So where will the bitcoin price be in two years were going to be talking about that with some comments from czech and some other billionaires and if you guys have a prediction on bitcoin price? Let me know in the comment section below and as always, this is not financial advice, im, not a financial advisor, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and guys lets kick it off with this big news coming out of sand and it says Right here, sand gains almost 20 in wake of tech, giant metaverse announcement, so the sandboxes coo said again on saturday. An acquisition by meta will never happen. So that is good news. So you guys know: meta is facebook. Rebranded sand is basically one of the top tier metaverse coins out there. We love our metaverse coins on the channel and that you guys can see the tweet right here. So the sandbox sand is basically building out its own metaverse and its not looking to be acquired by meta. So i definitely think it would be a mistake if, unfortunately mark zuckerberg was to take over the sandbox, i think cryptos theyre bringing a lot of innovation. Theyre building up from the ground level, which is uh good to see and uh, we are seeing some other big interests in the metaverse, so you guys can see here. You know mentions of alibaba and also sony and uh. The other thing weve noticed on the channel is theres a lot of big brands going into the metaverse, so fashion companies are big.

Influencers theyre going into the metaverse, bought a yacht club and i do think the metaverse does have big potential and if we have a look right here here are some of the top metaverse coins. But we also love other metaverse coins such as uh everdome, luna, one and uh medihero, im, not sure whether they dont list them right there and theres a bit of a lunar classic update as well. You guys can see some continuous development on this crypto, so raider 70, who is working on the project now he says, please find attach the minutes of the steering group meeting held on the 21st of june 2022, confirming the resolutions that were passed at the meeting. The next steering group meeting will be held on the 19th of july 2022. If you have items that you wish to submit for your consideration for the agenda, please send them to me by tuesday, the 5th of july, so some really good uh updates coming out of uh raider out of the discord and uh you guys can see some of The agenda and minutes right here and you guys know what is the next step for tara luna classic. It really is coming down to building out that ecosystem uh. You know setting up the dow getting the legal support and uh. It really is a group effort for this cryptocurrency. You guys can see an update on the burn numbers here so were sitting at one billion but uh.

Realistically, what needs to happen is that transaction tax needs to go through, but very good to see some more development of lunar classic in the background, and i want to give a shout out to qcoin as well. So if you guys are looking for a crypto exchange with a big variety of cryptos, as well as some nice passive income opportunities on some staking on the crypto exchange, what you can do is you can sign up to q coin right now. They have some time limited 500 usdt bonuses for completing some tasks on that crypto exchange. So if youre interested in some bonuses, passive income and a big variety of cryptos, you can sign up use my affiliate link in the description of this video and uh check out q coin and guys lets talk about some crazy bitcoin predictions. So have a look at this one. This one is coming from a crypto billionaire, and he says right here that bitcoin is going to be at 250 000 within the next 18 months, so that so that is a massive bullish prediction and uh that is coming out of venture capitalist, tim draper. So he thinks cryptocurrency is going up more than tenfold by the end of 2023 and uh. He is staying bullish in the crypto space, so if you guys are staying bullish in the crypto space, despite you know, some of the price decreases. Weve seen recently make sure to hit the thumbs up button, and you guys can see right here.

Some of the net wealth changes in some of the crypto billionaires out there how much they are currently worth in the market and uh. You guys can see up the top. Who is the king, so you guys can see at the top. Who is actually the richest person in uh crypto right now? It looks to be have a look at this sam bankman freed, the ceo of ftx exchange right there hes worth a cool 20 billion dollars. Cz is worth 18.7 billion dollars and now hes chipping in from binance, and you also have some of the other ceos of either crypto projects and uh exchanges. You got coinbase ceo worth around 2.2 billion, ceo of a ripple, 3 billion and cameron winklevoss 3.2 billion and some other people up there, so billions hundreds of millions of dollars which is really good to see and uh. You know itd be great to become a billionaire right there and uh. What is cz of binance said about this, so hes actually chipped in right here and he says over on twitter, legendary tim draper bought lots of bitcoin at around 650 and they still say easy. Come easy go to him now when its 21 000, actually his bitcoins dropped to 200. At one point people are laughing at him, then, who is laughing now so hes hes made billions in the crypto space and on top of that, what does cesar binance say about bitcoin hes taking a more conservative route, so he says right here.

Caesar believes bitcoin will stay below 69 000 for the next two years, so it might trade within that range. That is, that is his prediction. Uh, i think, potentially you know, bitcoin could outperform that uh. 69. 000. All time high and my predictions are coming from. You know the u.s economy, so if the u.s economy becomes very strong and that goes back into a bullish scenario, possibly we could see some good crypto prices, but uh right now you can see sees out. Hes got a bit of a conservative approach on our crypto, but guys, let me know, are you guys staying the course in cryptocurrency youre going to be here in two years time: uh when bitcoin price goes back up and guys lets talk about the crypto prices today. So have a look at this gmt up: 22.8 percent hex up 11.7 percent sandbox, having a good run that we spoke about earlier uh in the video, so up, 11.4 percent ape up ten percent and uh. Some of the crypto is looking good and if we actually sort this by the week right here, you guys can see its been a really good week for cryptocurrency. So were rounding out the week pretty positive in some positive territory and uh. You know bitcoin staying strong around the 21 000 level, so its really good to see bitcoin uh maintain some good price movement. So you guys can see the seven day window here for bitcoin ends the week on a bullish, note so good stuff to bitcoin holders out there and again.

This is what we want. So we want the bitcoin price to stay strong. We want the other crypto prices to stay strong and also check out ship ship is up 53 in the last seven days, so shout out to fellow ship army holders out there really good to see that and guys. I also asked you guys over on twitter, so i always want to include you guys in these videos. Ask you who else is planning to hold some of their cryptos for at least three years. If so comment what altcoin gems you plan to hold below? What are you guys saying below so safe mode mentality, says safe mode growth, token ever rise, yon crypto says bone, safe, moon, crow, big, girt and shiba. You know so some great cryptos. In there we have eluvium, we have happy. We have uh lots of other cryptos as well. We have a green life energy and that we have uh brewlabs as well, so guys lots of good cryptos in here appreciate you guys tweeting at me over on twitter but thats a wrap on the market.