Whats happening with the digital dollar, what is jerome powell up to and how is that going to impact the crypto market? So if that sounds good to you, guys make sure to hit the thumbs up button and as always, this is not financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and guys. We have this really big update right here for a stock. Actually, that has been involved in all this crypto contagion. That is happening right now, and this one is called voyager digital. They have a 655 million dollar loan default, and the shares of this that is involved in cryptocurrency has plummeted. 53. So this is a really big news and ive got the share price of uh voyage. Voyager digital right here and uh, you guys can see this one is actually down 95 and thats, not a cryptocurrency, guys, thats the stock right there, so voyager digital uh in the red massively – and it said right here – the company had expanded its operations and uh. They offered loans to institutional borrowers and, at the end of the march, voyager had lent two billion dollars worth of crypto assets and on wednesday, voyager disclosed that it has lent 655 million dollars to three arrows capital. A hedge fund known for trading cryptos in the form of 15, 250 bitcoin and us 350 million dollars worth of usdc, and basically they have requested repayments of these amount.

They have loaned three arrows capital and uh. It says right here: neither of these amounts has been repaid and failure by three arrows to repay either requested amount by these specified dates will constitute an event of default, so the cryptocurrency market. Right now you guys know celsius. We now have voyager uh its in a world of pain. Right now we do have bailouts coming out from a billionaire the owner of uh ftx crypto exchange right here same bankman freed, and he is bailing out a lot of these uh companies. So blockfire is getting a bailout voyagers getting a bailout, and this is just something important to be aware of. So some of these centralized lending platforms – guys just be cautious, always remember in crypto, and also the stock market, have a look at that. It does come with reward and risk, so you have to always be out comfortable with those levels of risk and guys check out this post. I saw this one over on reddit and it says right here its an advert actually lets zoom up. This advert and uh have a look at the price of this house. You get a two bedroom, one bathroom screened porch house, with a carport for seven thousand four hundred and fifty dollars in total and uh. This is the power of inflation, so that was a 1955 ad and you guys know the money. Printer has went, bro and uh the money. The money supply has went way up and uh.

You know, houses right now are ridiculously overpriced, but you know one day you know in the not so distant future. Maybe the weekly rental price will be up 7 000 a week with the amount of money printing going on, but i just wanted to point that one out to you very interesting advert right there. We also have some big fud coming out of china this time. So china is trying its hardest to fud, bitcoin and theyre. Saying right here: bitcoin is heading 2, 0, so theyre trying to scare their citizens out of the crypto market, because you guys know cryptocurrency its all about freedom and were not so sure if the chinese government likes that word too much and uh theyre trying to warn People, the bitcoin price, is headed to zero and uh. What do i think of this, but i just overall, i think this is just a you know: big amount of fun and uh. You know this government obviously wants to control exactly you know what their citizens are up to and uh bitcoin. You guys know it. You can send it around the world to your friends in different countries. Crypto currencies lots of good ones out there and it is all about that digital freedom, so you can send crypto to whoever you want wherever you want and uh some cryptos do have privacy as well so its hard to trace whos sending crypto. To who – and you know the chinese government doesnt like that so ill – just ignore that one, and we also have a big update coming out of the president of el salvador and he says right here.

I see that some people are worried or anxious about the bitcoin market price. My advice stop looking at the graph and enjoy life. If you invested in bitcoin, your investment is safe and its value will immensely grow after the bear market. Patience is the key. You can see peter shift down the bottom, trying his best fud right there and you have to remember you know cryptocurrency. It is a long term journey, so cryptos like bitcoin uh, you know it does it can take. You know a long time to get those big returns in the crypto market and uh. They are bringing out lots of innovation, so 21 million limited bitcoin, and that we also have a big update this time coming out of the us and theyre saying here, u.s lawmakers layout case for a digital dollar. So this is really interesting. Uh, the digital dollar. In the us and uh just you know im a bit cautious on these things because it will give the government uh you know in particular, could grant them more powers. So you know at the moment you guys, if youre, using fiat cash. You know the government cant really trace what youre using your fiat cash on if they go full digital theyll have full overview of exactly what youre spending your money on so uh. You know these things do come with the cost of privacy as well. So that is something to just be cautious about, but well keep up to date, whether this one goes through or not and guys.

We also have this massive update. This one is coming out of jerome powell, who is probably the most important man in the financial markets. Right now, so he is setting the tone for what is happening with the global economy to some degree, and he says right here. The fed is strongly committed on inflation notes. Recession is a possibility so hes creating that specter of that fund that weve talked about in the background. So in the background of all this, there is this big economic fund that ive been focusing on and uh. He is kind of fighting the markets to some degree saying recession possibly could be coming and thats, not good, so thats going to rattle the stock market thats going to rattle crypto currencies to some degree and uh, but we do know you know. Inflation is out of control and they are trying to tame inflation, so theres nothing worse than going to the shops and uh. You know your moneys not going as far anymore because uh the government has basically been printing out tons and tons of money, and he says right here. He acknowledged a recession could happen, its certainly a possibility, its not our intended outcome at all, but its certainly a possibility. And frankly, the events of the last few months around the world have made it more difficult for us to achieve what we want, which is two percent inflation and still a strong labor market, so guys watch out for some possible radical action coming out of jerome powell.

This is important, so if he does something you know unexpected, it could rattle the crypto market, it could rattle the the stock market and uh thats, not good. So in the immediate term, we could experience more volatility in the crypto space, but you just have to factor that in so always be aware of this stuff and guys. We also have an important update from czed of binance, and he says right here: its always a build market build together, grow crypto, adoption so absolutely guys and if youre holding any type of crypto out there be it. You know, bitcoin. What you want is more adoption, and now, if youre, holding any other altcoin like smaller altcoins, what you do want to see is you want to see the development of that crypto, be it done by the community or the development team, so the more products and services The quicker your crypto, your alt coins can release onto the market the better and stronger cryptocurrency as a whole will be so some good updates from cz right there and guys lets check out the crypto prices today. What is pumping? What has went down and uh matic is up 20, so congrats to matic holders up there, sandbox is up 9.8 uni swap is up a bit. Engine is up a bit, and adams is up a bit. So a couple of winners on the market. Our waves is down a little bit and if we do take a look at bitcoins price, we are seeing you know its staying relatively within the 20k band.

We did see that drop down to around 17 000 back on sunday uh, but it is kind of maintaining this 20 000 range it put. It could possibly go down depending on the overall economic flood uh, but in the long run, id still think you know. Bitcoin and crypto has a big uh future, and if we do have a look at the crypto prices today, you guys can see you know. Bitcoin is staying relatively steady within the last 24 hours and a lot of the other cryptos theyre staying either flat or maybe a little bit up so polygon having a good run right there. So congratulations to polygon holders, but guys thats a massive wrap on the market.