This is our only twitter account guys watch out for all these fake bitcoin bros accounts. There are a lot of them out there and they are going to try to message you and ask you to send them some crypto, our money. That is not us guys. Well, never be reaching out to you asking you for any type of money, and then they block us on twitter. As you can see right here. This is not us guys. The only official bitcoin bros is at bitcoin bros 26, just a little warning there, but in todays video well be talking about internet computer internet computer family. What is going on well be going over some recent internet computer and dfinity news checking out some applications built on top of the internet computer in todays video, along with looking at some internet computer statistics, so make sure to stay tuned for all this information and then Just checking out the tokenomics here – internet computer icp above six dollars currently rated number 37 on coin mark cap, its been sitting around 37 over the past couple of months, the mark caps around 1.4 billion, the volume of the past 24 hours is 54 million, and the Circle and supply of icp is 241 million icp tokens so with that lets go and check out some of this recent news and just want to give you guys a little bit of a reminder when you compare internet computer to a lot of these other layer.

One block chains: it seems to be the best one out there just look at the total transactions per second, it beats all the competition out. The finality beats all the competition out, its indefinite and scalable. The no count is actually the lowest out of these, but it is growing. The cost for storage is very, very low. They have independent data centers, you can see its very energy efficient, so internet computer has some benefits to it compared to some of these other blockchains out there just something to keep in mind as we go through. These bear markets and one of these layer ones. In my opinion will win, i dont think its just gon na be one. Maybe one two or three but internet computer could be one of these block chains that wins this layer, one race for all these d apps guys so something to think about there for the future. And if you guys didnt know they had supernova, which was a hackathon. They had over 3 700 developers participate in this and its currently ongoing right now they have their demo day on june 30th, and i see kitties was one of the participants that got caught up to the next round. You see were thrilled to announce that weve been selected at one of the finalists for supernova. This is a huge step forward for us. Weve been extremely grateful for our beautiful community support, so shout out to icy kiddies im rooting for you guys.

I hope that you could potentially win the supernova hackathon, but they will have demo day on june 30th. If you guys want to check that out, you can see it right here and theyll be live streaming, that on zoom, so make sure to check it out. I guarantee some pretty cool projects come out of supernova guys so something to look forward to there and then just checking out some stats for internet computer. You can see some of the nodes around the world. United states has a lot of nodes set up. We have a lot of nodes over in europe theres some over in japan that looks like yep tokyo. Then we have one down here in singapore, but you can see theres still a lot of room for internet computer to have more nodes set up. You can see not too many nodes set up in africa, yet south america really doesnt have any nodes as well, so a lot of room for internet computer to grow and for no providers to get set up around the world. And then, if you check out the canisters, these are like the d apps built on top of internet computers. They have been going parabolic as of late, going, almost all the way up to a hundred thousand guys. This thing has just been going parabolic. This just means that developers are building on top of the internet computer building new applications, so this is really really good to see, hopefully over time.

We continue to see this number go up, because this just means that developer activity and developer interest in building on top of internet computer continues to go up. So this is a very key statistic to look at in my opinion, so that is very good to see that more developers are building on top of internet computer and then to give you guys update on the bitcoin integration with internet computer. If youre new internet computer is integrating directly with bitcoin, so in some of these d, apps youll be able to transact with bitcoin bitcoin will have smart contract features through internet computer. Its a really cool idea, and just to give you guys, update when this will be releasing the engineering team estimates that we will achieve the chromium milestone in late june or early july. The bitcoin, mainnet integration and ckbtc will follow a few weeks later, possibly around the same time they release the sns and this isnt synthetic bitcoin. This is actually bitcoin on chain through internet computers, so this is really cool. I cannot wait to see this, so its looking like well get this, probably in mid to late july thats. My best guess it got pushed back a little bit but its good to see that theyre continuing to work on it and i think well be seeing that very very soon. And if you guys havent, checked out the dfinity showcase make sure to check it out. Dfinity.Org showcase, you can see all the different d apps being built on top of the internet computer.

You can check out the different filters they have up here. They have social filters, discovers one of the big social apps, its like decentralized reddit. You have district, which is kind of like decentralized, linkedin, open chat, d, social decentralized youtube. So a lot of cool applications on here i mean you guys can go through all these to check them out. They have different swaps, so, like a decks here, infinity swap they have east integrations. You see they have like a sushi swap front end. So a lot of different apps up here. I do want to share one with you guys this game i was checking out. I go through some of these apps guys when im bored and just check them out to see you know how they are, how they work and things like that uh. The app that i wanted to show you guys is just a lo fi player. If you guys ever went on youtube and typed in like chill beats or like background music to study to this is exactly what the low fly player is. You guys can check it out over here, its decentralized. You can click start. You get that like background low fi player, music and you can actually mess with the music you can come in here. You can turn like the drum off. So you dont hear that you can turn the bass on. If you want to hear more bass, its actually pretty cool, you can see different things within this happen.

I i like it. I mean you guys should check it out. You can change the background. You can change the the view outside a lot of cool things. You can do on this little application, theres nothing revolutionary guys, but you can just see theres a lot of different apps being built on top of internet computer, so that is really really cool to see and theres a lot more games on here guys i mean just Come on here and you can check out all of them theres a lot of different things coming out for internet computers, so just want to give you guys an update on everything thats been going on with internet computer and dfinity. Let me know what you guys think about icp token right now. Are you buying more? Are you huddling through? What are you doing with internet computer? Put your thoughts in the comment section below my name is aaron from the bitcoin bros. We have new internet computer videos coming out almost every single week so subscribe.