To be honest, so well have a look at some more coins and well also have a look at the um traditional markets to see whats going on. There. Bitcoin is currently priced at twenty one thousand three hundred dollars now im in a long position on bitcoin. I said yesterday in yesterdays video, it was a little bit of an educational video was talking about how i could use the crypto fit and green index to your advantage. So if youre wanting to use that to your advantage or at least get an idea of how it works, then watch yesterdays video. I do give a good breakdown of that. So the price is looking well at a minute. Weve im going to call it long position from here, which is the equilibrium of this trading area, so for essential trading area, the higher range and the lower range. Also on yesterdays video. I do show you how to set that up so again check that video out but yeah im in a long position now mainly due to trading the range. So i thought it was a good entry around twenty thousand two hundred, but also take a look at traditional markets. So yesterday the um spx closed three percent up. It had a really strong rally: um a few hours before closure, that, in tandem with the nasdaq um, was pushing up as well, and the dollar was just starting to drop a little bit so usually um with a strong dollar.

You get a weak bitcoin. Vice versa and then, whenever stocks are doing well, bitcoin does generally tend to follow up over the last few years, so just something to keep an eye on if youre wanting to follow things that happen in that way, um keep your eyes on it. Bitcoin, though, did not follow it up yesterday, which is strange, but i think that pump is coming now i mean its starting to rise its starting to look good and im looking to to essentially take some profit ill put this level here around 22 600. beyond that, If we start getting any daily or maybe even four hour closures above this level, then were going to look at another couple levels to identify. I mean weve got this major level of um resistance, which was a strong level of support back here i mean back in may. Weve also got this week to test here around twenty six thousand six hundred im not saying its going to get up there, but theres a good chance. If we do break out of this range here, then we push up if we dont. If we reject, then youre gon na look for short from twenty two thousand seven hundred back down to here at twenty two thousand two hundred maybe take some profit there and if it did continue to drop down, then youre gon na look back down to seventeen k. I think, ultimately, we are going to come back down towards this region to test this week.

I mean, if you look on my daily time frame well, have like a different chat there. Actually, all right lets go on this. One im expecting something like this, maybe not up to this level or this level, which i mentioned but im looking for a nice rise on bitcoin, ultimately then, to sell off im, not sure my timeline im, not sure. If its going to happen, we may not even come back down to this level and if we break above this level at 26k, who knows, if flip back to support when may go sideways here, but usually what happens when you get a major width of a downside? Here but i think theres a good chance that you do start to sometimes backfill that wick, so maybe it doesnt matter. If we go up here or travel down here, i think theres a good chance that you come back and re test this trading area. Here these two weeks before we then do push on timewise is unknown. It could happen tomorrow, but also it could happen in four or five months time, its just a complete, unknown and thats, something that im looking for and keeping my eyes on. Bitcoin has done a 75 drop since the all time highs and the major bears and major cycle followers are going to say. Look previous cycles from all time highs all time lows its done at 85 drop that takes us down to 9 10 k.

I just feel like that would be a little bit of a too bearish target coiler with. I know the state of the traditional markets and the the global macro outlook. The economic outlook is horrific, but crypto is for me, but hedge against that i know weve pulled down significantly, but weve got a lot of well a lot of adoption. That has happened over the course of the last the last two to three years. Some major companies have started investing. Some major companies are starting to harness that leverage of bitcoin. So i think that is a little bit of a bullsh case and institutional investors are buying it. Whether you you like to think that or not so, price action on bitcoin has dropped 75, most expected in 10k, and even though ive seen some targets in three and 4k, which for me, i think, its unattainable and the same works on the crypto fare and greed Index you will get people getting greedy down here, even if you see a bitcoin down here visas. These are some major support levels. If you see a bitcoin down here, people will still call for lower thats, because people get greedy, and i think personally now is a good time to buy whether we go lower or not it doesnt matter you just you, dont, put all your money in at one Stage ladder down methodically and then at some stage, youll get an average price down here. I think now personally, i think its a great time to buy long term.

Bitcoin is the future. In my opinion, i think its a good time to start laddering in and start putting some orders in there so thats my thoughts on bitcoin. Currently i mean i am in a current trade, which is looking very well at a minute where i started to push up. I mean 21 451 um im not going to trade up a minute which ill show you on the next video. But this is an aries breakthrough. If you break through twenty one thousand five hundred, i think twenty two thousand six hundred is hes gon na be in his sights and its looking good. We are trending up now. If you look at that, you can see its a clear trend – um, not exactly, but you know i mean you can see right as a trend. We are bouncing up and hopefully we do start to push on boys. Remember weve got these downside targets here. Twenty thousand two hundred and twenty and seventeen thousand seven hundred remember if youre going to trade, it have some tight, stop losses and and reduce that leverage no need to be going 50. 70. 100 x. Like i see some traders doing, it is pure emotional carnage. It will rip your eyeballs out, stay and see the screen and your motions will be absolutely savagely: high um but yeah thats whats on bitcoin and the levels im looking to target lets have a look at some other things so, like i mentioned nasdaq up spx up On friday, um so thats a good sign, the dollar is slightly down not too much, but that is kind of trending down as well.

You can see there weve got a bit of a clear trend for me, but the price is starting to drop there. I dont think hes gon na drop forever, and i dont think this is gon na be a sustained drop. I think its gon na potentially drop down to to 101 uh around around that region. There 102.101 gon na be a short rest bite for for bitcoin. I think we will start to push up um, but i think this weekend is going to be potentially bullish, hopefully, but having a quick look at a couple of altcoins ill. Tell you what ill have a look at small coins that i am currently holding and investing in so polka dot is starting to follow the rest of the market as bitcoin performs well, the rest of the market does pull up um. This is a nice little bounce on the bottom, i said in previous um price analysis: videos. This is my buy box. Here we dropped below it. We actually come down to test these wicks here at six dollars, which is crazy, but we bounce up so far. I think, if youre looking to take some profit, youve got this major regen here around that area. I think its a major level of support. There made a lot of resistance if youre looking to take some profit, a nice psychological number around ten dollars. I think that should be a decent level to take profit, because i mean currently thats still a three percent move.

It may not get there before this um cycle turns back down to the downside, but i think pushing up towards ten dollars is gon na, be that decent region for you to take profit and a low cap im currently buying and stacking up. As much as i can is cap such on a nice move, its majorly sold off, but its around 12 million dollar market cap weve recently got into a massive partnership with crossfit agers, because ages will be using them turnover, blockchain for all their nft. So thats again massive looking at price here, a couple of targets: ive got here at one point: uh well, 1.9 and then 3.8 and those are two levels i will be personally accumulating turnovers ill, be selling those levels in order to buy back. Ninety percent of my stock, though, im staking on the caps native chain and which is part of that polka dot power change system, so definitely one to check out and then rsr another one im buying. These are sell levels. Ive got im actually selling ive got a major cell levels here, uh 1.6. I think thats, a major accumulation point where i will be offloading all of my outside in order to buy back, hopefully around 1.1. So some big accumulations, therefore the future but thats it thats. My quick thoughts on the market today enjoy the rest of your weekend and ill catch.