Not many crypto currencies are up like that. Uh theyre also up over 250 percent in the week right so were going to talk about apollo one of my favorite altcoins theyre doing exactly what they said. They would do. They are going on week, six of giving a lucky creator. Ten thousand dollars to jump start their career. This is why i wanted to get into apollo very early, because i myself am a creator. It hits right at home and i love helping change lives right. So i backed this project from day one. I was a day one investor on the fair launch, so it says: crypto funding for creators theres the new logo, which i really like that thing looks sweet, uh, very simple, obviously, kind of a rocket ship going to the moon there, but very very simple right. A dow providing crypto funding for creators – and here is some messaging about their rebrand. Welcome to the apollo rebrand. What began as a humble mission, has quickly exceeded all expectations. Today we are elevating the apollo brand identity to better reflect our purpose mission, community and drive. So there you go right there, some nice, looking logos there. So if we scroll on down theyve got a couple other comments here, we believe in a better future, with creators leading the way we believe crypto provides unique tools to make that happen in an open and honest way, we believe apollo will play a defining role in Support of creatives and creators of all types.

Thank you for the thank you to the amazing community. Members that have supported apollo without the early community apollo would not be where it is. Today. The new apollo brand identity will be rolled out throughout the week upward and onward, so more will be coming out throughout the week. I really like the new logo. I think its slick, very nice theyre up over 600 followers on twitter now. So that was a nice thing to see, but i mean look at the chart. Uh, not many cryptocurrencies are seeing that kind of you know growth here. Let me get rid of that and bring this up here uh. So here you go. If we go just by the hourly chart there, you go thats what happened over yesterday. Uh. Look at that some big green candles. We have a couple red candles here in the last couple hours, but still up. 266 percent on the week is apollo crypto up a hundred percent in the last 24 and uh its still sitting right now, right at a 27 million dollar market cap, which isnt very bad at all right 27 million dollar market cap. I mean compare that to volt right now. Volt is a 43 million dollar market cap right, so apollo has been much higher than this by the way too, its been as high as uh. I want to say about 150 million dollar market cap at its peak uh. We can go over here and kind of check that out yeah give or take about 150 million dollar market cap about 130.

thats. When, obviously, you know it was just getting started back in march and it was going parabolic, but i think we will see these highs again because they continue to deliver on their promise. And you know thats hard to find in cryptocurrency right people actually doing what they say. They will do right and uh. This is one of their one of their employees. At the at the company, uh zack mcclary hes been working at the project uh. You know since day, one so theyve got a nice little youtube channel theyre, putting out more content like that, speaking to the community, a little bit more uh. Why crypto the apollo difference heres matt, johnson, the ceo talking about you, know why apollo and what theyre building so theyve, you know hired a new marketing director. You can really tell their twitter looks awesome, theyre doing a fantastic job now with it theyre very, very active on twitter now. So i really like where this thing is heading. This is creator contest number five. Again. Creators compete this week for the ten thousand dollar prize. Theyve done this five times already theyre on number six right now and uh. They pick one of these lucky winners through the dow voting system and its a very unique project right, very unique project, theyre doing exactly what they set out to do, and right now theyre enjoying some some success here in a bear market up 266 on the week.

Let me know your thoughts about it down below in the comment section. Ive, obviously uh had a high conviction in this one since day, one uh since being a day, one investor, but let me know where you stand on it down below in the comment section. Thank you all so much for tuning in.