Bitcoin lets talk about it plus make sure you watch the entire video. I want to share with you a major update coming for ethereum this wednesday and, of course, some world news in general. The world is slowly integrating cryptocurrency into any and all platforms. Everybody seems to be coming around so lets talk about whats going on in the world after we talk about is now the best time to buy bitcoin. If you appreciate our daily content, do me a favor hit. The like button truly helps us out and lets start right here when bitcoin meets the 200 week. Moving average big gains usually follow has bitcoin met the week moving average. Yes, it did in fact were hovering right below it now and have been for a little over a week, as you can see every time in the past, where bitcoin either hit it or dipped below it, just a little bit hit it or dipped below it. Just a little bit, what followed was 120x gains. 4X gains 15x gains. Additionally, we have another indicator confirming that we are at the bottom or near the bottom. The net unrealized profit loss indicator. The bitcoin nupl has entered the pink capitulation phase. I highlighted the prior capitulation phases to show when this has occurred before in bitcoins. History, take a look at every other time where the nupl has entered in the pink capitulation phase, what a fantastic time to buy now. Sometimes it entered the pink when it was near.

The bottom, sometimes when it was at the bottom, sometimes when it was after the bottom, but as you can see actually any time where bitcoin has entered this pink has been a great great great time to buy now its important to be realistic right. My goal for this video, its not financial advice its to provide you with context, perspective insight in the market by showing you actual charts data and different stories, so its important to be realistic so understand this bitcoin is going to need a lot more buy side volume Than at present to match buyer follow through volume levels at previous bear market bottoms. At the 200 week, moving average were going to need to see a lot more by volume here, so you can take a look at two prior times where bitcoin met the 200 week. Moving average, actually, you know again, this is when bitcoin was three thousand four thousand dollars. Four thousand five thousand six thousand dollars right here, awesome times to buy. As you can see, we need a lot more buy side volume and it could come with a giant wick in a short amount of time like this or like. If you were around in 2018, we were, and you can go back to some of our videos. Everybody was waiting for a even greater capitulation. We didnt see that and it grinded we didnt see that huge by volume. Instead, it came over many weeks so either can happen.

I appreciate this analyst keeping it real im going to like, because i want to support so taking a look at bitcoins entire price history. I understand that just looking at this chart, it seems like all the gains are in the past. All bitcoins gains are in the past. To that i say, think, bigger and understand that bitcoin is doing the same old cycle action. It normally does. Yes, there are slight differences this time around, but in the macro picture were on track and the next bitcoin, having its going to be epic, were right on track. My friends so is now the best time to buy bitcoin for me personally, yes, im going hard in bitcoin here, ethereum here a select few altcoins. I think if legendary investor warren buffett was into bitcoin, he would be telling his clients, my friends. There is fear in the air blood on the streets. Now is the time to buy and maybe start buying over the next couple months. For me, this is the time to buy for you. You will have to make that decision yourself, but just lets go over. Some of the things that just happened in the last few days, how can you not be bullish on crypto shopify, ads nft gated option for online retailers? Shopify is leaning into nfts as the future of e commerce. The online shopping giant, which allows small businesses to create custom e commerce shops is launching nft gated storefronts as a new feature for brands looking to make their stores more exclusive.

Shopify announced this wednesday. I love this video they made in this tweet token. Gated experiences ready to give super powers to your most loyal fans, build an even stronger community around your brand and reward your people by unlocking exclusive shopping experiences, think limited edition. Merch drops discounts and much more. Oh! Hey doodles watch this invite your community into a world that recognizes and rewards loyalty. Token holders connect a crypto wallet to unlock exclusive shopping experiences from early access to drops and limited collections to one of a kind experiences and other surprises start token. Gating on your shopify store and unlock the power of your brands community, in other news, big upgrade for ethereums mainnet coming up this wednesday ethereum is to undergo gray glacier update. This is what you need to know if you hold ethereum next wednesday june 29th. The ethereum network will undergo a scheduled upgrade called gray glacier at block 15 million 50 000.. The gray glacier upgrade is prolonging the difficulty bomb by 700 000 blocks equivalent to about 100 days starting wednesday. The difficulty bomb is to disincentivize miners to stop mining on the current network, eat proof of work after a successful transition to eat proof of stake. So this is congruent and synonymous with eth becoming proof of stake. Tim baiko, a core ethereum developer, says that this will be the last prolongment to the difficulty bomb implying eath 2.0 eat. Proof of stake is a few months away from launch.

He added that this upgrade will keep scammers off the network because it will require decent technical knowledge. If you hold ethereum, no action is needed for you for the users or the holders, unless stated by your respective exchanges or wallet service providers, probably not to be compatible with the glacier gray. Glacier upgrade node operators need to update the client version they run to one of the ones listed here. So proof of stake is coming bull market bear market. This will be one of the biggest things to ever happen to crypto. In other news, maybe you heard – i think this is a big deal. Perhaps the best soccer player or a football player in the world ronaldo and binance. The biggest exchange in the world announced a multi year. Nft partnership, cristiano ronaldo, is one of the biggest football players in the world and he has millions and millions tens of millions of fans around the world and he is promoting nfts crypto im delighted to announce my partnership with binance. Together, we are going to change nft game and take football to the next level, and this is just the beginning. In other news: a string of 200 sleeping bitcoins from 2010. Somebody who mined 200 bitcoins theyve just been sleeping. This is worth 4.27 million moved on friday, indicating this is not a dead wallet. This is somebody who has been hodling. Is this a bad thing? No its? Not. This is just how the bitcoin network works.

This guy took the risk early and he held, i cant believe he held, or he found his keys whatever it is, it paid off, and this is how bitcoins genie coefficient the distribution of bitcoin becomes better over time. He sells something buys a house or whatever, and then people buying into bitcoin at these levels will have more bitcoin than maybe in several years from now. If you are a bitcoin believer like me, this is just par for the course dont worry, but i did want to alert you. This is whats going on if you use coinbase, if you use coinbase pro like i do, which is the more trader friendly, the more advanced version of coinbase, its the exact same login coinbase is actually phasing out its trader friendly pro exchange. Coinbase pro is going away. The standalone service will be replaced by advanced trade, a feature within the main coinbase app. I believe, if you use coinbase you dont have to do anything. I did want to alert you of this, though ebay snaps up, nft marketplace known origin. One of the first nft marketplaces, known origin, has generated almost 8 million since launching in 2018. Ebay wants into nfts ebay once into crypto university of cincinnati. One of the many collegiate institutions adding crypto courses to curriculum, as well as launching two new crypto programs, the ohio based university, will add a lab space dedicated to cryptocurrency partnerships, pretty cool. My name is aaron at altcoin daily, appreciate you for being on our team subscribe to the channel, hit the thumbs up button.