As you can see, the green candlesticks here have gone a huge huge, green candlestick, say, meaning it is performing absolutely insane right. Now, as you can see, has gone up a massive hundred and eleven percent in the last 24 hours, making it just under three cents right now. So what is going on with the crypto we can see earlier on last night? It went all the way up to four cents, just over four cents and then immediately dropped down to around below the two cents target and right now, slowly and steadily increasing in value. So is it a good investment? Is it too late to get into it? Should you buy it right now, should you wait for it to drop thats all were going to be going for in todays video, covering both buyers and sellers point of view and looking at its next potential target? Where is it heading to next over the next couple of hours days, weeks, months and overall in 2022? How far can this crypto go, but before i get into all of that stuff guys if youre new to the channel and havent subscribed yet make sure to go down and smash that subscribe button, as well as like the video as im trying to hit a hundred Thousand subscribers by the end of the year, and if you guys can help me hit that target, i will be doing a cryptocurrency giveaway, which you guys can join by simply subscribing to the channel and for a bonus entry.

Follow me on instagram link to that will be in the description box down below. So we are on the coinbase website right now and, as you can see, the last hour itself managed to gain just about two percent in value over the last day, massive 115. Over the last week, 550 in a single week, guys – that is absolutely crazy, as you can see, was worth half a penny about lets have a look when was this on the june the 23rd about three four days ago and yeah its just gone crazy right now And over the month it is an overall 270 percent up so going into the coin market cap website. Now we can see the trading volume has gone up by a massive 191 percent in the last 24 hours, making it just below 15 million dollars, which is a huge amount of money that is currently being traded on radar, so were seeing a lot of buyers. A lot of sellers and, in general, just a lot of people trading the crypto right now that has been one of the top gainers its been getting a lot of attention, a lot more hype, meaning more and more people will be looking into the project on what Its all about – and you know if they find it useful, investing into it – and people dont even care about the project, sometimes just because its pumping people investing to get out literally just short term trading in and out taking our profits.

But again it is a very risky move, so lets get straight into it on the screen right now we do have the candlestick pattern chart with the fibonacci scale, which ill be using later on in the video to do some technical analysis, but for now im just Going to hide it and im going to bring out the macd indicator to do some price prediction as im pretty sure thats. What most of you guys are here for so we have also got the sma indicator, which is the purple line running across the chart here, which is currently valuing that radar 0.008322. However, it is trading at a much much higher value at just under three cents, meaning its performing very, very well and much better than expected. So what im going to do now is zoom into the 30 minute chart for the short time traders and then move on to the hourly daily and weekly chart, but before i do that, just a little disclaimer guys. This is no financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor. Anything i say is from my own prediction and my take on the crypto and any gains or losses you guys make. I will not be responsible for so zooming into the 30 minute chart. We dont have the lines that we expected to have, as you can see, the blue line and the orange line are slightly slanting towards the negative direction meaning minimal drops in value are expected over the coming hours, so lets say towards the end of the day.

Today, we should expect it to trade at a slightly lower value than what its worth at the moment. Only reason for that, i would say, is because of the major increase thats taken place over the last 24 hours. The graph has gone absolutely crazy right now. So you know, drops are always expected and im expecting it to take a little step back, but again guys that does not mean were not going to be seeing any peaks. Of course we will. We are going to be be seeing green candlesticks. Red candlesticks is going to be up and down over the next couple of hours, but what im saying is overall com seems to be more on the negative side and again just about negative its not like its going to completely drop in value. Take a big hit or anything like that, it is going to be a very small decrease in value now, moving on to the hourly chart next couple of days. What can we see here now were looking a little bit well, looking quite a mixed signal: weve got the blue line, looking slightly bearish again, yes, i know. If you look, i just normally looks like both the lines are going in a straight line. However, the orange line is slanting towards the positive direction and the blue line is sliding towards the bearish direction. So essentially, weve got two lines going in opposite directions, meaning more or less over. The coming days is likely to fluctuate at the current price range again.

We are going to see green days. We are going to see red days so towards the end of next week. It should more or less be fluctuating around the three cents target, with minimal dips and peaks in between. But again, this crypto has been very volatile over the last couple of days and weeks as well, so i will make sure to try and keep you guys updated on a regular basis on this crypto. If you guys want me to do that, let me know in the comment section down below and ill try and keep you guys updated at least three to four times a week now moving on to the daily chart next couple of weeks. What can we see here now were looking very, very bullish going in a steep direction. However, that is not realistic and, of course it isnt, because if i, if i go through by what this graph is basically telling me, is its gon na keep pumping keep going up in value for the next seven eight weeks, consistently, which again its not a hundred Percent and its not really really realistic. So again, the only reason why we think steep lines is because of the major increase here has, you know, made the graph things you know what this script is going to keep pumping is going to keep going up in value consistently, so on and so on. But again, that is not the right way to go about it.

What i am expecting is for it to drop black down to around the one cent target 0.01 to 0.015 to early august to mid august. But again, it all depends on how the crypto market in specific performance and how that parador performs in specific as well. If theyve got any projects any collaborations coming up so on and so on. In any other news in general, that can have a major impact on the value of the script, either in a positive or negative way. I will make sure to keep you guys updated as much as i can and as soon as i can on my instagram page and on my youtube channel as well, so make sure you stay subscribed and turn on the bar notifications. So what im gon na do now is get rid of the macd indicator and bring on the fibonacci scale to do some technical analysis. But before i do that guys, just a little announcement for those of you guys who are interested in daily price updates and predictions on bitcoin and want to find out what cryptos, im, buying and selling all you guys need to do is click on the link in The description box down below to join my telegram group chat, which is currently on offer for 14.99 a month using discount code dec 10 for 50 off. However, this discount code here is only valid for the first 100 members that join and over half the space ive already gone, so there is literally a limited amount of space left before this discount code expires and it jumps back up to 29.

99. So what does this subscription include so youre going to get pointed to group chats one is where im showing you guys, what cryptos im buying and selling the other one is just a general chat where you guys can ask questions, discuss cryptocurrencies new projects, and that is Also, where i give you guys daily updates on bitcoin on what to expect what price targets likely to hit and where its heading to that specific day and that week as well and obviously giving us analysis on different cryptocurrencies that you guys request for in the group Chat as you can see, someone here has asked me for solana ethereum analysis which i have done below, but obviously this is just a screenshot but yeah any questions. Any queries you guys may have before you sign up simply send me a dm on instagram. If not, the link is again in the description box down below so back to that radar. So, as you can see guys, we dropped into the red zone in very late april here, as you can see, and weve just been getting worse and worse and worse and out of nowhere, weve seen a major increase literally going from the red zone to the green Zone dark green zone blue zone and the top tier level here within the space of about 24 to 48 hours. But, however, right now we have a drop and then we did drop all the way back to the red zone and went back to the top 10 level drop down into the green zone and then right now we are trading in the blue zone here.

So its been very, very volatile over the last couple of days, so im expecting it to more or less fluctuate around here over the next couple of days and potentially start to drop down in value over the coming weeks. Taking a little step back and a little breathe out, as i call it but yeah these are my predictions and my takes on that parade at the moment. Let me know what your expectations and what your predictions on this crypto im very intrigued to see how many of you guys are bullish and how many of you guys are bearish on this crypto and also before you click off the video make sure to subscribe to The channel guys a massive thank you and a massive shout out to every single one of you who have been subscribing to the channel, as it helps me out a lot and means a lot to me as well, because im trying to hit 100k subscribers as soon As possible, so thank you so much for that guys and ill catch.