Now a lot of big entities are buying and im gon na show you what theyre buying and i think uh. If you stay through to the end, youll get a good picture for whats actually happening behind the scenes and why weve seen a lot of downward pressure. But, like i said, smart money, big money, people that have had money on the sidelines and havent put all their money into the market. They are accumulating pretty quickly right now, if you dont mind hitting the like button and subscribe button. I appreciate that theres that bell notification, so you know right when i post a video. Also, if you want to share this to someone that you know that likes crypto, i would highly suggest it. I would appreciate that, and there is a link down there to marjax and well talk more about that in a bit, but they do have a great sign up bonus when you use the platform. So well talk more about that later, but i would highly suggest trying it out now. The crypto market is looking better here today were sitting right above 21 000, which is nice. We have the crypto, fear and greed index. Moving up a bit were still in extreme fear. We have been for months, but were closer to getting out of that extreme fear and just back into fear, which would be honestly a step up from here, and you can see that we did have a great day in the stock market as well.

Last week, with the nasdaq ending 3.3 up on friday and then overall throughout the week, we had a 7.3 percent up week, and i even heard some banks are saying we might have another week like this after weve had such a massive sell off over the last Couple months this has been one of the worst starts to the year for crypto for stocks. This has been really rough, but we do have it sort of turning around now and i dont want to just say, throw all your money into the market, but, like i said, we will show how some people are positioning themselves and they are getting a little bit More bullish here, the last 24 hours about 130 million dollars worth liquidated. Obviously this has been a big cause of a lot of the downward pressure that weve had in the past, but right now it has cooled down with some liquidations coming in more longs being liquidated. Recently than shorts over the last 24 hours, but when we look back over the last couple weeks, obviously so many longs have been liquidated a lot of shorts at the same time and well talk about leverage a little bit later with marjix but uh. Obviously, theres just been a lot of pain and a lot of assets have been liquidated. That dont even show up here, because its institutional players and its uh its luna selling billions of dollars of crypto. And you can just see how negative that has been on the price action now.

It looks like we might have the first green week that weve had in several weeks here and when we look back. We only had one small green week a few weeks ago and since before that we had had 10 red candles in a row or nine red candles in a row saying a record. So we might see a green candle, well see more of that tomorrow, because the market closes or the weekly candle closes. I should say – and we are getting closer to that 200 week – moving average again in the past weve only seen a maximum of about one to two weeks where weve been underneath this historically its been a great time to be accumulating when weve been below this level And we only see this really once a cycle, we dont see it touch down and then go back above and then touch down again and go underneath. Typically, this has been support after we get through this kind of rough turbulent time. Now, with all this being said, if im saying that a lot of big entities are positioning themselves and putting money into the market which ill show you in a minute, why are we actually falling down? Well, obviously, the large uh, the large factor in this were those liquidations that we talked about right with luna with miners, too, a lot of miners have sold off recently and theyre having to shut down a lot of their rigs right now you can see the hash Rate hack has actually come down a significant amount from just a few weeks ago, 230 versus about 205, so it has gone down about 12 or so.

A lot of this is because the price of bitcoin is just falling down to 20 000. So a lot of miners are not even profitable. At this point i have a miner myself and we just have it in the basement of of a property. So the fact is, it still is profitable because we dont have to pay for employees. We dont have to pay for somewhere. To put it, we really just have to pay for electricity, but when you start adding those other costs on a lot of miners, arent, actually profitable. A lot of them are having to sell the bitcoin that they do mine. If theyre still able to mine just to pay back for electricity and expenses, so we had 18 000 bitcoin sold on this on the market. We also had an etf recently that dropped about 25 000 bitcoin in just a weekend as well. So you can see that there are entities that are selling because theyre forced to sell because of liquidations leverage and then also just because they have expenses. But this is where we start getting into some of the entities that are buying here. So, first of all, we have giga whales that are hitting new records, so this is the largest wallets out there. This uh, these are the entities that have over a hundred thousand bitcoin. They hit a new high over 776 000 bitcoin is held by a grand total of five addresses, with 100k bitcoin growing over 16 percent in the last 30 days.

So the largest whales out there are buying. Also, a lot of big money is positioning themselves and a lot of big entities are now positioning themselves to buy out companies in crypto like goldman sachs. Supposedly they are the leading investor group to buy celsius. The wall street firm is seeking 2 billion in commitments from investors to buy distressed assets at steep discounts. If the crypto lender goes bankrupt, we heard last week too that they are hiring a restructuring advisory firm, and this was just as of yesterday. I believe this was reported now. What they would be buying would be the cryptocurrencies that they hold celsius holds. It sounds like and theyd be buying them for a discount now im still not sure, because ive never gone through this im, not an attorney like that works. On these kinds of things, but im curious what they actually would get out of this im, assuming that celsius has cash and crypto and thats what they would actually get and theyd pay just a decreased amount for it and they would buy it kind of over the Counter so that way, they wouldnt have to dump it on the open market and then push the prices down as they try to sell it off, because a couple billion dollars in selling pressure would cause the assets to go down in value. While some companies might just say hey, we want this bitcoin anyways or we want these cryptocurrencies anyways.

Well, pay you uh a you know a 10 discount or well get a 10 discount and then well take on your assets. Instead of bitcoin, all of a sudden falling down to 16 17 000 them having to sell for a 20 discount thats just kind of my thinking on it, but i could be wrong now. We also have ftx that might be purchasing a stake in block fine ive said this for now i think a week. Basically, since they signed the term sheet to get that 250 million dollar revolving credit facility, ive been saying that i wouldnt be surprised if ftx part of block, fi or part of voyager. I think it would make a lot of sense, because, right now, these different clients are so valuable in crypto, like a lot of people, will pay large rewards to these clients, anyways just get them on their platform, and you could just buy a company that already has A lot of clients, it would probably make sense, especially if theyre willing, to give a couple hundred million dollars to in a credit facility, might make sense just to buy out part of the company itself or to buy out the company completely, especially with how much valuations Have gone down, ftx does have a lot of cash and they might be able to capitalize. On this i mean when you look at voyager right: they have a million funded accounts, or they did at least and theyre selling for under 100 million dollars, thats actually really cheap in the finance world to get a hundred dollars per funded, account thats, really cheap, usually Its 500 or a thousand a lot of the time, so it will be interesting.

They are not reporting on this block. Fi is not commenting on market rumors and theyre still in negotiation with the terms of the deal. I would not be surprised, though, if this happened now speaking of companies that are giving you a lot a lot just to sign up with their platform and to try it out. I want to talk about marjax after marjax. I want to talk to you about why these companies and all these individuals are positioning themselves so much when there is so much bad news, because i think there are some things you have to remember now before we go any further. I want to talk to you about a massive sign up bonus, thats available on margex. Now margex is a partner of the channel there. You can long and short cryptocurrencies from bitcoin ethereum, xrp, litecoin, eos, adas, alana and more. They make it super easy and you can see you can go on leverage up to 100x im, always very cautious and dont use leverage myself, but i realize some people are traders which this bonus is going to really help those traders. But i realize that some people like to trade and want to long and short the market thats a little bit risky and a little bit advanced for even what i do. But you can use mardrex to do that. Its one of the easiest to use platforms out there for long in and shorting on, leverage now something that a lot of people worry about with going long or short on leverage is the fact that a lot of the time you can have massive wicks that do Liquidate a variety of positions or a good amount of positions now something that they have on margix specifically, is something called an mp shield.

This protects users from price manipulation and prevents liquidations now im going to leave my link underneath the video and when you use promo code friend 15 ill leave that underneath the video as well, you get a 15 bonus on your deposit amount. So if you deposit ten thousand dollars, you get fifteen hundred dollars now you can only use these for trading fees, but this also goes a long way so check out the links underneath the video remember promo, code friend15 and thanks marjix for sponsoring this video now lets. Look at why all these entities are taking such big positions. Obviously, some people have kept money on the sidelines right, ive kept money on the sidelines, so i can continue to dca through this time. Some people are making big bets short term right, theyre, putting in large chunks of money because they think that either just based on the price action. Historically, this is a great time to buy. We typically are under the 200 week only for a couple weeks and then were right back out of it thats something to consider, and while a lot of people are worried because there has been so many negative things that happened recently between inflation war, luna celsius, three Errors, capital regulation, uh all the stuff thats happening in a stock market and in the housing market and layoffs and recession fears all that stuff is happening. You have to remember that there have been a lot of good things that happened as well, so when the price action is negative typically, we only highlight the negative things that are happening in the market, but dont forget all the positive things that happened at the beginning Of the year, for example, we had the truckers in canada start using crypto and showing that certain countries even really developed countries and countries that you would think wouldnt touch.

Your bank accounts, at least without going through the proper checks and balances, and all that kind of thing they will do that they will take your money from you, its, not really your money, if its in a bank also, we had a country that was going through War that started accepting cryptocurrencies. We had people that were leaving the country that had nothing to their name, except for what was on their phone as well, so thats another great point for cryptocurrencies. Then we had another country make crypto legal tender. We have the possibility of a spot etf for bitcoin, especially uh, thats, more and more likely all the time with all these other investment products. Like short etfs long etfs coming out, i think theres more and more of a chance. Its going to happen as time goes on and we have regulation thats going to come in the next year, so coming from senators and congress people – and this is definitely more and more likely as regulation comes in. We also have fidelity thats going to offer in retirement accounts, hopefully here soon and offer you to uh, invest up to 20 of your 401ks. We also had a top four accounting firm that started by crypto and nfts. So a lot of big entities are just seeing that were so far down in price. If you have any kind of a long outlook, its probably a good time to be buying and when we have big weeks like this in the stock market and then crypto doesnt.

Really move too much. I think a lot of people get more bullish because its it is really tied together if one moves and the other one doesnt move right away its most likely that it will move in tandem again because they are typically very correlated. So if the nasdaq starts racing, obviously crypto will probably move up as well. So a lot of entities are trying to position themselves, especially now that there are some really depressed prices on either crypto companies or crypto assets in general. If they have a long term outlook. Now we also have the fact that a lot of other assets that people consider hard assets, maybe not are as hard as people think, especially with bitcoin, because there is a fixed supply. That is a very strong selling point, but we just had the news break. A couple weeks ago that uganda found enough gold to more than double the supply of gold on earth, so its just crazy. When people think that gold is finite, the fact is its really not whether its different asteroids or comets that can be mined in the future or, if its just large deposits theyre found right. This could add so much supply that it could really hurt the price of gold over time while crypto is significantly harder to mine and to get a hold of as time goes on, and there are a lot of entities that really dont want to sell it ever.

Like microstrategy, they say that theyre never going to sell and they just want to hold on to it. A lot of people feel the same way. I know some people that dont hold any cash. They try to be less than like 0.1 in actual u.s dollars. The rest is in bitcoin when they get a check, they try to make it converted into bitcoin right away, so that way they dont have that much of a us dollar footprint. So the fact is a lot of people do it just because they believe in having a decentralized form of money. There are a lot of good things that are going to happen in the future. I didnt even talk about strike and how theyre making it cheaper and faster for businesses to transact with bitcoin than any other kind of payment processing. This is going to be a crazy next couple years and i think a lot of people are buying now i am buying as well. Im dollar cost averaging regularly. I still think its worth dollar cost averaging personally, at least because im not that great at market timing. A lot of people arent right, even though i look at the markets every single day, im, not a ta analyst im, not uh, im, not trying to get in at a certain time. I realize that if i dollar cost average here at forty thousand forty five thousand and then down here at twenty thousand, then back at thirty thousand, i realize that in a few years, im gon na make a lot of money and i dont want to get discouraged.

I dont want to buy and then try to sell and then time it wrong and then have it race up to forty thousand dollars and think ill just buy when it falls down a bit to thirty thousand dollars and then it never comes down. I think bitcoin is gon na be worth a lot more in the future, so im just gon na keep on buying, because i realize that its probably better just to stay in the game than it is to try to time it out and try to get fancy With it, at least for me as an investor right, if i really do think bitcoins going to 100 000 in the next few years, why try to time it thats a 5x from right here, thats, a fantastic return that typically takes 20 to 25 years in a Normal index fund and im thinking im going to get that in the next few years. Now, let me know your thoughts on that underneath the video, let me know if youre trying to time the market. Thank you so much for watching check out marjax underneath the video and let me know what you think about all these big entities getting into the game and buying significant positions right now.