Is that uh this? What were seeing right now in crypto with nfts? This is just like the ico bubble. Now, what do what i mean by that? Well, in 2017, when you had all these icos that started coming out and of course ethereum was in ico 2015, so its not like 2017 brand brand new but 95 of uh. You know icos came during 2017.. There are so many that its insane to even think about the number on coin market cap. We look at you, know, theyre, being 20 000 coins right now approximately well back, then you know most of these icos didnt even make it to coin market cap. So there were probably close to 20 or 30 000 of those icos thats, just a rough number by me, uh, but heres what happened? They all had great ideas, everybody, great ideas, but the follow through it wasnt necessarily great. We had these cool metaverses public through so far has not been great uh, but does that mean that theyre all failures? Well, no uh, because if you look back at uh, you know 2017, some of the biggest coins uh during the time uh were icos. You had neo, which was formerly and shares, got all the way up to the top five uh you had iota was a big ico during that time. Uh and you had plenty plenty more um theyre escaping me. Now, icon, you had all kinds of these coins that started out as icos and what happened is over the next few years.

These icos would turn into ideos, or you know i i insert random letter o. No, what would that mean initial, something offering now initial dex offering is ideo the most popular one youll? Do the finance launch pad had a lot of really cool projects that were launched on it, and so you had this 2017 move that really just became a giant cash grab for a lot of these coins and a lot of these people that were organizing uh. You know, organizing these sales well, what we saw is that few and far were going to make it. So what happened? Is they started these projects and wanted to launch they started getting with reputable exchange? They started launching through those exchanges and just by getting on the binance launch pad, for instance uh. You know you had cartesi, you had matic uh, you know polygon. We know it today, but it was just manning back. Then uh. You had um all kinds of other projects on there, uh some major ones that we have today uh that found out. You got ta, stick with the people that win, and so what im really looking at right now in nftnyc is im really looking at. Who are these projects going to be that are going to be more than just a cash grab? Theyre going to start looking for other major web 3 players to be able to make sure that theyre going to be successful and thats the thing you need to keep your eye on another interesting thing.

I know this is so fascinating. I i got recognized uh. So much out last night in the city, uh people are taking pictures and talking with me and everybodys excited, which i was a little interested in, because the nft crowd is not necessarily uh. You know the the big boy crypto crowd right, like we have an ft alpha, we got our own nfc platform. Coming were really excited to start. You know making more of a transition into that, but the nft crowd has grown. There were people that came in from the nft craze and then they stayed for cryptic, which was quite interesting. But if you dont know this, when, when youre an influencer, i hate when people hate that word uh when youre an influencer. We like to say we want to move from influence to impact here, but when youre an influencer on crypto and uh, you have a pretty fair amount of power, and people want that. People want that power uh and what they want to do is they want to use you to accomplish some goal and uh. These are what i call the pictures so anytime. I meet people uh in public generally it always. It goes one two directions they wan na. Take pictures they wan na, be you know, friendly uh theyre fans of the show theyre in the community. Whatever the case may be, um maybe theyve never met a crypto youtuber in person uh its kind of dorky but uh the other route they go.

Is they pitch? You something they want to pitch you something i have gotten more pitches in the last 24 hours than ive ever gotten before and just so. You guys know that we do no sponsor videos. Dont do anything like that. So uh we do no promotional videos. So its really easy for me now i just said no sorry, we just dont do that it doesnt matter how you wish you success and what youre doing, but but its not because that right now everyone is like more greedy or slimy or whatever than they were Before thats, not why almost every person i talk to has a pitch its because almost everybody here is involved in the space. Somehow much different than 2018 uh 2018 youd go to a conference. Youd have people that would be like uh. You know youre youre tourists. Almost. They come to conference, they see the people that be excited but were really doing anything in crypto other than maybe you know putting money into it. Its nft space is much different, and this really where web 3 um you know, separates itself. In my opinion, from the previous, you know, iterations of crazes that weve seen in crypto people are involved. They look for a place to work, a community to run uh. They believe in this for the long term and thats why everybodys got a pitch in their back pocket because they all work for a crypto company or theyre all starting to do their own crypto company.

I just thought that was really really fascinating. I i this is a brand new thing that ive never experienced before, where almost every person i talk to, they have an angle, and it is not that theyre trying to angle me its not that theyre, like weve, just been waiting to get in front of him. Its that theyre, just so heavily involved in crypto that its a an easy transition for them to say, oh by the way real, quick ive got this project. You just check it out, or you know i work for this vc company. You know we could help you raise money, its always something because all the people that are here are involved in the space and thats how things get bigger, thats, how things grow. So a couple of things uh, along with that president bitcoin coming in 20 679. I probably should have led with that off the top of the show uh were possibly putting in some higher lows. Maybe uh a little bit more has still got to be seen um. You know we did get a a pretty nice bounce off of uh. You know. Twenty thousand dollars uh the other day. I said: how would it go? It actually went much lower that went down to uh 17. It looks like was low somewhere around there, so we recovered pretty good from that and thats thats a good thing if youre looking at the market uh. Oh you guys, dont hear this weird noise.

My bathroom just makes this weird noise in the middle or middle of the morning here um. So the thing is when it comes to bitcoin. We dont really know where things are going from a technical perspective. A lot of people out there are pushing this narrative that we bottomed tell me about it.