaldo and uh. So this is big and uh. The bnb coin itself has been pumping in recent times and in terms of influences. So you know people always talk about influencers and crypto cristiano ronaldo, literally probably one of the most famous soccer players in the world up there with who else you know messi and others, but uh.

That is a huge partnership right there. So multi year, nft partnership with cristiano, ronaldo and uh things are kicking off and you can also see caesar finance funding, uh the stock market, so retirement savers lose three trillion in stock market retreat and hes. Saying crypto is so volatile bit of uh sarcasm right there, because the stock market, you guys, know theres a lot of volatility happening in the stocks in the crypto market right now and uh hes poking fun at the stock market right there, and you guys can also See this tweet as well: 458 million followers from cristiano ronaldo as well. You guys can see the price of bnb coin in the last seven days or so so this one is on a bullish uptrend at the moment, so pay attention to being bitcoin ive, always liked. Bnb coin: i was fortunate enough to jump into this one when it was super duper low. I still think the price is pretty low right now and uh. This is you know what you have to look out for with these types of cryptos uh, if theyre long term ones, which i do think being bitcoin – has a lot of long term potential is uh. You know you need someone backing the project whos going to stick around and there are some really good signals coming out of cz coming out of binance and uh. You know, i think, as time goes on im, pretty bullish on our b b coin right there, but just watch out for the rise of b and b coin and guys.

We also have some breaking news as well so check this out. Harmonys horizon bridge hacked for 100 million dollars and you guys can see the tweet right here. The harmony team has identified a theft occurring this morning on the horizon bridge amounting to approximately a hundred million dollars. We have begun working with national authorities and forensic specialists to identify the culprit and retrieve the stolen funds so guys this is just a reminder. You know cryptocurrency, it literally is like the wild west. So in the wild west you used to have bank robbers used to have people hold up horses and carriages, steal gold. You have the equivalent happening in the cryptocurrency market right now, so theres bad actors out there. Stealing, lots of funds and uh lets hope these people get brought to justice right there, but that is just you know, an element of risk. You always have to be aware of in the crypto market, and we also have this fun tweak coming out of elon musk. As well and so guys check out the gas prices in the us at the 7, eleven 7.11 gas prices are out of control and uh with that lets check out the crypto prices today. So i want to point your attention to bitcoin, which has been having a really nice uh run uh just recently, so we have seen some panic. You know a bit of sell offs in the bitcoin price, but just recently in the last few days – or so we have seen some nice bullish momentum in the price of our bitcoin.

So this is really helping to push up the other cryptos in the crypto market. So if you guys are holding your altcoin gems, this is really helping out and we can see today look massive day of green on the market today. So a lot of winners, uh storage, j, roon, matic, uh, ok, x, coin, right there avax uh, so all around a lot of winners on the crypto market. Today and if we do check and if we do take a look at the coin – gecko charts you guys can see so when bitcoin pumps its going to start to pump the rest of the other cryptos and uh. You know xrp is on fire. So up 13 in the last 24 hours watch out for that and a lot of the other cryptos are doing well, so avax is making a nice recovery. Polygon is making a nice recovery and i look forward to you know this. Crypto prices going up if they can. Of course you have to be aware of all the volatility in the world economy right now, so you guys know about that uh. So if they go down still bullish, if they go up even more bullish – and you always have to remember crypto, its gon na be a long term journey and i do think it is bringing a lot of value to the world economy to the market. And i do still think were in pretty early in the crypto space, so i want to give some shout outs to you guys tuning in to these videos, so appreciate the comment from tyler young right there from yesterdays video guys also watch out for the scammers in The comments section as well theyre out of control, shout out to keith keith, shout out to crypto henry, and i also want to give some shout outs to you guys over on twitter.

So i asked you guys. The question i said with the crypto market. Dipping recently are there any cryptos you are holding that you think are heavily undervalued. If so comment, which ones below and uh lets, read out some of your answers. So we got drover verse right there we got birdie token. We got got an uber saying, brew, lab so brew. Brewlabs is a cool crypto, yon crypto, saying algorand go gala games at bitrise and, so some nice cryptos right there and uh. We also have greenlife energy, metabusd and uh some safe moons and a lot of other cryptos as well. So appreciate you guys tuning in dropping your tweets as well, but guys thats a wrap on the crypto market. For today, im gon na have some other dedicated videos to other cryptos. So if you like those cryptos, you can tune in to them.