If you go down to the description of this video theres, a tick tock link, you got to follow me on tik tok. Thank everybody for watching crypto revolution. We talk about everything crypto daily, jumping right into the market. Today in crypto, bitcoin pullback wait a minute. Rewind june, the 21st whats this yesterdays video, we talked about a 68 chance. This breaks to the downside to this level about 20 banging nailed it. You know how much easier this market is to trade when youve got somebody constantly updating you on whats, going on a lot easier, 68 chance of break to the downside, and then i posted this bear flag break to the downside quite possible, and here we are now Bulls need 20, 000 back. Otherwise i mean you lose this level lets just take the measured move. You lose this level measured. Move is, is really down here right about 18 900.. Here it is you you want to end up down here. You dont bounce here bulls dont, show up youre coming down here now. This has some uh bullish divergence possible on a bounce i mean on a bounce. You could get a nice double bottom. We just have to see. This is not predicting trading is not predicting. You react to the moves and the signals that the price action gives you it bounces. You open longs up here when its about to break out to the downside. Obviously you open shorts its that simple.

The price action tells you what to do. This is the four hour short, not pro much price action has been printed. So when i talk about that, i mean look here. You have this a ton of price action being charted, and this is huge, bear pennant right well here i mean this is just started and we have a bear flag. So i said bulls got to pump this price to avoid hitting bearish divergence from playing out right. You have your high and then heres a lower high well down here on the press enter you have high and then a higher high hidden bearish diversions occurs in a downtrend. It means that the downtrend can continue, so you lose this level you come down here. I mean you could double bottom at 18 000. But if you see much lower prices, man, you have to think theres some buying opportunities coming for not only bitcoin, but these all coins are looking ridiculously cheap. However, i dont want to accumulate the downtrend. I want to wait and buy into strength and thats what were going to do. Thats the plan buy into strength, keep a ton of money on the sidelines trade with us. You know the rules of this market. You cannot win. I have some amazing shout outs to given my trading group this person before he joined the group. He was watching numbers of people online. He put 500 usdt in the market, watching twitter instagram youtube.

He had 83 dollars left in two weeks right, so he got wrecked. 80 percent hes, like what the f did. I do how many bills could i have covered with that? You ever have that happen. Where you put in a bunch of money – and you just lose it, then he watched, i started following your plans and your videos turned 83 into hundred and forty three dollars less than a month on a solano short duty. You learn to trade, this market both ways. You make a killing this person up fourteen thousand dollars in two weeks, crazy, this person he said i turned 3 500 into a hundred and thirty thousand dollars with your crypto setups. This is twice what i earned working my job dude this. This is this: lifetime is not about going to work, sipping coffee sitting in traffic working for the man you have the biggest financial opportunity right in front of you, and all you have to do is learn how to trade these these coins, you sign up this week. Im still giving a huge discount, 60 percent off the regular prices. Remember you go over to their website cryptorev.net ace for itself, its a no brainer cryptorev.net. If you go down into the description of this video theres, a link. Take you directly to this website. Remember, if you have any questions, email me crypto, bitcoinchris gmail.com, i can do it, you can do it banger central. Every single day we hit bangers 24, 31, 56, 58 killing it.

The sdt comes out and says theyre preparing for a full audit, with the top 12 firm to provide more transparency for the usdt reserves. Because you know the united states is going to come out and look under look at these stable coins under a microscope, and they want to be very up to speed. Tether. Does right. Tether is the largest nipple coin by far usdc right behind that so again, tether theyve been around forever like used to you, used to be able to buy tether, and that was your thats, how you onboarded fiat into crypto on the tether website. You bought it with cash, you bought tether and then you sent it to your exchange and thats what how its done years and years and years ago, tethered theres so much fun about it all the time but dude has been here, hasnt failed es1. Now we talked about this idea as far as being super bullish, i mean you, have this possible inverse heading shoulders, but its pulling back right now the stock market is pulling bitcoin down. Strategy is only as good as it is and while its working and when it doesnt you have to change. But you have to think that if the stock market shows up and does something crazy as far as bullish move to the upside itll drag bitcoin higher and has been so were paying attention to this. And the reason why i like es1 exclamation point is because its futures, its open around the clock, and it takes a lot of guesswork out of it not open on the weekends but its the s, p, 500, and it moves around the clock.

Ebay acquires leading nft marketplace known origin, ebay, nfts nfts might be getting their teeth, kicked in right now with the rest of crypto, but when the noobs come back, when the no coiners come in when everybody fumbles into the market, nfts are going to explode again. So are these all coins people are going to fall in love with these coins. My goal every single day is to keep you motivated to continue to learn this market, because ive already done this ive already went through this 2018 bear market where i actually quit working in the bear market. But you have to keep you you need somebody to keep. You focused to keep you energized to keep you updated and to keep you learning, and i want to be that person no question in my mind: nfts are the future without metaverse? Is the future yeah theyre getting wrecked? Now but listen you cant, always the valuation of a project or idea isnt, always directly connected to its value. Look at bitcoin right now got killed, but its gon na five or six x from here over time. Listen over time i mean you can only imagine the amount of upside that bitcoin crypto. These all coins, you just have to understand. Theres a hype cycle sell the top. Take profits, pay yourself, pay yourself, coinbase added a ton of new coins dyp. I was up like 400 alph hopr math, prq and elastos got added to coinbase.

These coins, obviously pumped theyre still pump factor. These coins got added to coinbase. Coinbase is doing a lot really theyve added a lot of coins and theyre giving people the united states access to a lot of these coins. Now i definitely recommend you, trade on kucoin, the small cap bangers. That link is in the description, but its good to see. Coinbase trying to add more coins, these smaller cap coins to their offering, if you guys, like the content that i provide on a daily basis, be sure to subscribe to the channel.