Look i dont care, who tells you or says otherwise. You should one thousand percent have somebody in your life that is further and has gone further in what you want to do. For sure – and i know the cameras shaking bear with me here – im holding my phone and trying not to crash the car um, but just one little tip can really really really change everything for your life, especially if youre doing that thing. 24. 7 for years. Right. So please, like learn from other people that um have made the mistakes before you. It can go a long way and it could benefit you immensely, but i do want to talk about the market. We can go over the same thing. You know ive pretty much been saying through the board over and over again, i dont see hope i know theres a lot of people out there, a lot of influencers that are talking about good about crypto, and i get why theyre doing it. You know i i used to think that it was only for followers but bro its a little bit deeper than that um a lot of influencers. They talk positive just because they dont hurt peoples, feelings as simple as that um, but you guys know me. I have an obligation to tell the truth and look its very simple. Cryptocurrency is not coming back until the entire market comes back until stocks come back and still is until its dovish hawkish fed policy.

I say in every video they have decreased spending. I know you want something that gives you hope, but just to be clear with all of you. There is no hope at least for the short term, so i dont care what like were getting like a small bounce. I think the bounce is over by the time. This video is over thats how small the bounce was its a bull trap guys i shouldnt have to tell a lot of you. This man, i know theres a lot of sentiment out there. I know theres a lot of different opinions. You know, look i i dont know how else you want to tell you, but you got ta focus a little bit. You got ta focus a little bit really understand, whats, going on and and find foundational reasons to make your investments, because foundationally nothing has changed. You guys shouldnt need an update video to know what im thinking, because you, because you know why i made the decisions i made, and this is the beauty of having a training journal and actually making you know, decisions for the for the right reason. Um personally, i dont i dont, do the trading journal anymore, but at least when i was first, you know trading just coming up with good reasons why you should buy and why you should sell is very, very smart, very, very smart. So again, moving forward look hawkish, fed policy decreased spending. The government is going to force us into a recession.

I dont know if the housing markets going to collapse, but i think its going to come down. I think stocks are going to come down more and i dont think thats going to stop anytime soon. Just like the bull market was like a year two years. It was, i guess i mean i dont know off the top of my head, but since the the 2020 crash right since that 2020 crash um, we were kind of in a bull run. That was like what a year a year and a half two years um. So if we can go up for two years, then yeah we can go down for two years, um its kind of how it works right with the bitcoin having cycle. So again, we could talk about speculation all day. I could speculate on this that in the third. I could speculate on a coin, you know with some new news or i could speculate on a stock to flow model or i could speculate whatever you guys want, but theres certain things that are not speculation and what is not. Speculation is fiscal and monetary policy. Wow that guys, speeding, fiscal and monetary policy is a thing that controls the economies of the world. I know a lot of people are like. Oh, the federal reserve is not that powerful, but they are they control the world reserve currency which is u.s dollars usd the world reserve currency, then controls all of the weaker currencies.

So if they turn off the money, printer and theres no money for anybody, all countries in the world are affected, including the united states. So this is a very powerful, not only a very powerful, but it takes a long time to play out. It takes a long period of time. You really think theyre going to be flip. Flopping flip flip flopping by just simply here, i dont have a call. You really think theyre going to be flip floppy by saying theyre going to be hawkish and then only do it for two months and then flip dovish, no its not the way it works. They have to stick to what they say for a minimum of a year, which i think is gon na be longer than a year, but thats a minimum. Look at the the cost of food. Look at the cost of gas. These are signs that the economy is struggling ever since the 2020 event with the masks. You know i dont like to say the name on youtube, but ever since that event it was almost like it punched the economy in the gut and ever since then weve been trying to catch our breath and as soon as we catch our breath, we get uppercut By the pressures i mean thats a horror one out like its a horrible story. I cant really, you know, come up with something, but the point is leave a comment below if you get what im saying, but the point is: is that its going to be very slow economic systems? Theyre, like it takes a long time for the effects to really uh play out.

This is why a lot of people are like. Oh, the economy were gon na, go to zero like eventually, and they try to call the top of the united states economy and theyve been wrong for so long it just its not that people are wrong. It just takes a long time to play out. It takes a long time years and i know its hard for a lot of people to think in terms of years, because everything around them is in terms of minutes seconds and as quick as possible. But please have some patience. Go on a run like i say this over and over again, i feel like im just replicating the videos. I know a lot of you watch this because you just you want to make sure i check in with you, and you know i get it like, but let me reassure you. Nothing has changed, im still thinking the end of 2022. I dont know the exact month, but im still thinking the end of 2022 is going to be were gon na, see some type of, and i dont know exactly. You know that i say 500 days before the bitcoin having, but that could play out different, pretty much everything we thought has gotten validated at this point. If the narrative is popular and everybody knows about it, then its not the narrative to follow. So if everybody starts saying what im saying ive been saying it for two months, but if everybody starts saying hey alex, oh the bitcoin havings coming up its about the moon, its about the moon man, i might get more bearish.

I ive gotten into the habit of just doing the exact opposite of the total consensus. You can pretty much find the most popular youtubers and just do the exact opposite of what they say, not every time. This will work, but yeah you get the point um. Let me think theres really nothing else. I mean i wont talk about altcoin until bitcoin gets momentum, im not going to talk about all coin now there is all coins that i am looking to accumulate and, of course, ill talk about them like as an accumulation perspective, but im not going to talk good Im not going to be extremely optimistic about all coins until we see bitcoin not only pump but get momentum. We need bitcoin, like already pumped, like gaining massive momentum, for this, to play out in a positive way, actually were doing a live stream on um in fundamental secrets, and we even i even showed the price of bitcoin bitcoin uh pumped like aggressively like 400 and um. All coins did not pump in a significant way until bitcoin came down a lot of the liquidity started, getting injected into all coins in different places. So not only do we need bitcoin to pump, we need momentum man, so i need everybody to keep researching but start letting go of the all points. Man, just let go of them not im, not trying to tell anyone to sell or buy its, not financial advice. When i mean let go, i mean let go emotionally emotion with your emotion right.

Let go in that perspective um, because its gon na be a its gon na, be a bumpy ride. Man were gon na, be going down, like i said, for every all coin 90 plus percent. I dont care what all point youre talking about. Take a ruler. Go to the top scroll it all the way to the bottom. This is likely where its going 90 down plus im thinking 95. I dont like saying it because it sounds really bad but 95 to 98, now thats the way it played out from the beginning. Nothing has changed: theres, more institutions, theres more manipulation, thats. What it looks like to me its, i mean its a positive thing. I guess, but this market is extremely illiquid, so when institutions came in, it was almost like they had way more control, theres like less less regulation and less liquidity, so its like way easier to manipulate this market than any other financial industry. So maybe it was a good thing, but maybe its a good thing for next cycle. I dont know this cycle. It looked like the reason the cycle ended a little bit early is because of this manipulation, so yeah bear with me guys ill still make videos im. Gon na be pretty consistent, ive just been dealing with a lot of stress and be honest with you um in different ways, and you know hopefully um you know i can. I can overcome it. I am overcoming you guys know.

This. Follow me on twitter. If youre in my group, you know what im doing but yeah protect yourself, protect your family, take profits, dont get over overly hyped and dont get also overly bearish. But again official decision for me is stay consistent throughout time. We will break below 20k btc. All of these uh bullish people are, i dont, know man at this point. I dont know why they do it theres multitude of reasons, but i think its probably to make you feel you guys feel good about your investment. But you know: hey man were coming down. Were coming down, and maybe this doesnt feel good um, and maybe it hurts your soul a little bit, but we will drop below 20k btc. All coins will get worse. It will get devastating. The leg down will be very scary, youre going to question everything. Your family members will call you a scammer. Everybody will look like look at you like youre, stupid and like they were right and thats. When you turn into a savage. Remember remember: this is a consistent throughout anything. You do, including investing, including cryptocurrency, including you know, whatever industry you want to talk about. If you stick it through the hard times, you will get what nobody else was willing to get. If you do what nobody else is willing to do, you will receive the rewards that nobody else is willing to get thats thats the way youre supposed to say so.

Please double down on your research. You can dollar cost im. Look im going to start entering my dollar class average position sub 20kbc sub 20kbtc thats. When i start entering so wait till we get sub 20k btc, like i said over and over again then whatever old coin you like wait before it gets down 95 plus then start entering your dollar cost average positions. Personally, i most likely will buy bitcoin and ethereum. First, those will be my dollar across average positions until we get that uh closer to the bitcoin. Having when that happens, the market should come back like it has every other time and we will get rich and youll have another opportunity to change your whole entire existence. Whether you lost money or made money to cycle the opportunity will be there for you. I promise and itll be bigger than any other opportunity. Reality has to offer you. Cryptocurrency is a paradigm shift not only in finance and not only a web 3, but in everybodys minds as well. Cryptocurrency will change humankind its and to me as important as the printing press, and this is a zero to one innovation that will be talked about in the history books. So dont miss out on building your legacy and becoming truly free and financially independent, dont miss out because you let a little bit of money detach from the money. Let go its okay as long as youre not dead as long as youre, not getting death threats and your life is threatened or you know you dont have access to clean water or you miss like as long as youre not threatened in an extreme way.

It does not matter, it does not matter its just money. Money comes and goes, you wont even care, but whats going to really hurt is if you exit the market, you stop thinking about crypto, and then we go. We go back into a full on bull run. I, like thats gon na hurt that hurts me the most because you listen to this video and i told you it was gon na happen and it will likely happen every single time. Its the same way as my third cycle, guys like at this point, its easy. Its easy at this point, all you got ta, do is think in yearly time frames. If you think of you yearly time frames, you win the game. You keep playing these small games. If you keep letting money emotionally move you, you lost already control yourself, relax thatll, be good thats it for this video, if you like, the quality of this content hit like if you dont least constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates. Like i always say, if you dont get with it, you will get that fine. I love you guys catch you guys.