Yes, yes, hey! You are me going and make it the collecting money in this bag. Now me having one million dollar inside thats, good abusive lets go shopping, shopping yeah. I want to buy gold habit when you having the face like cobra. You should not wearing the gold. Okay, then lets go, buy iphone 13. For me, iphone 13 software will make it too much problem for you. Why? Because iphone face id will not make it the open when it will sing ugly face like you, you, you won 1 million dollars. Why dont you buy something for your wife? Yes, of course, me buying something for you. What banadul, because you is headache shut up. You are rich now you should buy something for your wife me will bring three more wife for you baba. Did you buy anything for me? Yes, me buying face marks for you face mask yes, because me not wanting to see you stupid fists. Can you buy me an ipad? Oh this big problem, but no problem take this Music yuck. What was that i fart? This is too much now. Mama tell him something. Yes, me knows: one million dollar too much money, whats the point of all this money. When you didnt even buy anything for your family baba, you have one million dollars. You should buy something good for us. Why me should buy, because we are your family everybody. This! My money, if you wanting to buying something, then go and make it the winning lottery.

Fine, okay buy something for yourself at least. Yes, of course, me buying this luvish wooden beg its not called lavish. Wooten now me will going and buying the brand brado and channel insha allah afterward its called prada and chanel. Hey baby me is rich me can saying anything: baba money changed you. Yes, of course me was bored before now me is rich. I was aware: money cannot buy happiness habit. Four wife can bring the happiness and to having the full wife you needing the money and me having the money, so money can buy happiness. Also, massage can giving you happiness enough. Okay. This is too much now dont. Make me angry, or i will take all your money – see the bear you mother coming from family of thief. You know what i will not cook food for you. No problem me will bring another cooker. I wont even clean or do anything probably me will bring another cleaning person. Habipty now me is rich me can doing anything me one thing whatever bubba. What will you do now with all this money me will make it the investing in burrito burrito whats that a bb youre, not knowing the burrito? No digital money me will buying the bitcoin. It is called crypto not burrito same to same no problem, and it is bitcoin, not botcoin. Okay, okay me will buying bitcoin and aquarium aquarium, yes, aquarium, another cribito that is called ethereum. Yes, of course same to same baba, you should also invest in share market me.

Not wanting to sharing money with anybody in market, i meant to put your money in the share market. Why me will putting the money there me will putting the money in the bucket fine do whatever you want. Abuse bear give me half of the million dollars. Why? Because im your wife and then, if me getting the loose motion you wanting the half of my loose motion, also ew. Why will i take half of your loose motion? Because you is my wife, abu zubir youre disgusting? No problem me is the exhausting millionaire for all these years that i stayed with you and i tolerated you. I deserve more than one million dollars. Okay, um zubair money is not everything in you. Life. Okay, then, give me your money me saying money, not everything in your life, but in my life money everything one million dollars is a lot of money. Where will you keep it? Of course he will keep his money with me. Never no! No, why you dont trust me habit and rotate and bill get this two people saying never trusting anybody, but im your wife law allah me thinking, you is my father shut up me will buy new cupboard and me will fixing the ac in that cupboard and putting The money there, why is he happy? Is this wrong youre, not learning alphabets in school? It is not yac, it is abc. I meant. Why will you fix ac in the cupboard, because me not wanting the money to feeling hot money does not feel hot.

How you knows, is you money? No is you millionaire? No me knows, because me is millionaire. Abu zubair share the money with your family when you share the love increases google. It. If you dont believe me help a boy me do not want to make it increasing anything, i committed 20 murders and i was in jail for 10 years. I can kill you next and take your money, google. It. If you dont, believe me, have every me having one million dollars me, will calling osama bin laden and make it the bombing on your head baba. Osama bin laden is dead. He died whens this happening. You better share the money with us. Yes, if you share it with us, then there will be no problem. There will be no issue, then we can all live happily ever after google it. If you dont, believe me see the bear, how money changing people heart abuse repair, you will give the money or no ah take this one million fart special for you show me respect. Rembo me is millionaire. You is miss. Kinner shut up you mouse and get lost in abu zubir. You go to sleep tonight, see how your 1 million dollars disappear. Google, it! If you dont believe me, the bear you, mother from the family of criminals, look how they both make it the planning to stealing the money and killing me. This is not called stealing. This is called taking and i deserve more than 10 million dollars for all the torture you put me through during our marriage.

For that face you not even deserving wonder how what nothing nothing! Okay me will going from here baba.