No, a lot of coins are going to go on to make 50 100 x gains in the next ballroom, but the vast majority of the cryptos listed like 10 000 plus coins, or something out there are gon na go to zero. The trick is being able to identify which ones actually stand the best chance of surviving the bear market. So in todays video i want to discuss the factors that you need to pay attention to when looking at these coins to determine. If that coin is going to survive or not my names lark, i make videos about investing. So if you do enjoy that topic, maybe youd like to learn some more about investing in the cryptocurrency space. Then please do subscribe to. The channel also give this thumbs up button just a little bit of love by the way. Every week, my team and i write the wealth mastery investor report. We work hard trying to find the opportunities for you in the market. We talk about decentralized finance. We talk about nfts, we have alt coin reviews, the good, the bad, the ugly, much much more as well. Our subscribers love it. You will too, you can actually sign up just using the link down below here in the description for free, okay, now lets get into this with the bear market in full swing. Some investors were looking to take advantage of that situation to stack up on some cheap. Damn coins right now, 98.

5 percent of the cryptocurrency coins are down 90 or more complete market devastation. There would appear to be a bargain or two out there in the market right now, but just do keep in mind that simply because a coin is down 90 or 95 doesnt mean it. Cant go down. Another 90 or 95 percent always remember that anyway, in todays video, i want to cover what coins to not buy during the bear market, because, yes, yes, yes, yes, it is absolutely true that some of those coins are going to go on to make 100x gains in The next cycle and millionaires are made in bear markets buying low selling high, but other coins will simply slide away and do complete freaking irrelevance. Zero, zero, knowing which one to buy and not, is the key to success. Moving forward now, there are probably a few thousand coins that will basically be uninvestable during the bear market, so its not really useful for me to give you just a short list of coins that i think are crap. Instead, let me give you the tools to be able to make that call for yourself so first category, these are the old coins, in particular the ones that didnt even rally enough to reach their previous all time highs. In 2017 2018 we have coins like bitcoin and ethereum, the binance coin and cardano. All these coins went way past their previous all time highs. You know why, because theyre popular coins theyre well adopted coins people like them, people use them, they have high volumes, but then we have coins like iota neo, nem, earl, budding them didnt even come close and all of those coins.

They were the darlings of the last bull run. Back in 2017., i talked about those coins a lot back. In the day we made money on those coins. They were good times in their time, but these coins have totally failed to attract new investors. Attention as well as developer attention people arent building on them, people arent investing in them. If you couldnt even get close to your previous, all time highs during the massive bull market that just ended, then why the heck? Do you think these coins are going to magically? Do so in the next bull run, these coins are done. I think theyve had their chance. They failed move on. The second thing to look at is coins that have no developer activity or have failed to achieve any big tech milestones. Now you might need to do a bit more investigation here, but just look did this coin promise to do some amazing technological thing build a bridge or whatever crazy stuff six months ago, and they still havent delivered on that red flag if they failed to deliver previously? What the heck makes you think that when you know they have to fire half their team, because the bear markets here and all their money is gone, that theyre somehow magically now going to deliver on that technology. Theyre, probably not. You can also look at websites like that allows you to actually see the github commits from different coins. Heres bitcoin.

As an example, you can see very, very active developer, based things happening all the time for bitcoin heres, nem, ghost town nothings happening and look its, not a perfect metric, but it is enough to start asking some questions when you see nothing is happening for a coin. The third factor to pay attention to is social media engagement. Now this is usually pretty easy to spot. Just go over to like their twitter account. For example, are people actually liking their comments, sharing their comments, commenting on their posts, anything other than like? Are you guys still here where wheres the project going? Are they even posting anything relevant on a regular basis? Do they have updates? Do they have new partnerships, new tech, new things coming out? Do they post daily? They should be posting daily, or at least every other day, or so what about their discord or the telegram? Is there? Actually anybody in there talking about anything? What are they actually talking about? Are they saying? Oh man, the technology is so cool. Oh man, i love the founders, oh man, this new partnership is amazing or have the founders and the admins actually just ghosted everyone and everyones in there, like hey where the admins gone. You can see where im going with this right if their socials are dead or dying. Now, then theres no chance in hell, theyre gon na make it through the damn bear market its done its done. The fourth thing to think about is actually the coin itself.

I mean really really what the hell is, the reason for you or anybody else out there to own this damn coin, because guess what, during a bull market total garbage, scam, dog coins and ponzis can pump a hundred x for almost no damn discernible reason at all. Except just hype hype high pipe hype, but in a bear market we start to see what coins actually have value and can deliver value to their communities. Some simple questions to ask yourself: how does this coin make money whats special about it? Is there some kind of dividend that i get from holding this coin? Is this coin? Have some kind of a burn model that will make the price go up over time if theres, some kind of vibrant economy for nfts or whatever, that demand the use of this coin? Different coins have different mechanisms for accruing value, but there needs to be something, and you know, justice, vague governance. Promises are dont believe that the reason to actually sustain value now and into the future needs to be clear and reasonable, and something that you think makes sense and look theres also going to be a lot of unlocks for coins during the bear market. As early stage, investors get their coins even during the bear market, theyre, probably still going to be in profit and theyre, going to flood those coins into a weak market. The coins that actually have a reason to exist early investors might hold on to, of course, theyll be good, buys when those dumps hit, but others that dont have a good reason to exist are going to fade into nothingness, as the cell pressure meets no buyers.

The final factor to discuss here is liquidity. If you are buying very high risk altcoins during the bear market, then you need to be ready to accept a complete damn loss of your money and look. I hold some low cap altcoins, some of them. The liquidity is drying up on them, so i fully understand. I have experienced this very thing. You see as a coin withers and dies in price and the community starts getting away. So too does the liquidity go generally. You want to see trading volume to be like at least half a million dollars a day, preferably over a million. So if a coin has a trading volume under six digits, then buyer, beware, you may never be able to exit this position right. You buy ten thousand dollars right. Youll never be able to find somebody to buy it from you later. So if you want to check this, go to and then click on the coin that you want to check out, you can see how much daily trading volume there is for this coin, where it is listed, also important right, see, whos doing all the volume. Can you actually trade on that exchange? Is it an exchange? Thats got a good reputation. Conversely, if a coin has a low market cap like 10 million dollars, but a high daily trading volume like four or five million dollars, that actually shows maybe something interesting. Maybe traders and investors are actually still keen on this coin, even though the market cap is so low, so dont ignore the liquidity factor when looking at alt coins during the bear market, because you could buy a coin and then never be able to sell it.

Even at a destructive loss, theres no buyers, final thoughts for you, even the best looking coins can still fail for a variety of reason, from getting hacked to the developers sleeping with each other. The inability to deliver the technology they just cant do it. They thought they could and they cant failing to get users bad token design. No one giving a crap about the coin. Ive seen this the best coins. Nobody cares when it comes down to it. Dont put all of your alt coin: eggs into one basket, diversify a little bit here anyway, just some tips there for you to try and find the better coins during the bear market. Altcoins are gon na make big money during the next bull market, but not all of them. So buyer, beware be a discerning buyer at this time. Take your time learn investigate were not in a rush right now. Nothings 100xing. Overnight. Take your time. Youll find the opportunities. Anyway, let me know what you think about those tips down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.